How To

Creeped Out? Listening to Some Bird Calls Might Help

A new study suggests that auditory signs of life can ease discomfort in hair-raising places.

The Case for Free Public Sunscreen

In a brilliant public health campaign, Boston and Miami installed sunscreen stations near parks, pools, and beaches.

Can the Drinking Fountain Make a Comeback?

How new innovations could resuscitate the crumbling infrastructure.

The High-Tech Way to Avoid Long Lines

Check foot traffic in real time before you head out the door.

Google Is Tracking Your Movements, and Now You Can See Exactly How

A new feature called “Your Timeline” visualizes all of your pit stops.

There's a Mad Rush to Buy Earthquake Survival Kits in Seattle

But to really prepare the Pacific Northwest for the Big One, much more needs to be done.

Teaching Hipsters About Safety

A new social media-driven safety campaign targets Brooklyn’s millennials.

The Lovely Sand on Your Favorite Beach Is Also Flecked With Feces

Beachgoers who play in the sand are at risk for gastrointestinal distress.

The Link Between Climate Change and Salmonella

A new study suggests that extreme weather is associated with higher risk of foodborne illness. Here’s how to keep yourself safe.

How to Breathe Easy in Polluted Cities

Try these seven ways to lessen the burden on your lungs.

Inhale Booze at London's New Walk-In Cocktail Cloud

“Breathe responsibly.”

A Better Way to Do Restaurant Week: Philanthropy, Not Prix Fixe

One Baltimore restaurant is giving away free meals to homeless guests.

Ask CityLab: Why Do Sewer Systems Leak Noxious Waste in the Summer?

Caution: Dry heaving and a feces-filled river ahead.

Your Commute, Graded By Emojis

Will it be a smiley-face or crying-face kind of day?

How Yelp Is Giving You Bad Advice

The science of why crowdsourced reviews can be so misleading.

Would You Use an App to Pick Up Your Trash?

Here’s what Uber-for-garbage plans to do for the dirty world of waste management.

How to Find a Place to Store Your Bags When You're Not a Hotel Guest

Taking a trip over the long weekend? Here’s how to avoid dragging your luggage with you if you don’t have a place to crash.

This Summer's Fireworks Are Bigger and Louder Than Ever

Pyrotechnic nuts share the craziest new firework trends.

Making Music Out of Traffic

Designers imagine ways to make electric cars safer—and symphonious.