Juust Design

Cram All Your Worldly Possessions Into This Compact 'Travelbox'

The “portable” container is meant for folks who like to uproot themselves lightning-quick.


Play Hundreds of Classic Games on This Retro Home Arcade

The Polycade uses emulator software to conjure up “Pac-Man,” “Street Fighter II,” and other classic titles.


Charge Your Phone for Free on This Solar Bench

The “Soofa” has two USB charging ports and tracks data on air quality, foot traffic, and radiation.


These Candles Symbolize Climate Change

They melt just like glaciers.

Shannon Kirkman

A Sexy Cab Driver for Every Month

In a new calendar, New York cabbies show off their bods for your pleasure—and a good cause.

Fieldwork Facility

Tiny Houses for City Birds

A London design firm is trying to get urban citizens to make the city more bird-friendly.

Aldana Ferrer Garcia

A Window for City Dwellers Who Still Want to Gaze at the Sky

A gigantic bay window for your tiny space.


Around the World in Concrete Puzzles

Logiplaces transform cities and natural landmarks into “playable landscapes.”


The 'Tree Bag' Makes for Fully Compostable Fashion

The Dutch accessory uses coconut fiber, natural rubber, and bees wax.


The Anti-Stereotype Party Game

This game challenges your social biases.

Reuters/Adrees Latif

A Ride-Hailing App for Rickshaws

A start-up in Pakistan is trying to make it easier to get a lift.

Cody Geary/Flickr

Vintage Language is Back in Style

Words like “smitten” and “peruse” have re-entered our lexicon.

Short Édition

This French Town Has ATMs for Short Stories

And they’re free.


An All-in-One Solution to Tangled Earbud Wires

Skybuds promise an end to knotted cords.

Expand Furniture

Expand Your Pathetically Tiny Apartment With a DIY Microloft

Achieve an extra 160 square feet in your tiny-ass home for only $3,115.

Mini Museum

A Portable Cabinet of Curiosities

The Mini Museum is a handheld collection of 26 specimens “from Earth and beyond.”


This Bike-Wheel Light Animates Trippy Designs and Personal Photos

Ride safely and in acid-dipped style with the colorful Balight.

Kimberly Vardeman/Flickr

Folks Are Paying 20 Bucks for Bundles of Leaves

It’s peak fall, and people are going nuts over foliage.