This Cup Never Tippeth Over

Mighty Mug’s new barware stays upright even if you bump into it.

Turning Toxic Algae Into Squishy Goods

A new company hopes to put record-breaking biomass blooms to more functional use in consumer goods.

The Unadulterated Joy of All-Day Breakfast

Go ahead and sleep in. You’re an adult and can get an Egg McMuffin whenever you want one.

A Gloriously Drawn, Insider's Map of New York

Iconic New York crams more than 400 local landmarks into one poster, including the Naked Cowboy and a vicious raccoon.

Browsing New York's Most Treasured Interiors

A new book hopes to remind readers to look beyond buildings’ facades.

Turn Your Landline Into a Smartphone

For those of you who haven't ditched the home phone.

Squeeze Your Way Across Town With the 'Egg Map'

This rubberized guide doesn’t require folding or Wi-Fi, just a firm grip.

Go Solar Without Panels

SunPort lets you buy solar credits just by plugging into a socket.

Finally, An App That Keeps Track of the Parking Meter for You

A $9 device can save you from a $50 parking ticket.

One Artist's Never-Ending Mission to Draw Every Person in New York

A new book collects 30,000 of Jason Polan’s gestural sketches. He’s got about 8 million to go.

Charge Your Phone the Lo-Fi Way

A tiny gadget called the Nipper uses AA batteries to give your phone a boost.

Vinylify Puts Your Favorite Songs on a Record

For all of your hipster mix tape needs.

This Smart Mirror Floods Your Apartment With Natural Light

The “Lucy” robotic lamp reflects and adapts to sunlight all day long.

This Umbrella Doubles as a Self-Defense Weapon for Women

Go for the jugular.

A More Efficient Way to Use Your Airplane Tray Table

On cramped planes, you need every inch of space you can get.

This Umbrella Isn't a Drag When Wet

Kjaro’s patented design catches its own drips.

Almond Milk May Only Be 2% Almond—And That's OK

More like almond water.

Mapping the Hottest Subway Stations on the Hottest Day in NYC

Underground temperatures can soar as high as 106 degrees.

A New Way to Mute Distractions

This device pauses all of the tech clamoring for your attention.