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Jessica Leigh Hester/CityLab

Growing Pains for Detroit's Urban Farms

Agriculture flourishes in the city’s vacant lots—but can it survive the push towards revitalization?

Jessica Leigh Hester/CityLab

Farming for Their Lives

Detroit’s urban growers are cultivating the land to pick up where they feel the city has let them down.

New York Restoration Project

A Community Garden Became an Alternative to Juvenile Detention

A small green space in Queens helps court-involved youths turn their lives around.

AP Photo/David Goldman

It Looks Like the Soda Tax Paid Off in Berkeley

Consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks dipped 21 percent after a tax was enacted, a new study finds.

Tony Gentile/Reuters

Italy's Birthday Present to 18-Year-Olds: €500

To be used for the culturally enriching activities of their choice.

Leighton Kelly/Heyday Books

Foraging in the Northern California Waterways

A new book makes the case for environmental reverence through ethical fishing.

Rabbitland Cafe/Youtube

Hong Kong's First Bunny Cafe Comes With a Note of Caution

It takes a lot of work—and a good amount of space—to own a rabbit in one of the world’s densest cities, but this pseudo-petting-zoo fills the void.

Courtesy of Janne Saario

How to Build a Better Skatepark

A Finnish skateboarder and landscape architect rethinks these historically community-aggravating youth spaces.

REUTERS/Akintunde Akinleye

Here Is Your Guide to Free Online Courses on Urbanism

Get schooled on architecture, sustainability and development.


To Court a Skeptical Public, New York Sends Wi-Fi Ambassadors

As LinkNYC rolls out through the city, guides take to the streets to demonstrate how to use the free network.

AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

How Detroit Plans to Get Kids Reading This Summer

Across the city, 97 tiny libraries will pop up in front of schools.

REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

A Bar Crawl to Save a Chicago Bus Route

The newly reinstated #11 Lincoln bus courts ridership numbers with beer.

Courtesy of Kevin Sousa

How Pittsburgh Is Becoming the Rust Belt's Social Innovation Test Kitchen

The city is engineering its culinary scene to benefit more than just high-end diners.

REUTERS/Cheryl Ravelo

How Grocery Taxes Hurt Poor Americans

A few extra cents charged for milk and bread can add up to higher rates of hunger, new research suggests.

Andrew Frasz

The Leave-No-Space-Unshared Era

Instead of devoting square-footage solely to co-working, a handful of organizations are making space do double duty.

REUTERS/Mike Segar

How to Survive a Heat Wave

Hint: It helps to be young.

ST&G Marvellous Maps

Mapping Britain's Extremely Lewd, Rude, and Weird Place Names

Fancy a trip to the Shank of Inchgrundle?

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Mega-Events Are Warming Up Conversations on Food Waste

Hunger and trashed food are commanding attention at this summer's biggest events, from the political conventions to the Olympic Games.