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Mega-Events Are Warming Up Conversations on Food Waste

Hunger and trashed food are commanding attention at this summer's biggest events, from the political conventions to the Olympic Games.

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How Noise Pollution Hurts Kids

Studies suggest learning is harder in loud environments, and poor kids may suffer disproportionately.


Polluted Cities Are Wreaking Havoc on People's Skin

Blame toxic fumes for your next wrinkle.

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Why Indianapolis Is Counting Its Bees

A city-wide count aims to draw attention to pollinators’ precarious place in urban habitats.

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How a Mobile Market Will Boost Access to Healthy Food in Flint

And a researcher’s data-driven map will point the portable grocer to the city’s neediest areas.

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Photographing Brooklyn's Birds

A new book, Birding at the Bridge, compiles pictures of the borough’s winged residents.

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Where Foam Bans Stand in the Fight for Zero Waste

San Franciscans are clashing over whether to eliminate foam-based items like packing peanuts and egg cartons, or to recycle them.  

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How an Uber Copycat Can Fill the Transit Gap in Rural Nebraska

Rural towns aren’t attractive to popular ride-hailing services, so a local company is launching its own in the western panhandle of Nebraska.

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How the Olympic Village Will Feed Favelas

Celebrity chefs are piloting a program to donate surplus food to local communities during the competition in Rio de Janeiro.

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Why Copenhagen Residents Want to Live on Urban Gardens

High rents are driving some Danes to not-quite-legal cabins and cottages.

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The Outdoor Office Revolution Has Arrived Just in Time for Summer

Pop-ups in the U.S. and Amsterdam are bringing the workplace into the sunshine.

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A Way Forward for Urban Zoos

These institutions need to adapt to 21st-century environmental thought.

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The Shrinking of the American Lawn

As houses have gotten bigger, yard sizes have receded. What gives?

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Why Bartenders and Firefighters Are Practicing Yoga at Work

A handful of programs aim to bring mind-body awareness to grueling urban jobs.

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Crucial Urban Travel Apps for Families With Kids

Here’s some digital help for herding your crew around the city.

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Training the Community to Respond to Cardiac Arrest

How crowdsourcing is boosting bystander CPR rates.

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The Legal Policy That Makes Collisions Especially Harrowing for Cyclists

In four states and the District of Columbia, the contributory negligence standard bars most injured bikers from compensation.

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How Apps Can Help People With Disabilities Navigate Cities

Broken sidewalks and inaccessible buildings can make for daunting trips, but a slew of mobile applications could change that.