Anastasia Savinova

Capturing the Spirit of a Place Through Collage

Anastasia Savinova’s surreal composite structures piece together the essential fragments of a city.

Suck UK

Plot Your World Travels on This Cork Globe

Or just throw a dart at it to decide where you’re going next.


An Itsy, Plastic Version of Your City, Block by Block

Play King Kong from your desk.

AP / Richard Vogel

This App Hopes to Help You Outsmart L.A. Traffic Jams

GoLA links all your transit options together and tells you which one works best.

Akihiro Yoshida

Designing a More Architectural Sticky Note

For the aesthetics nerd in the cubicle next door.

Droppler / Facebook

Monitor the Water Flowing From Your Taps in Real Time

This device helps users think like conservationists.

Matthew Haussler

This Artist Turned Chicago Into a Maze

Can you make your way through Millennium Park with nothing but a pencil?


This Sculptural Office Plant Is Truly Impossible to Kill

A Dutch design studio fabricated really graphic greenery out of aluminum.

Rasmus Malbert/Cellutech

A Beautiful Bike Helmet That's Also Biodegradable

Renewable wood pulp steps in for plastic foam.

Ola Shekhtman

Profess Your City Love With These Skyline Rings

Global landmarks meet gorgeous accessories.

Matthew Stevenson

Your Favorite Childhood Video Games Are Now Transit Maps

Metroid, Final Fantasy, and Zelda, all mapped out like your neighborhood metro.


Would You Buy Food From a Stranger's Kitchen?

A new app called Homemade allows “hobbyist cooks" to market their favorite recipes to neighbors.


Maybe You Don't Need a Boutique Handmade Trash Can

Rustic or rusty?

Kingdom Collective

Every Musician Who Loves New York, Mapped

Simon & Garfunkel have replaced the Queensboro Bridge.

Gerardo Cid

Mapping the Organized Chaos of All of the World's Subways

From a design standpoint, the map connecting the world via one mega subway system is a mess. But it says something about human mobility.

Photograph © Martha Cooper

The Book That Spread New York's Subway Graffiti Around the World

Thirty years after its original release, Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant’s collection of photos still offers a vibrant look at the origins of this art scene.


This Hoodie Inflates Into a Pillow for Anytime Napping

This garment addresses two chief annoyances of travel: being cold and tired.

REUTERS/Damir Sagolj

A Guidebook for China's New Building Boom

This new book helps English-speaking travelers and architecture enthusiasts find the projects that best exemplify the country’s post-Mao landscape.