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Can Oil-Rich Dubai Possibly Go Green?

The emirate wants to transition from extravagant consumption to cleanly powered extravagant consumption.

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The High-Stakes Race to Rid the World of Human Drivers

The competition is fierce, the key players are billionaires, but the path—and even the destination—remains uncertain.

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Is Innovation to Blame for Inequality?

The evidence suggests innovation does contribute to the wealth of the one percent—but it also increases social mobility.

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This Map Tracks the Satellites Whizzing Over Your House

Zoom out to watch them all orbit Earth at once.

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China Is Absolutely Destroying the U.S. on Clean Energy

Over the last year, the majority of global investment in clean energy projects was spent in developing countries.

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How Railroad History Shaped Internet History

It’s no accident that Iowa, where the first transcontinental railroad began, is now home to a huge data-center industry.

For the Love of the Force

Superfans Are Building a Giant 'Star Wars' Universe in Manchester

Take a tour of Jabba the Hutt’s palace, a life-size X-wing, and that weird cantina full of kloo horn-playing musicians.

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A Portait of Ancient, Cosmopolitan London

The city was surprisingly diverse 2,000 years ago.

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That Video Game About Real-World Civil Unrest Is Finally Happening

Based on actual protests, such as in Egypt and Greece, ‘RIOT’ probably won’t be the feel-good game of the year.

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How Washing Machines Could Use a Lot Less Water

Three MIT grad students have invented a washing-machine filter that cleans wastewater and reuses it over and over again.


Charge Your Phone for Free on This Solar Bench

The “Soofa” has two USB charging ports and tracks data on air quality, foot traffic, and radiation.


A Hypnotic Animation of the World's Carbon Emissions

Greenhouse gases swirl in abandon in this NASA video.

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An Earthquake Response System That's Faster Than 911

The One Concern algorithm predicts which parts of the city will be hit hardest to get them help first.


Take a Virtual Ride Through the Minds of NYC Commuters

A virtual-reality experience called “Blackout” will give you the power to eavesdrop on the innermost thoughts of fellow subway passengers.

SolaRoad Netherlands

That Dutch Solar-Panel Bike Lane Really Works

SolaRoad has operated for a year and produced more power than expected.

Levenson et al.

Pigeons Are So Smart They Can Diagnose Cancer

Researchers have trained the birds to distinguish benign from malignant medical scans.

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District

How Chicago Turns Sewage Into Power

Chicago’s wastewater authority plans to slash its energy bill by using bacteria to convert sewage into natural gas.   

Martin Aircraft

Dubai Just Bought a Bunch of Jetpacks to Fight Skyscraper Fires

The perfect holiday gift for the city that has everything.

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Are 'Treescrapers' the Future of Dense Urban Living?

A vertical garden tower just won a significant award for architecture. Is it time to start taking these designs seriously?