Bence Bakonyi

Photographing China, Without the Crowds

A photographer’s solo journey leads to an uniquely beautiful take on the country’s landscapes.

REUTERS/Russell Boyce

A New Social Media Campaign Reveals London's High Rents and Shady Landlords

Want a moldy suburban apartment for $1,500? Then you’ve come to the right city.

Mark Giorgione/Collage Baseball

When Art Photography and Old Baseball Cards Collide

One artist is merging two very different worlds and coming up with delightfully strange results.


Youth Artists Are Painting Gorgeous Murals Inside New York City Public Housing

“We want them to convey a sense of home.”

J.B. Spector/Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

Building Engineering Marvels Out of Lego

The exhibit “Brick by Brick” features the painstaking creations of master Lego builder Adam Tucker.

Urb-i/Google Street View

More Before-and-After Photos of the World's Best Street Designs

A newly updated archive lets you track images of urban makeovers across the world.

Panda Collection, Canadian Architectural Archives

The Design Competition That Opened Toronto to the World

When it needed a new city hall in 1958, Toronto received more than 500 submissions from all over the globe. The winning design still endures today.

Andre Muniz Gonzaga

Sometimes the Walls Really Do Have Ears... and Eyes, and Teeth

Exploring the freaky, anthropomorphic street art of Brazil’s Andre Muniz Gonzaga.

STM/Ville de Montréal Archives

A Look Back at Montreal's First Subway Cars

The modest-looking MR-63s ushered in the city’s rapid transit system 50 years ago. Starting this year, they’re being phased out for sleek new models.

Joey O'Loughlin

What Urban Hunger Looks Like Now

In her work, the photographer Joey O’Loughlin captures the diverse reality of New York’s food pantry lines.

© Sergio Larrain/Magnum Photos

Photographing Britain Through an Outsider's Eyes

A new exhibition reveals more than just bad teeth and grey skies.

KayLynn Deveney

The Fading Romance of America's 'Cinderella Homes'

“All you can lose is your heart.”

Gisela Erlacher

Photographing Urban 'Under-Spaces'

An artist finds hidden pockets of life beneath the expressways and bridges of cities in China, the Netherlands, and the U.K.

Thomas Heinser

Photographing California at Its Most Diminished

Thomas Heinser captures how drought, fire, and industry make abstractions of the landscape.

Matt Rahner

Photographing the Heartbreaking Consequences of Eminent Domain

Residents of a Kansas City neighborhood saw their homes demolished to make room for a new police station.

Alaska Airlines

Ever See a Total Solar Eclipse From an Airplane?

Now you can, thanks to a specially rerouted Alaska Airlines flight.

Jim Bachor

A Mosaic Artist Brings Fine Art to Chicago's Potholes

Whimsical tiled artworks juxtapose something everyone hates with things that everyone loves.

Shaun Fynn

Photographing the Hazardous Resting Places of Obsolete Electronics

An exhibit at the New School asks how designers can help combat the e-waste crisis.

REUTERS/Hasan Shaaban

Beirut's Toxic Torrent of Trash

The city’s months-long garbage crisis hits a new, horrible low.