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How to Prepare for a Hurricane

What you need to know in case Hurricane Joaquin makes landfall.

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A Brief History of the Coffee Break

We’ve been guzzling joe at work for more than a century.

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Cue Up a Water Conservation Playlist

The tracks are timed to keep your showers under five minutes.


What I Learned From Talking With My Neighbors About Gentrification

How conversation helped me connect with longtime residents in my rapidly changing neighborhood.

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The Hidden Danger in Eating Oysters

Why you should steer clear of raw mollusks.

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How to Wash Your Car in a Drought

Yes, it’s possible to get your ride squeaky-clean without wasting water.

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September Is Measurably the Best Month for New York's Farmers' Markets

Now is the time when the most fruits and vegetables are available.

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A Brief History of the 'Sad Desk Lunch'

You’re not alone, historically speaking.


I Spent 10 Minutes Trying to Sleep in the Napmobile

The snooze that almost was.


You're Throwing Out $1,500 in Wasted Food Each Year

It’s easy to cut back on the edibles you’re trashing.

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How Coffee Screws Up Your Sleep Cycle

A new study reveals how caffeine impacts circadian rhythms—but could actually help certain people sleep better.

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A Nerd’s-Eye View of New York’s Most Complex Subway Stations

An architect created intricate blueprints of the underground.

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Where to Buy a Safe Couch

Flame retardants are potentially harmful to human health. Here’s where to find couches that don’t contain them.

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How to Take a Better Work Break

You don’t need to zone out in front of YouTube and drink stale coffee.

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What Makes a Restaurant 'Authentic'?

Customers have more say than you might expect.

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The Grossest Places on an Airplane

Think twice before you nibble on that cracker that fell on your tray table.


How to Build a Metro-Sized Moving Walkway

Maybe they’re not just for airports.

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The Quest to Make Every Crosswalk an Accessible One

A new app uses crowdsourced data to make intersections safer for visually impaired pedestrians.


A Guy Rode The Longest NYC Subway Route So You Don't Have To

It took a reporter 14 hours (and 54 transfers) to cover the 155-mile ride.