To Promote Traffic Safety, Oregon Brings in... Bigfoot?

Because when you think about pedestrian right-of-way, you think “Sasquatch.”

Henrik Moltke

Watch the Empire State Building Get Zapped by Lightning

Here’s something you don’t often see in New York.

Marco Mosconi/Vimeo

Artists Switch Off TVs Playing European Soccer, Chaos Ensues

At one Berlin pub, seas of cheers quickly turned into cries of shock and horror.

What On Earth:What on Earth! The Automobile Inherits the Planet/National Film Board of Canada

A 1960s Cartoon Hilariously Mocks America's Car Obsession

When aliens visit Earth, they naturally assume cars run the world. It’s not such an outlandish idea anymore.

Let's Be Friends

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Sylvain Labs and Greencard Pictures

Exploring Northlandz, 52,000 Square Feet of Tiny Towns and Transit

Bruce Zaccagnino has built a detailed microcosm of connected cities, complete with buildings, bridges, and trains.

REUTERS/David Gray

Kayakers Spot Humpback Whales Hunting Off Alcatraz Island

The unusual frenzy of whales bursting from the waves lasted at least 45 minutes.

Exploring French Identity Through a Suburban Clinic

In Alice Diop’s La Permanence, patients unveil the traumas that forced them from their homes and led them to France’s suburbs.

The Uncertain Future of Nuclear Power in the U.S.

More and more plants are being scheduled to shutdown. What happens next?

A Killer Music Video Set in China's Desolate, Fake Paris

“Gosh” spotlights the strangely empty streets of Tianducheng, a town that mimics France’s capital.


Oakland Go-Kart Rider Makes a Heroic Dash From the Police

This “is how we do it in the Town.”

'We Could Be Out of Work in Just a Few Weeks'

Welcome to the Eagle Ford natural gas field in South Texas, population: uncertain.

What Rooftop Solar Looks Like in Watts

Meet the women who are making it happen.

Sketching Towards a Perfect Train Logo

It took about 100 drawings before Herbert Matter came up with his famous design for New Haven Railroad.

Great Big Story

Syrian Refugees Are Preserving Their National Monuments in Miniature

A new short film captures refugee artists carefully modeling treasured Syrian sites destroyed by war.

How Detroit Got Its Street Grid

A 1965 educational film explains.

Andrew Ballard/YouTube

Watch the Mother of All Roll Clouds Sweep Over Michigan

“Terrifying and beautiful at the same time,” reports one witness.

Max Galka/Metrocosm

Watch 6,000 Years of Urbanization in 3 Minutes

Max Galka at Metrocosm has taken the most comprehensive dataset on cities and made it come alive in a new video.

John Locher/AP

Las Vegas' Riviera Bites the Dust in a Thundering Demolition

The once mobbed-up hotel and casino can’t be protected from an expanding convention center.


Making London's Most Iconic Typeface Great Again

Transport for London’s classic font gets touched up for the 21st century.