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The Ultimate Party for Literary Nerds

Across the U.S. and Canada, rallies are celebrating independent booksellers.

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Playgrounds for All

The success of “joint use” programs in San Francisco and New York shows the benefits of opening schoolyards up to the local community.

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This Plucky Little Strawberry Illustrates the Food Waste Crisis

A new PSA follows fruit from field to trash can.

Amelia Bates

Turns Out, Growing Weed Is Really Bad for the Environment

The plants use up tons of water and dirty fossil fuels.

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Scamper Up the New Bouldering Wall Beneath the Brooklyn Bridge

The largest outdoor bouldering facility in North America is open for business—and part of a national trend of fusing recreation and public health.

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An Urban Food Forest Takes to the Waterways

How a floating farm aims to make free, fresh produce available to all.

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How the Midwest Became the Custard Capital of the World

It all started with some good eggs and a sweet tooth.


Ask CityLab: Can I Climb Urban Trees?

How to fulfill your leafy fantasies safely and legally.

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You Can File Taxes at 7-Eleven?

Yep. And reward yourself with a Slurpee.

Los Angeles Public Library

Supermarkets Have a Millennial Problem, and Suburbia Is to Blame

How does an industry that historically catered to white suburbanites reinvent itself to attract more diverse shoppers?

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Designing a More Optimistic Attitude Toward Urban Aging

How one architect plans to change the way all generations think about growing old.

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Want Solar Panels on Your Roof? Here's What You Need to Know

A handy reference for navigating an emerging industry.

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A Mobile Guide to the Nearest Recycling Bin

Drop-off locations are tougher to find than they should be, but this app wants to change that.

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The Cemetery as Archive

A 177-year-old cemetery is preparing to digitize millions of records that shed light on New York City’s shifting demographics.


How to Discover Your City's Secret Sites

The events director of Atlas Obscura shares her tips for finding a place’s hidden gems.

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The 314 Birds Flocking to Harlem

The Audubon Mural Project pairs environmentalists with street artists, creating colorful tributes to birds threatened by climate change.

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Are Americans Doing Laundry All Wrong?

A trip to Manila made me wonder about the history of washing and drying in America, and whether the automated models are doing more harm than good.

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A No-Nonsense Guide to Growing Food in Your Apartment

Don’t be intimidated.