A Tremendous Double-Demolition of Smokestacks

The Scots have a neat way to make two chimneys suffer mutual destruction.

Topmix Permeable

A Parking Lot That Drinks Stormwater

Topmix Permeable concrete soaks up 4,000 liters in 60 seconds.

Screenshot via Vimeo / Streetfilms

The Grassroots Campaign to Slow Down Traffic in the U.K.

The push for 20 mph speed limits has reached millions of residents.

Screenshot from White House PSA

Obama's Message to Immigrants: Citizenship Leads to Better Jobs

A new White House PSA touts the benefits of becoming naturalized.

The Simplicity of the Walking School Bus

Or, why we had to invent a name for a group of children walking to school with one or more adults.

Rob Felt/Courtesy of University of Illinois

How Origami Is Informing Structural Engineering

An emerging design technique is based on a centuries-old Japanese art form.

Mass Incarceration, Visualized

Sociologist Bruce Western explains why the rate of incarceration is so high for young black men in the U.S.

Portraits of the Unseen Domestic Laborers Behind L.A.'s Mansions

Artist Ramiro Gomez showcases the meaningful work of gardeners, nannies, and housekeepers.

Gracen Johnson / Via YouTube

How to Be a Chairbomber

An urban strategist shares the secrets of making a good public seat.

The Resurrection of a New Orleans High School Football Team

"We have a bunch of kids on this team where the community told them they'd probably never amount to anything."


A Falling Russian Spacecraft Flames Out Over Hawaii

Witnesses describe the sight as “epic” and “jaw dropping.”

YouTube/Victor Gruen and Associates

When Fresno Was 'A City Reborn'

A 1968 film by Victor Gruen and Associates celebrates a revitalized downtown and a pedestrian mall that won’t be around much longer.

Cash Money Records/YouTube

A History of New Orleans Public Housing, Through No Limit and Ca$h Money Music Videos

What was public housing like in New Orleans before Katrina? Videos from the city’s hip-hop scene tell the tale.

Lt Hoban/YouTube

The Massachusetts Bridge That Obliterates Trucks

The low-clearance East Street Bridge is a magnet for mayhem.

Jeff Speck / Spencer Boomhower

A Wonderfully Clear Explanation of How Road Diets Work

Planner Jeff Speck leads a video tour of four different street redesigns.

Screenshot via YouTube / ETS

Edmonton Wants You to Know It Has the Coolest Bus Around

Good luck keeping city residents in their cars after this video.

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Philly Barbers Aim to Boost Voter Turnout

Can training local barbers to talk to clients about civic participation increase voting?

A Conversation With the Mayor of New Orleans on Ending Gun Violence

Mayor Mitch Landrieu is on a mission to make his city safer.

Wikimedia Commons/Libertinus

GWAR and the City That Birthed It

In a TEDx talk, Michael Bishop, human slave of Blöthar, explains his band’s relationship with Richmond, Virginia.