Thomson Reuters Foundation

An Architect's Investigation Into Urban Warfare

A research project made in response to the growing amount of civilian conflicts taking place in cities.

Pavel Smirnov/Özcan İpar

A Harrowing Climb Up Turkey's Tallest Bridge

Their stomachs must be lined with titanium.

YouTube/Stop a Douchebag

Moscow Drivers Are Still Crazy

Meet the activist group that risks life and limb to keep them in line.

Beijing Replaced This Huge Bridge in Only 43 Hours

Using traditional construction methods would have taken months, so China got crafty.

A Hypnotic Animation of the World's Carbon Emissions

Greenhouse gases swirl in abandon in this NASA video.


Take a Virtual Ride Through the Minds of NYC Commuters

A virtual-reality experience called “Blackout” will give you the power to eavesdrop on the innermost thoughts of fellow subway passengers.

Shaumak Sen

Where Sleep Is a 'Matter of Life and Death'

A new film tracks India's homeless as they struggle to find a place to rest.

James Kingston

Take a Head-Spinning Climb Up the Eiffel Tower

Evading tons of cameras and gun-wielding guards is just the first challenge of conquering Paris’ steely landmark.

Dian/Life is Porno

A Flipbook-Style Graffiti Mural Grows in Brooklyn

A mushroom morphs into an elephant in this spray-paint time-lapse by street artist Dian.


Liverpool Just Opened Fast-Walking Pedestrian Lanes

Step aside, tourists.

NASA et al.

Watch the Aurora Borealis Swirl and Flame Over Canada

Ground cameras caught the northern lights in full effect during a magnetic encounter with the sun.

Cyprien Clément-Delmas/Vimeo

Inside Paris’s ‘No-Go’ Zones

A short documentary explores the diverse, vibrant sections of the city once derided by a certain American news channel.


A Dizzying Visualization of Earth's Orbital Debris

A mysterious object expected to make a fiery reentry on November 13 is far from the only piece of space garbage zooming above us.

A City Bureaucrat Created an Ode to an Ottawa Bus Route

How DJ and cultural planner Kwende Kefentse created a soundtrack for his city.

DSG Tasmania

What Passing Cyclists and Peeing in Urinals Have in Common

It’s all about having a safe buffer zone, according to this Tasmanian PSA.

Blake Ross

A San Francisco Street Spat Inspires a Hilarious Music Video

Fisticuffs, a bullhorn, meter maids, brutal rhymes—this ditty’s got it all.

This Video of New Yorkers Stuck on a Subway Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

“I’m glad I was stuck with all you guys.”

Idaho Fish and Game

Watch Beavers Get Relocated Via Parachute, Circa 1948

As a new city built up, Idaho game officials air-dropped bothersome beavers into a new wilderness habitat. Now there’s archival video of the effort.

Michael Flüeckiger

How to Hack a Bike Into a Rampaging Elephant

A Swiss artist uses a cycle-mounted projector to make it seem like there’s been a zoo break.