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Why Food Trucks Locate Where They Do

Five big takeaways from a unique new study.


A Lovely Map of Phone Reception in the New York Subway

Its creators probed the MTA’s 660 miles of track with a prototype data logger.

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This Solar-Powered Streetlight Also Zaps Mosquitoes

See ya, suckers.

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A Requiem for the CFL Light Bulb

General Electric is flipping the switch on the harsh, energy-saving bulbs that divided a nation.

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The Dutch Police Are Training Eagles To Take Down Drones

In the battle between unmanned vehicles and birds of prey, talons win every time.

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Flint Accelerates Plans to Replace All Lead Pipes

But it won’t be easy.


Why Data Farms Are Heading Underwater

The ocean’s cooling properties and energy potential led Microsoft to run a cloud center there for 105 days.

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This App Hopes to Help You Outsmart L.A. Traffic Jams

GoLA links all your transit options together and tells you which one works best.


The Bay Bridge Will Be Permanently Draped in Waterfall Lights

San Francisco’s skyline is about to get much more twinkly.

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São Paulo Offers the Best Plan Yet for Dealing With Uber

Call it congestion pricing for taxi cabs.

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Putting Slums on the Map

Activists in Buenos Aires seek to improve conditions by including marginalized neighborhoods on official maps.

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How Electric Concrete Could Make Shoveling Snow a Thing of the Past

A new type of conductive concrete uses electrical currents to instantly de-ice roads during winter storms.

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Chinese Engineers Move 2 Huge Bridges 90 Degrees in 1.5 Hours


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In Peru, Vultures Go High-Tech to Fight Garbage

Once reviled by the community, nature’s best scavengers have become a welcome sight in the capital city of Lima.

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The Best and Worst States for Rooftop Solar Panels

A new report tracks where consumers will get the most out of renewable installations.

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The Rise of Global Startup Cities

Venture capital investment is extremely spiky, but remains concentrated among a select group of cities.

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Colorful Lights Are Turning Skyscrapers Into Tacky Billboards

As LEDs make it cheaper to illuminate buildings, cities are becoming experimental visual spaces—and not always for the better.

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Rock Out to the Music of Electronic Garbage

Japanese musician Ei Wada hears tunes in your trashed machines.

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The 'Half-Life 2' of Infrastructure Video Games Is Out, And It's Weird

Are you enough of a hero to document grievous safety violations in a crumbling Baltic city?