Watch New Yorkers Hurry Across Union Square in Real-Time

Placemeter’s live map tracks pedestrian and bike activity in one of the city’s busy intersections.


A Lovely Map of Phone Reception in the New York Subway

Its creators probed the MTA’s 660 miles of track with a prototype data logger.

My 5 Favorite Maps: Stamen Design's Eric Rodenbeck

Conversations with mapmakers on the works that most inspire them.

Marko Plahuta

Mapping Manhattan's Parking Tickets by Type of Car

Who knew Fords got ticketed so much in New York?

Jay Patani

London's Suburban Real Estate Prices Are Skyrocketing

But in Central London, home values might have hit their peak.

India Lights

Mapping India's Electricity Deserts

A project uses satellite imagery to show how access to power has improved in villages across the country.


Where New Yorkers Can't Stand the Racket

A new map lets you analyze noise complaints in the Big Apple.

Tom Lee/Mapbox

Mapping Snow Plow Activity in Washington, D.C.

Winter Storm Jonas has come and gone. Has your street recovered?


An Intense Visualization of the Blizzard Sweeping the East Coast

This visualization of #Snowzilla’s path certainly does look like destructive, radioactive breath sweeping across the nation.

Joy Charbonneau

Mapping the Interconnectedness of Canada's Water

“It’s a very precious resource, and it shouldn’t be mismanaged.”

Jill Hubley

Mapping the Carbon Footprint of New York City Real Estate

Certain properties are sometimes responsible for high amounts of greenhouse gases.


A Map of Global Nuclear Weapons Brings 'WarGames' into the 21st Century

In this new homage to the 1980s film, the only winning move is not to play.

Chris Whong

A Scratch-Off Map of Old New York City

Urban change revealed, lottery ticket-style.

1 Point 21 Interactive

Mapping the Sale of Firearms vs. Frappuccinos

A new data viz compares two easily accessible items in the U.S.

Jones and Kammen/ Bay Area Air Quality Management District

The Most Comprehensive Map of a City's Carbon Footprint Ever

By focusing on emissions from goods consumed in a city, Berkeley researchers paint a more accurate picture.

Cyber Squirrel

Mapping Hundreds of Power Disruptions Caused by ... Squirrels

The work hopes to counter political fear-mongering over terrorist cyberattacks.

Better Institutions

Mapping L.A. County's 'Parking Crater'

200 square miles of spots, lots, and garages.

Plume Labs

Mapping the Real-Time Air Pollution Wafting Over Cities Around the World

How noxious is your city?


180,000 Historic Maps, Photos, and Postcards Are Now Free for Public Use

The New York Public Library aims to engage data-lovers with a new public domain release.