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Elijah Nouvelage/Reuters

Teach-Ins in the Time of Trump

After the election, universities are positioning themselves as sources of information about immigration rights.

Bayer Properties

Can an Upscale Food Hall Change the Way a City Eats?

Downtown Birmingham is poised to get a new grocery store and sleek food hub. Could they reverse the neighborhood’s status as a food desert?

Courtesy of City Harvest

Anatomy of a Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway

What it takes to deliver 10,000 birds to needy families.

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The Activist Workout

This newsletter encourages readers to develop the stamina for civic engagement.

Local Projects

City Museums Look to the Future

A new exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York places civic engagement at the forefront.

Steve Holt

What Can Substitute Teachers Do for City Schools?

This start-up dispatches artists and activists to fill in for full-time instructors and teach kids new real-world skills.

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How to Stand Up Against a Bigoted Attack

Reports of hate crimes apparently tied to Donald Trump’s election are surging. Here’s how to be an active witness.

Holistic Life Foundation

What Mindfulness Does for Urban Kids

As alternatives to detention, school-based meditation programs help students cope with stress.

Crack + Cider

A Pop-Up Shop for San Francisco's Homeless

This charity delivers cold-weather essentials to people on the street.

How an Arts Space in Oakland Bounced Back

A virtual-reality tour of the California city’s resilient art and music scene.

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The United States of 'I Voted!' Stickers

Some cities use them as tokens of civic pride. Others have scrapped them entirely.

The Living Room in Blackpool, England

Fighting Loneliness With Public Living Rooms

Meet the group combating social isolation through cups of tea.

Kelly Rundle/Fourth Wall Films

An Ode to the American Barn

A new documentary charts the disappearance of iconic farm buildings, and makes the case for preserving them.

Victrixia Montes for Dollar Street

What Daily Life Looks Like at Different Income Levels

A new website tracks global wealth stratification through photographs of household items.

Courtesy Joel Zika

Preserving America's Spookiest Amusements

Meet the guy using high-tech tools to document rickety scare shacks.

Vice Films

In 'A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night,' Women Reclaim City Streets

In this film, a skateboarding hipster vampire takes on hostile spaces and the men who run them.

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A Spellbinding Tour of America's Haunted Places

In Colin Dickey’s new book, Ghostland, ghost stories reveal history’s unspeakable truths.

Tell Us What Locals Love to Eat

Here’s your chance to write a culinary love letter for our new CityEats series.