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Courtesy of Megan Heeres

Turning Detroit's Invasive Plants Into Community-Building Art

Megan Heeres invites locals to pitch in to transform unwanted shrubs and grasses into paper.

REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Getting Shoppers to Make Healthy Choices at Corner Stores Remains Elusive as Ever

Even with intense community outreach and education, making fresh food available doesn’t translate to consumption.

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Your Memorial Day Nemesis: The Wire Grill Brush

Hundreds of Americans have been hospitalized after accidentally eating some nasty bristles.

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Visualizing 40 Years of the American Diet

Kale just recently landed a prime spot at the table.

A New Bill Could Clear Up Some of That Confusion About Date Labels on Food Packaging

Legislation introduced this week calls upon federal agencies to standardize those perplexing stamps.

Jessica Leigh Hester/CityLab

Can Hungry Goats Restore Urban Forests?

In Brooklyn, Prospect Park is enlisting a herd to eat up invasive species that have proliferated since Hurricane Sandy.

Courtesy of Meg Webster and Socrates Sculpture Park

Step Inside This World Made for Bees

A living art installation aims to carve out a habitat for at-risk pollinators.

Redux Pictures/The New York Times/photo by Suzanne deChillo/courtesy of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

What Can Looking at Visual Art Teach Us About Navigating a City?

A lot about being aware of our surroundings, for starters, argues a new book.

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Everyone Is Super Confused About Food Labels

A new survey shows how the lack of standardization is contributing to the food waste crisis.

Jessica Leigh Hester/CityLab

A Rallying Cry for Ugly Vegetables

In New York City and Washington, D.C., massive festivals are celebrating weird-looking produce—and fighting the problem of food waste.

Courtesy of Common

Want to Meet Your Neighbors? Take a Cue From Co-Living Spaces

“Dorms for adults” aren’t for everyone, but they have the right idea when it comes to intra-building communication.

AP Photo/Charles Krupa

Making Craigslist Exchanges Safer

Doing business within sight of police cameras: a security “no-brainer.”

REUTERS/Mark Blinch

Why Cities Have to Care About Native Plants

Across the U.S., groups are working to fend off invasive species by helping local ones take root.

REUTERS/Brian Snyder

The Ultimate Party for Literary Nerds

Across the U.S. and Canada, rallies are celebrating independent booksellers.

Daniel Avila / NYC Parks

Playgrounds for All

The success of “joint use” programs in San Francisco and New York shows the benefits of opening schoolyards up to the local community.

AP Photo/Gerry Broome

This Plucky Little Strawberry Illustrates the Food Waste Crisis

A new PSA follows fruit from field to trash can.

Amelia Bates

Turns Out, Growing Weed Is Really Bad for the Environment

The plants use up tons of water and dirty fossil fuels.

Minnow Park

Scamper Up the New Bouldering Wall Beneath the Brooklyn Bridge

The largest outdoor bouldering facility in North America is open for business—and part of a national trend of fusing recreation and public health.