Andrew Kelly/Reuters

The Many Ways People Commute to New York

Manhattan’s hordes of workers pour in by bus, subway, train, unicycle, and helicopter.

Max Galka/Metrocosm

Envisioning U.S. Traffic as a Bloody Circulatory System

People often compare highways to arteries; Max Galka decided to make that literal.

Norman B. Leventhal Map Center

Mapping How Shakespeare Saw the World

A new exhibit at the Boston Public Library looks at the Bard’s plays through maps from the 16th century and beyond.


The Mighty, Ever-Sucking Maw of the Mississippi River

NASA created this animation showing all the rivers that flow into the Mighty Mississip’.

300.000km/s/Izolyatsia Foundation

Gorgeous Maps of an Ugly War

A Barcelona-based mapping company has visualized the ongoing conflict in Ukraine in colorful, complex cartography.

Pew Research Center

Where Latinos Live Now

A new analysis by the Pew Research Center takes a deep dive into the changing geography of this much-discussed segment of the U.S. population.

HERE/Oliver O'Brien

A Freaky Pulsating Map of London's Daily Tube Ridership

Cartographer Oliver O’Brien has visualized the changing volume of people coursing through the city’s Underground.

Jonathan Bachman/Reuters

No, Louisiana Isn't 'Losing Its Boot'

Hunks of the low-lying state are rapidly disappearing, but a “new” map is more misleading than helpful.

Motions of Migration

How Climate Change Will Affect Animal Migration, in One Map

Global warming over the next century means that species will move to cooler climates, but manmade barriers often stand in the way.

Igarapé Institute

Mapping 'Pre-Crime' in Rio

CrimeRadar is the world’s first publicly available crime-forecasting tool based on open-access data. But will it work?

Umit Bektas/Reuters

Visualizing the State of Global Internet Connectivity

Two maps illustrate disparities in access across the world.

PlanPhilly/Shrobona Karkun

Here Are Ten Years of Philly Block Parties, Mapped

PlanPhilly visualized a decade of city data showing street-side bacchanalia.

Anthony Denaro

Finally: A Map of NYC Transit That Includes Bus Routes

“One complex transit map, for one complex transit-reliant city.”

Andrew Small/CityLab

Why It Sucks to Play 'Pokemon Go' If You Don't Live in a White Neighborhood

The game broke the Internet, but not everywhere equally.

Nicolas Kruchten

A Platform-Centric Map of Montreal's Green Line Metro

Riders can easily determine the perfect place to await a train, relative to where they want to end up.

Transit App

The Transit App Trying to Beat Google and Apple at Mobile Mapping

A small team in Montreal has taken on the two tech giants to design a cleaner, more functional transit map.

Jason Wright

Build Your Own NYC Subway

A new game lets players and transit wonks tailor the city’s extensive but imperfect system to their needs—or overhaul it completely.


How Nighttime Darkness Illuminates the Rural Poor

University of Oxford researchers are mapping unlit areas around the world in an attempt to measure global poverty.

Dado Ruvic/Reuters

The Problem With 'Areas of Interest' on Google Maps

Real-life geographic divides are now visible in a new way.