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Mapping America's Fight Against Excess City Parking

It’s gaining ground—from Seattle to Miami.

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Where U.S. Metro Economies Are Growing or Shrinking

America's national GDP grew 2.3 percent in 2014, but not every city fared equally well.

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Governors Don't Want Syrian Refugees. Mayors Are Asking for Even More

Your state might oppose Syrian refugee resettlement, but odds are your city feels the opposite.

Linguistic Roadshow

Scallops, Tuck Shops, and Bubblers: Mapping the Australian Lexicon

The country may not have dramatic regional accents, but variants in vocabulary abound.

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Ben Carson's U.S. Map Gets New England Geography All Wrong

In opposing Syrian refugees, the Republican presidential hopeful reimagines the Northeast.

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Mapping the Continuing Culture of Disinvestment in Baltimore's Black Neighborhoods

If the city seems hardwired for racial strife and segregation, that’s partly because the banks have programmed it that way, finds a new study.

Paris Attacks: A Map of What's Been Confirmed

Multiple sites have reportedly been hit, including the Bataclan and the Stade de France.

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Maps Made 'From the Mind,' Not From GPS

A designer relies on exploration and the knowledge of locals to create a unique series of maps.

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And on the Sixth Day, Google Maps Created Offline Access

And it was good.

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Mapping Every U.S. Road Fatality From 2004 to 2013

The death toll amounts to 373,377 lost lives.


A Mesmerizing Map of Rainfall on Earth

Global patterns of precipitable water look like wisps of liquid smoke in this Mapbox visualization.


50 First Dates of Snow

This NOAA map comes with a friendly reminder: It’s time to start dreading snow!

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In Time for Halloween, the Spookiest Google Street Views

There’s a headless horseman standing in a pumpkin-spice blood puddle in France.

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A Global Geography of Death on the Road

A new World Health Organization interactive shows where laws are protecting drivers, cyclists, and walkers—and where they’re not.


Mapping the Frenzy of Europe's Migrant Crisis

A new interactive data viz shows flows of refugees seeking asylum as whizzing dots.

Chris Henrick/Am I Rent Stabilized?

Is Your NYC Apartment Rent-Stabilized?

Nearly half of the city’s housing stock is. A new tool will help you find out.

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A Map of Middle-Earth, Annotated by J.R.R. Tolkien

One literary map to rule them all slipped out of an old edition of The Lord of the Rings.

Andrew DeGraff/Courtesy of Zest Books

Gorgeous Literary Maps Follow the Footsteps of Your Favorite Characters

Navigate the twists and turns of books like Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and A Wrinkle in Time.