Up Close and Personal With Urban Wildlife

The new book Unseen City makes a case for staring pigeons in the eye.

REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

What Burglars Can Teach Architects

A new book uncovers what breaking and entering can reveal about buildings.

Peter Lueders / PARTY

Your Newest Reminder of the Wage Gap Is an Alarm Clock

The 79% Work Clock chimes to alert employees of the persistent pay gap in the U.S.

Jedediah Corwyn Voltz

Tiny Treehouses for Your Houseplants

An artist creates whimsical worlds for apartment flora.

memobottle/A'Design Award

Introducing a Slim Water Bottle to Reduce Consumer Waste

It fits easily in a laptop bag or pants pocket.

Sunny Awazuhara-Reed/Design Pics/Getty Images

Tour the 'World's Most Stunning Restrooms'

Here’s the guidebook intrepid travelers never knew they needed.

Courtesy of Thames & Hudson

A Wonderfully British Vintage Guide to London

Taxis, one entry says, are “purring smoothies smelling of leather and metal polish.”

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

How Manhattan Lost Its Last Matzo Factory

A new documentary examines the struggle of heritage, family-owned businesses through the lens of a matzo factory in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Courtesy of ABRAMS

The Strangest, Most Delicious Burgers You'll Find in America

And how to cook them yourself.

Courtesy of Hachette Books

An Entire Atlas Devoted to 'Abandoned and Forsaken Destinations'

A new book allows readers to revisit dozens of largely inaccessible sites.


A Coloring Book for the Map-Obsessed

City Maps invites you to customize detailed plans of the world’s capitals.

BluIz60 /

A New Way to Make Your Desk Lunch a Little Less Sad

This new monthly service helps you beat the midday crowd.

Sarah Munir/Bakeys

Edible Spoons Are a Delicious Alternative to Plastic Cutlery

What if you could eat disposable utensils instead of throwing them away?

Courtesy of The Sarut Group

Sleek, Magnetic Safety Gear for Your Bike

These removable lights and bells will also thwart thefts.

Martin Parr, Magnum/Phaidon

Photographing Real, Gross, Delicious Food Around the World

Martin Parr’s collection of food snapshots shows off his uncanny ability to mix pleasure and horror.

Flickr/Benson Kua

The App That Will Tell You Exactly What You're Flying Over

Learn about the glaciers and lakes you pass by during those long-haul flights.

McDonald/Chronicle Books

A Coloring Book for All Who Love Architecture

Customize the Eiffel Tower, St. Basil's Cathedral, a Romanian castle, and much more.  

Alex Brylov /

This New Airplane Technology Could Finally Prevent Jet Lag

LED lights might be the artificial key to preserving our bodily rhythms.