Staying Cool and Connected During Hajj Under a Solar-Powered Umbrella

This “smart” umbrella turns the sun’s rays into electricity to power its built-in flashlight, fan, and GPS system.

Anderson Design Group

A Vintage-Style Coloring Book for America's National Parks

Classics like Yellowstone and Yosemite are here, alongside spots you might’ve never known to visit.

ONAK Canoes

The Folding Canoe That's Perfect for Urban Waterways

Navigate city canals in a vessel that goes from box to personal transport in less than 10 minutes.

AP Photo/Richard Drew

The Collapsible Helmet That Could Revolutionize Bike-Share Safety

The EcoHelmet is made from paper and glue, and it’s roughly the size of a banana. It also works.

Andrew Bilcq

The Disappearance of Rural Museums

A new documentary details the struggles of tiny historical sites in Manitoba.


Follow the Lights on This Bike Bell to Reach Your Destination

The Blubel flashes left and right for turns to suss out your safest route.


A Color-Changing Shirt That Detects Air Pollution

Designer Nikolas Bentel conjures a dystopian future in which we have to learn to live with irreparably poor air quality.

Susannah Ray

Photographing the Rockaways' Surfers Before Hurricane Sandy

Susannah Ray’s series documents a culture permanently altered by the 2012 storm.


A New App Explores the Powerful Workings of Skyscrapers

Designed for kids, “Skyscrapers” is a sweet tonic for high-rise malaise.

AP Photo/Koji Sasahara

Japan's Safety Guide for Distracted, Wandering Pokemon Go Players

Now that the game has finally launched in Pokemon’s birth country, the Japanese government is prepared for the worst.

The Lost Arcade

When Video Game Arcades Were Community Centers

A new documentary explores the relationships built—and rebooted—in urban arcades.

Tomoyuki Tanaka

An X-Ray View of Tokyo's Complex Architecture

Tomoyuki Tanaka renders the intricacies of some of the world’s busiest train stations by hand.

AP Photo/Angela Rowlings

Chronicling the Turbulent History of Boston's Chinatown

The Chinatown Atlas stitches together a digital portrait of the evolving neighborhood.


A New Smart Navigation System for Your Bike Commute

COBI lets you control your route, listen to music, and make calls without letting go of the handlebars.

Wooden Widget

A DIY Wooden Bike You Carve Yourself

The snazzy, customizable ride was designed by a Mediterranean boat restorer.

AP Photo/M. Spencer Green

This New App Reminds Distracted Pedestrians to Look Up From Their Phones

“It’s starting to feel like a smartphone zombie apocalypse–there are so many people looking down and missing out on the city around them.”

London Pavement Geology

Where to Find Fossils, Lava, and Meteorites in London's Buildings

They’re everywhere, as a new map proves.


The Tech Race to Produce an Instant Electric Bicycle

Converting a bike into an e-bike can be as easy as swapping out a wheel—but the costs are still a burden.