Laura Bliss

Greece's Roadside Shrines Remind Drivers to Take It Slow

These elaborate mini-chapels abound on twisty highways off the mainland.

For the Love of the Force

Superfans Are Building a Giant 'Star Wars' Universe in Manchester

Take a tour of Jabba the Hutt’s palace, a life-size X-wing, and that weird cantina full of kloo horn-playing musicians.

Joy VanBuhler/Flickr

This Thanksgiving, Detroit Is Overrun by Gigantic Papier-Mâché Heads

The painted busts march down Woodward Avenue as part of the holiday parade.

Courtesy Gotochi Kaiju, Copyright 2014 ITTSU All Rights Reserved

Meet the Fearsome Imaginary Monsters of Japan

There’s one for every prefecture.

Courtesy of Simon Beck

Dazzling Land Art, Etched in Snow

Snowshoe artist Simon Beck’s canvas is the French Alps.

Emily Anne Epstein / The Atlantic

This Doll House Costs $24,425 Per Square Foot

There's an affordability crisis in playland, too.

Laura Bliss

Explore the Creepy Underground Pedestrian Tunnels of Downtown L.A.

This network of concrete passageways has an eerie past.

Data Cuisine Leeuwarden at MAF

More Delicious Dishes From the Masterchefs of 'Data Cuisine'

On tonight’s menu: smoked kale joints whose ingredients are based on data about cannabis consumption.

Mount Washington Observatory

The Year's Most Gorgeous Winter Photos Have Already Arrived

The views from high up a New Hampshire mountain include UFO-shaped clouds and spiny rime ice.


A Quiet, Mournful Paris

Nearly empty streets and closed attractions characterized the French capital the day after terror attacks left over 120 dead and hundreds more injured.

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

A Working List of Viral Paris Attacks Images and Rumors That Are Wrong

As with any emergency event, some of the reports that spread Friday night were erroneous.

Blostein/Overly Architects

Columbus Tries to Improve the Parking Experience With Weird Architecture

“Bold Booths” inject art into the city and try to make the job of parking attendant a little brighter.

Kimberly McNeelan

Indianapolis Just Got Little Free Libraries Right

Large, artist-designed book-shares are popping up all over town.

Joshua Yetman

How America's Oldest Art Museum Building Got a High-Tech Makeover

The restoration of the Renwick Gallery in D.C. to its original state has involved some advanced engineering work.


Views From the Window, and the Stories Behind Them

In a recent campaign, photographers from 27 countries shared what they see outside their windows every day.

Flickr/Izzy Smith

Seattle Is Scrubbing 20 Years of Stickiness Off Its Famous Gum Wall

Former tourists bid farewell as the city prepares to remove 1 million pieces of gum from its popular attraction.

U.K. Passport Office

The New U.K. Passport Celebrates Way More Men Than Women

Critics have proposed adding Virginia Woolf, Jane Austen, and the Brontë sisters, among others, to balance things out.

Federico Babina

The Kama Sutra for Buildings

Warning: Very slightly NSFW.

The Megacity Initiative

Inside São Paulo's Radical Fight for Affordable Housing

Brazil’s Homeless Workers’ Movement stages occupations against rising corruption and inequality in South America’s biggest city.