Bill Rankin

A New Way to Map the Spread and Decline of Slavery in the U.S.

The historian and cartographer Bill Rankin visualizes the practice with a fresh approach.


How Hyperconnected Cities Are Taking Over the World

“Political geography is not determinant anymore, because cities are more important.”

Leonardo da Vinci

This Old Map: Da Vinci's City Plan, 1502

The fourth installment in this occasional series features the world’s earliest surviving “ichnographic” map.


These Designers Want To Put Rikers Island on the Map

The guerrilla #SeeRikers campaign aims to correct a New York subway map oversight—and highlight the corrections crisis.

Ken Schwencke

The Shimmering Private Pools of Los Angeles County, Mapped

When space and water are commodities, pools are a proxy for wealth.

Miami Downtown Development Authority

This 3D Map Shows the Imminent Transformation of Miami's Skyline

High-rises continue to mushroom in the city’s booming downtown.


The One-Stop Digital Shop for Digestible Data on Your City

MIT and Deloitte’s DataUSA website wants to make information about jobs, housing, demographics, and education easy to access and use.

CityLab/Mark Byrnes

Meet the Extraordinary Women Making Maps Today

The final part in a series exploring little-seen contributions to cartography.


D.C. Is Packing on Huge Amounts of Impervious Surfaces

The city has added “1 million cubic meters of pavement, buildings, and the like every year for nearly three decades,” researchers say.

U.S. Geological Service

The First Official Map of Human-Induced Earthquake Hazards

The USGS has ushered in the geology of the Anthropocene.

National Low Income Housing Coalition

Mapping America's Appalling Affordable Housing Deficit

A new report finds that only 31 cheap rental units are available per 100 poor households in the U.S.

Andy Woodruff

What Are You Really Facing When You Look Across the Ocean?

If you’re on the East Coast, it could be Australia.

Jonah Adkins/Bridges of America

Mapping the Sorry State of America's Bridges

Explore the daily traffic count and structural status of 600,000 bridgespans.

Mark Byrnes/CityLab

How 20th-Century Women Put the 'Art' in Cartography

The third part in a series exploring little-seen contributions to cartography.

AP/J. Scott Applewhite

A Guide to the Lesser-Known Cherry Blossoms in Washington, D.C.

An urban-forestry nonprofit has mapped the city’s gorgeous, but not-so-touristy, flowering trees.

Lauren Ancona

Mapping Every Single Parking Regulation in Philadelphia

“Parkadelphia” is pretty—and powerful.

MumbaiData/Akshay Kore

An Interactive Land-Use Map of Mumbai Is Finally Here

This user-friendly visualization helps make clear who is and who is not included in the city’s dizzying growth spurt.

CityLab/Mark Byrnes

How Women Mapped the Upheaval of 19th Century America

The second part in a series exploring little-seen contributions to cartography.

Norman B. Leventhal Map Center

#MapMonsterMonday Celebrates the Cartographic Beasties of Yore

A glorious weekly social media celebration for the Internet’s history and map nerds.