Manuscripts and Archives Division/The New York Public Library

Mapping Where LGBT History Unfolded in New York

A new preservation project will document around 1,000 sites throughout the five boroughs.

Chris Whong

A New Map of New York's 'Subway Deserts'

An update to a previous project looks at areas in the city where it takes the longest to get to a subway stop.

Bing, Mark Byrnes/CityLab

A Map of the Dallas Shootings

The shootings took place around El Centro College in the heart of downtown Dallas.


A Dazzling, Animated Map of the World's Winds, Rain, and Heat

Never have deadly storms and scorching temperatures looked so lovely.

Let's Be Friends

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Max Galka/Metrocosm

Mapping How People Move Across the World

When it comes to migration, there’s a politically significant gap between public perception and reality.


Where America Sees Rain on the Fourth of July

Crunching the historic numbers shows Florida and New England like it moist.

Historic Charter of Barcelona

The History of Barcelona, in 26 Interactive Maps

Flip through the key chapters in the city's life from 150 A.D. to 2010.

AP/Brynn Anderson

Mapping the Rise of Anti-LGBT Legislation on the First Anniversary of Nationwide Marriage Equality

Sunday marks one year since a huge victory for marriage equality. But over that year, discriminatory legislation has exploded across the U.S.

Constantine Konovalov

Untangling Paris's Chaotic Metro Map

The latest redesign comes from a Moscow-based artist, and recasts the subway’s lines into a circular pattern.


A Real-Time Map of Earthquakes Around the World

Track them as they happen.

City of Detroit/Esri

Browse Thousands of Tear-Downs on the 'Detroit Demolition Tracker'

The city released this map amid talk that there’s something fishy about its demolition program.

Pew Research Center

How the Migrant Crisis Has Changed Europe, in 1 Map

A Pew Research Center analysis shows that the influx of refugees has dramatically increased the share of immigrants in many countries.

REUTERS/Ali Hashisho

Striking Visualizations of a World Connected Through Crop Supply

Food brings us together.

Fabio Falchi et al.

The Worldwide Light-Pollution Plague

Up to 99 percent of Americans and Europeans live under artificially brightened skies, according to a new analysis.

Courtesy of Karen Rann

A Painstaking Remake of History's Earliest Elevation Map

A British artist is tracing the curious invention of contour lines. 

Esri, HERE, DeLorme, MapmyIndia, ©OpenStreetMap contributors, and the GIS user community

Mapping 6,000 Years of Urban Settlements

A new study by researchers at Yale University maps urban centers from 3700 B.C. to 2000 A.D.

Browse More Than 1,000 National Park Maps, All in One Place

A park ranger is diligently uploading these free cartographic resources for the enjoyment and convenience of all.


Mapping the Hidden Patterns of Urban Life

Terrapattern collects visually similar features from satellite images into one searchable platform. 

Landscape Metrics

A Startling Map of How Sea-Level Rise Will Affect NYC

A 5-foot rise could affect nearly 300,000 people and 30 schools. Will the city adapt its infrastructure in time?