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The Channel for Wonderfully Boring Videos

Welcome to the real Netflix and chill.

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Do Japan's Futuristic Toilets Help Working Women?

The government crowned the country’s best communal loos to help female employees feel more comfortable in the public sphere.

Katherine Lorimer/flickr

You Should Be Cycling With a Boombox

The joys, pitfalls, and etiquette of cycling with a portable stereo.

Beirut's Queens of Roller Derby

This short film follows the women who’ve brought the sport to Lebanon.

Women Bike Chicago/Lura Meisch

The Case for All-Women Cycling Clubs

Bike-share programs haven’t closed up the gender gap. All-female riding groups are stepping in.

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

What it Feels Like to Be Forced From Home

In a new exhibition, Doctors Without Borders uses virtual reality to help visitors empathize with displaced people around the world.

How is the World Feeling

How the World Is Feeling Right Now

A new app collects real-time data on people’s emotional states.

Jason Roberts

A Print-It-Yourself Toolkit for Street Furniture

An open-source catalog boasts downloadable plans for plywood benches, kiosks, and more.

Max McClure/Katie Paterson with Zeller & Moye, courtesy ...

A Forest Made From 10,000 Trees

A public art installation in Bristol aggregates species from across the globe.

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Bumming Indie Artwork From Retro Cigarette Machines

In Montreal and beyond, vintage dispensers get locals hooked on zines and cassettes.

Mapbox/Katie Martin/CityLab

Montreal's Portuguese Chicken Gives Poutine a Run for Its Money

Frango churrasco is the go-to takeout in a historic immigrant hub.

AP Thailand

Why Kids in Bangkok Play Soccer on Oddly Shaped Fields

In a slum neighborhood, non-rectangular pitches boost opportunities for play.

Vm2002/Shutterstock/Mapbox/Katie Martin/CityLab

The Only Place to Find True Chili Is at a Real Texas Chili Parlor

No matter how much Austin changes, chili parlors serve up delicious Texas red.

Stefanie Loos/Reuters

What If Virtual Reality Can Make Us Better Citizens?

Researchers are studying how the technology can help us build empathy and change our personal behavior.

Jamie Grill/Getty/Katie Martin/CityLab

In Cider Season, Detroit's Donuts Reign Supreme

The perfect autumnal snack salutes Michigan’s other big industry.

Jason Siegel/CityLab

Why This Weird Little Rubber Stamp Shop Leaves a Lasting Impression

J.C. Casey treats his store like a pub.

Kyle Chayka

What Would You Pay for an Empty Room?

A new app allows users to summon empty spaces on demand—but only elites can afford its rates.

Eillie Anzilotti/CityLab

How an Old-World Bakery Stays Relevant

The 100-year-old Orwashers in New York City takes a creative approach to sourcing locally.