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Folks Are Paying 20 Bucks for Bundles of Leaves

It’s peak fall, and people are going nuts over foliage.

Kim Kyung Hoon/Reuters

Don't You Wish You Were Wearing a Plantenna?

Don’t be silly! Try on a flower fascinator.


Track Your Carbon Footprint in Real Time

Designers are working on a way to monitor your environmental impact via a wearable device.

Fanny Chu

25 Tasty Japanese Snacks

Other than ramen.

Dymitr Malcew

These Office Pods Are Inspired by Tree Houses

Hide from your co-workers in cozy comfort.

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Your Next Fare Card Won't Fit in Your Wallet

Wearable payment devices like wristbands and rings could streamline your daily commute.


Vancouver Wants to Share an Umbrella With You

A very neighborly Canadian solution for that out-of-nowhere downpour.


An Ethical Smartphone You Can Fix Yourself

Worker welfare is built into the modular Fairphone.

Ken Kawamoto

This Dripping, Foggy Box Predicts Tomorrow's Weather

The desktop Tempescope mimics storms and lightning by flashing, dripping, and fogging.


How to Spy on Your Pet at Home

The new PetBot gadget lets you check up on your four-legged companion via alerts and animal selfies.


This Handheld Sensor Detects Traces of Gluten in Your Food

It could make dining out less treacherous for people with serious food allergies.

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Burgers Are For Boys and Salads Are For Girls

Your lunch is packaged with gender-based assumptions.

Christopher Herwig

A Book That Celebrates the Enduring Charm of Soviet-Era Bus Stops

Christopher Herwig snapped incredible photos of Eastern Europe and Central Asia’s architectural underdogs.


A Bookshelf That Doubles in Size

This expandable bookshelf can hold all of your stuff—or just a little.


6 City Instagram Accounts to Follow

These feeds offer a cleverly curated peek into cities around the world.


This Glowing Water Bottle Doubles As a Bike Light

The $30 Candea bottle glimmers as if filled with nuclear waste.


Wearable Maps of 80 Cities Around the Globe

A U.K. designer is using open data to produce dramatic t-shirts of cities from Phoenix to Beijing.


A Distress Signal for Your Bike

Not your average taillight.

Lehel Kovacs

Go 'Around the World in 80 Days' With These Street View Postcards

Now you can circumnavigate the globe and retrace Phileas Fogg’s journey from your desk.