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The Ultimate Travel Guide for Armchair Explorers

Atlas Obscura’s new book catalogs 700 marvelous sights across all seven continents.


Warm Your Apartment with a Compact, Candle-Powered Heater

The Egloo is made of terracotta and needs just four tea lights to heat a whole room.

People for Urban Progress

What Can You Build With a Dismantled Stadium?

In Indianapolis, a nonprofit is turning the Colts’ old stomping ground into shade shelters, wallets, and more.

Blue Crow Media

Your Guide to Moscow's Constructivist Buildings

A new map marks a path through the Russian capital in pursuit of Soviet avant-garde architecture.


Build Modular Furniture With No Drilling or Screwing

Snap together a bookcase, then take it apart and fashion a room divider or sofa.

Michael James Murray

Imagining Streets as Their Own Little Worlds

The photographer Michael James Murray swirls pictures of blocks and landmarks into sphere-shaped panoramas.

Baise-en-villes Skateboards

A Stylish French Skateboard That's Easy to Carry

The Baise-en-villes skateboard can be locked or equipped with lights, just like a bicycle.

Back-to-School Gear for Urbanists

Fall offers an excuse to spruce up your desk, even if you’re not headed off to class.

Mike Morgan/Grand Central/Zachary Bickel/The Atlantic

The View From Baltimore

In his coming-of-age book The Cook Up, D. Watkins writes about drugs, race, and class for audiences living in different Americas.


The Aurora Borealis Magically Appears on This Geeky Coffee Mug

Observe the northern lights from the comfort of your desk by simply adding hot coffee.

Sophie Mutevelian/Wayfindr

An App to Help Visually Impaired Riders Navigate Complex Subway Systems

Wayfindr uses bluetooth “beacons” and audio navigation to guide users through labyrinthine stations.

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Free Stories to Help You Get Through Your Commute

Subway Reads connects riders with 200 short stories and book excerpts, tailored to the length of their trip.

Mark Havens

The Lonely Grandeur of Beachfront Motels

The photographer Mark Havens spent a decade photographing mid-century architecture along the New Jersey coast.


An App for Runners Bitten by the Travel Bug

RunGo uses turn-by-turn navigation and pre-charted routes to help runners explore the local gems in a new city.

Angel City Press

Photographing the Gorgeous Neon Lights of Old Los Angeles

A new book documents the city’s 20th-century obsession with glitz and glow.


Staying Cool and Connected During Hajj Under a Solar-Powered Umbrella

This “smart” umbrella turns the sun’s rays into electricity to power its built-in flashlight, fan, and GPS system.

Anderson Design Group

A Vintage-Style Coloring Book for America's National Parks

Classics like Yellowstone and Yosemite are here, alongside spots you might’ve never known to visit.

ONAK Canoes

The Folding Canoe That's Perfect for Urban Waterways

Navigate city canals in a vessel that goes from box to personal transport in less than 10 minutes.