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Thessa Lageman

The Crew Bringing Recycling to Tunis

Meet the volunteers working to curb the city’s teeming garbage problem.

Danish Siddiqui/Reuters

One Solution to Keeping India's Girls in School: Cheap Maxi Pads

Across the country, pad dispensers work to reverse the stigma that keeps girls out of class.

Valentyn Ogirenko/Reuters

The Case for Talking to Strangers

It’s not that terrifying, and it’s actually good for you, argues the author of the new book, When Strangers Meet.

Karen Axelrad/Flickr

How Cycling Lessons Help Refugees Find Their Footing

In Berlin, a group has made it their mission to help newcomers settle in, then get around.

Deepa Paul/Flickr

The Apps Fighting Europe's Mountains of Wasted Restaurant Food

They match uneaten restaurant portions with hungry bargain hunters.

Hauschild + Siegel

Designing an Apartment Building for Bike Commuters

Cykelhuset in Malmö, Sweden, is engineered to support a car-free lifestyle.

Sam Gamberg

How Philly's First Pay-What-You-Can Café Is Taking Aim at Hunger

And food waste, too.

Sahej Mantri/Agasti

Mumbai's New Eco-Friendly, Women-Only Restroom

The public bathroom doubles as a safe space and a solution to the city’s sanitation struggles.

Newcomer Kitchen

Cooking Up Opportunities for Refugee Women

Through cuisine, Toronto’s Newcomer Kitchen fosters economic and social relationships for Syrian immigrants.

Danielle Walquist Lynch/Flickr

The Fight to Feed Detroit

To mend the city’s food system, urban farmers and entrepreneurs are working to funnel fresh produce and artisanal goods to local tables.

Jessica Leigh Hester/CityLab

Growing Pains for Detroit's Urban Farms

Agriculture flourishes in the city’s vacant lots—but can it survive the push toward revitalization?

Jessica Leigh Hester/CityLab

Farming for Their Lives

Detroit’s urban growers are cultivating the land to pick up where they feel the city has let them down.

New York Restoration Project

A Community Garden Became an Alternative to Juvenile Detention

A small green space in Queens helps court-involved youths turn their lives around.

AP Photo/David Goldman

It Looks Like the Soda Tax Paid Off in Berkeley

Consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks dipped 21 percent after a tax was enacted, a new study finds.

Tony Gentile/Reuters

Italy's Birthday Present to 18-Year-Olds: €500

To be used for the culturally enriching activities of their choice.

Leighton Kelly/Heyday Books

Foraging in the Northern California Waterways

A new book makes the case for environmental reverence through ethical fishing.

Rabbitland Cafe/Youtube

Hong Kong's First Bunny Cafe Comes With a Note of Caution

It takes a lot of work—and a good amount of space—to own a rabbit in one of the world’s densest cities, but this pseudo-petting-zoo fills the void.

Courtesy of Janne Saario

How to Build a Better Skatepark

A Finnish skateboarder and landscape architect rethinks these historically community-aggravating youth spaces.