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What Happens When a Local Restaurant Gets Famous?

For a little Vietnamese pho shop in Seattle, home to a three-liter noodle bowl, popularity was a boon and a headache.

(Nicola Urban, Tolmezzo, Italy)

Tiny Libraries, Big Ideas

A design challenge asked architects, book enthusiasts, and doodlers to rethink the little free library.

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How to Observe Your City

A new book offers a toolkit to help urbanites look closely and carefully.

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Why the 'Planet Earth II' Episode on Cities Is So Startling

The new installment of the BBC show gives us a glimpse of our strange future.

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More Data, Better Dining?

Damian Mogavero, a consultant, argues that analytics can help restaurants stick around.

Peter Nicholls/Reuters

The Great British Vegetable Crisis

Extreme weather has caused British vegetable shortages—but is the real problem an unsustainable food system?

Stephanie Keith/Reuters

Politics on the Plate

In a divisive climate, restaurants across the U.S. are dishing up a serving of activism.

Reuters/Beck Diefenback

This Is What Happens When Silicon Valley Takes on the Burger

The vegan patty is now in restaurants in three U.S. cities, and it could be the next step in nudging die-hard meat fans toward more sustainable fare.

Jacob Hodgkinson

Meet the Chicanos of Japan

This short film explores one of the lesser-known subcultures thriving in Tokyo and Osaka.

Jasmina Tomic

The Surprising Relevance of an All-Night Philosophy Rave

The Brooklyn Public Library teamed up with the French Embassy for a festival that argues that slow, deliberate thinking matters more than ever.

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Word Up! D.C. Will Get a Museum of Linguistics

Can “Planet Word”—an interactive museum of language—bring new life to a long-vacant historic D.C. building?

Sam Goresh/Reuters

Boston's New Accidental Archive of Protest Posters

A group of professors stockpiled a trove of handmade signs from the Women's March.

Lady Allen of Hurtwood Archives, Coventry, U.K.

Can We Bring Back Riskier Playgrounds?

Until the 1980s, playgrounds were spaces of adventure and art.

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What Made Coffeehouse Culture Go Boom?

A not-exactly-empirical analysis of how the cafe became a trademark of almost every city neighborhood.


How Teachers Learn to Discuss Racism

Urban-education programs prepare them for imperative contemporary conversations with students.

Oscar Boyson

A Globetrotting Filmmaker, Seeking Answers About Our Urban Future

Oscar Boyson’s documentary is a jet-setting look at problems and solutions in cities centers across the world.

Amy Sussman/AP Images for LEGO Systems

What Kids Can Learn From Urban Planning

In some schools, “design thinking” has become a buzzword emphasizing critical thinking and problem solving.

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Finding Joy in Urban Winters

The Danish concept of hygge, or coziness, offers a blueprint.