Billy Hathorne/WikiMedia Commons

Turns Out Tiny Houses Aren’t Just a New Thing

Check out these wee historic homes going back to the 1600s.

NASA via Flickr/Project Apollo Archive

Astronauts Were Taking Selfies Before They Were Cool

A new archive collects thousands of vintage NASA photos on Flickr, including candid shots from the Apollo missions.

Complete Streets / Flickr

Don't Fret, Russia—America Has Some Pretty Sad Bus Stops, Too

There’s a lesson in this misery: transit agencies and cities forget about rider comfort at their own peril.

Henry Hargreaves

Meet the Artist Who's Turning Soda Into Candy

A new series by photographer Henry Hargreaves explores consumers’ relationship to sugary drinks.

Daily Overview/DigitalGlobe

Mighty and Ominous Satellite Images of the Human Condition

The Daily Overview presents refugee camps, environmental horror, Florida housing projects, and fields of lovely Dutch tulips.

Your writing's on the wall. (Courtesy The Waiting Wall)

Secret Confessions and Existential Crises Are Now On Display in a U.K. Train Station

A new art project called The Waiting Wall is essentially a digital confessional.

Google Earth

Photographing the American 'Grid,' One Square Mile Per Frame

The West’s checkerboard plan, devised by Thomas Jefferson, gets the Instagram treatment with striking satellite imagery.

NASA/Scott Kelly

An Endurance Astronaut's Gorgeous Views of Earth

Celebrate the halfway point of Scott Kelly’s 342-day journey in orbit with these knockout images.

Edward Burtynsky

The Disturbing Wonder of Humanity's Impact on Earth

Edward Burtynsky pulls beauty from polluted mining pools, drought-ravaged landscapes, and bloated suburbs.


Unreal Satellite Images of the Aurora Borealis Over America

Blood-red emanations were recently visible as far south as West Virginia.

The Megacity Initiative

Rio's Olympic Inequality Problem, in Pictures

Those in greatest need of basic amenities are nowhere near the biggest infrastructure investments happening in preparation for the 2016 Games.

Julian Love/Bellerby & Co.

A Look at the Painstaking, Intricate Art of Globemaking

There are only a few dedicated artisanal globemakers left in the world—and there’s good reason for that.

Sarah K. Davis

Be a Weather Hero by Photographing the World's Newest Cloud

You could become the official face of “asperitas,” the first novel cloud type identified since 1951.

Michiel Hulshof and Daan Roggeveen

African Cities Are Starting to Look Eerily Like Chinese Ones

A journalist and an architect tell us how and why.

James Dorsey/Courtesy of Jon Sojkowski

The Beauty of Africa's Traditional Architecture, In One Big Database

It includes centuries-old buildings made with mud and entire cities built on stilts.

REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes

In Rio, It's Still Full Speed Ahead for 2016

Hazardous water, displacement, and rising police violence still plague the city, but Mayor Paes insists Rio is already better off thanks to next year's Summer Olympics.

Taxi Fabric

In Mumbai, Taxis Are Transforming Into Works of Art

The Taxi Fabric project gives local designers a new vehicle to show off their work.

Manuel Alvarez Diestro

The Crumbling Grandeur of Egypt's Summer Homes

It’s a wonder some of these places are still occupied.

Chesapeake Bay Program

The Chesapeake Bay Is Turning Into Plastic Soup

Microplastics contaminate the water on a massive scale.

REUTERS/Ognen Teofilovski

A Migrant's Trek Through Macedonia

A stressful but critical step in the journey for many Syrians and Iraqis on their way north through Europe.