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How 311 Apps Make Winter a Bit More Bearable

In Philadelphia, residents can request on-demand plowing and salting after snowfalls.

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How to Stay Calm on Public Transit

Even in a crisis, it doesn’t pay to freak out.

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The Psychological Upside of Becoming a Regular at a Bar

Asking for “the usual, please” might actually be good for you.

Recycle by City

This Online Guide Will Teach You How to Recycle, Once and for All

No, it’s not just you—it really is very confusing.

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We Are One Step Closer to Destroying Bedbugs Forever

Go out and hug a scientist: They’ve sequenced our enemy’s genome.

Byron Company, New York, NY. From the Collections of the Museum of the City of New York.

America's Obsession With Restaurant Food Safety Dates Back to 1889

Victorian diners loved white tile, too.

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The Urban Family's Guide to Living Car-Free

You can do it.

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Why Are Manholes Bursting Into Flames?

Yet another thing to blame on snow and ice.

Lynn Saville

Under the Cover of Dark, a Photographer Captures a Changing City

In New York’s empty spaces, Lynn Saville finds a sense of quiet optimism.


For a Week, I Scavanged All My Meals From Dumpsters

Here’s what I learned about food waste after sorting through scraps in London.

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Maybe You Shouldn't Eat the Blizzard

Yes, it looks like ice cream, but even fresh snow is packed full of potentially hazardous pollutants.

How a Pet Store Owner Rolls With His Changing Neighborhood in Brooklyn

“I don’t plan on going no place.”


That Stranger's House Could Be Your Home Office Away From Home

Spacehop, which works like Airbnb, allows people to rent out their pad to freelancers as co-working spaces.

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Photographing Brooklyn's Adorable Feral Cats

A former sanitation worker feeds dozens of cats near the borough’s industrial waterfront.

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Warning Labels on Sugary Drinks Might Actually Work

In a recent study, the labels dissuaded parents from buying the unhealthy beverages for their kids.

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A Math Nerd's Guide to Slicing Pizza

In a new paper, mathematicians have figured out new techniques to segment a pie equally.

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The Latest Battle Over When and Where Kids Can Walk to School

A new amendment tackles the muddled question of kids traveling by themselves.

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The Airplane of the Future Could Be Much More Accessible for Passengers With Disabilities

For one thing, the DOT is getting serious about making it easier to go to the bathroom.