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Can the Sharing Economy Root Out Racism?

The algorithms that power the online marketplace just reflect the racial discrimination found in society itself.

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The Pain of the Permalancer

No security, no employer benefits, always having to hustle: these downsides of self-employment are well known. But what about the workload?

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Portland Says Goodbye to Its Last Old-School Parking Meter

Dating from the 1930s when parking cost a nickel an hour, the city’s single-space meters are now a thing of the past.

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Now London and Amsterdam Are Capping Airbnb Apartment Rentals

Airbnb is on board — but will it really change anything?


From UnCollege to Less College

A San Francisco startup that hoped to replace college with real-world experience switches to a middle path: an intensive, post-high-school “gap year.”

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The Winners of the C40 Cities Awards for Climate Change

The top cities mass-produce compost, use landfill gas to heat a stadium, and “deconstruct” rather than demolish homes.

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The New 'Good Jobs'

Jobs that pay well but don’t require a bachelor’s degree are what many Americans want—and these days, they’re not found on an assembly line.

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Introducing City Makers: Getting to Work

Our new series on the workforce and jobs of the future.


SFMTA 'Never Considered' Paying Ransom to Hackers

The feds are investigating a demand of 100 bitcoins to release the transit agency’s encrypted files.

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This 'Living Bridge' Has a Lot to Say

With a network of sensors, New Hampshire's Memorial Bridge will constantly report back on its structural performance and the marine ecology below it.


A German App for Free Transit Rides Is Too Popular for Its Own Good

In Düsseldorf, swarms of people would rather watch advertisements instead of paying a €2.60 fare.


Why Amsterdam Is Giving Up on Natural Gas

The city plans to wean its homes off domestic natural gas by 2050, starting now.

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Japan Fixed a Massive Sinkhole in Just One Week

A mesmerizing time lapse shows how, in a matter of days, the city of Fukuoka filled a nearly 100-foot-wide hole at a busy intersection.

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New York's ATMs Teem With Nasty Stuff

Skin bacteria, mold, and parasites on ATM keypads can tell us a lot about New York’s habits and communities.

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New York's Plague of Blocked Bike Lanes

The city logged more than 200 complaints in the first week after adding a bike-lane feature to its 311 app and website.


Ford's Latest Innovations Bet on America's Continued Love of Cars

The company has a slew of next-generation ideas, from a self-parking car to a Roomba-like Segway for the last mile.

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Berlin Is Bringing Back Subway Trains From the 1950s

Say hello (again) to the Dora.

Knight Cities Challenge

Calling All Thinkers, Innovators to Knight's Latest Cities Challenge

Submit your best ideas by Thursday for the third installment of the Knight Foundation’s urban-focused competition.

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America's Great Science and Technology Divide

More urban and diverse blue U.S. states score highest on an updated technology and science index.