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What Should the 'Sharing Economy' Really Be Called?

Many people aren’t familiar with the term that encompasses businesses like Uber and Airbnb, while others argue that the phrase may be deceptive.

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San Francisco's Increasing Dominance Over U.S. Innovation

A new study charts the incredible growth of innovation in the Bay Area.

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Boston Bans 'Self-Combusting' Hoverboards From Transit

MBTA says the devices are included in rules prohibiting “articles of an inflammable or explosive nature.”

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Flying Around the World on Zero Gallons of Gas

A solar-powered airplane will circumnavigate the globe to promote clean energy.

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Can China's Futuristic 'Straddling Bus' Finally Become a Reality?

First dreamed up in 1969, the bus may help Chinese cities ease traffic and curb air pollution.

Justin Renteria

The Energy Interstate

A national system of electricity transmission could cut power-plant emissions by 80 percent.

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How Motorcyclists Navigate Lesotho's Mountains to Deliver Health Care

Health workers ride through the country’s rugged terrain to collect medical samples from remote villages—with the help of new technology.


A Huge NASA Fuel Tank Will Lumber Through L.A. This Weekend

The 65,000-pound Space Shuttle Program relic has come from New Orleans via the Panama Canal.

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How to Clean Up the Dirtiest Vehicles on the Road

Personal cars get most of the attention, but trucks and buses are long overdue for an efficiency upgrade.

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Sweden's Radical Plan to Move an Entire City

Kiruna will be relocated two miles to the east in perhaps the most ambitious urban relocation project so far this century.

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The Complex Relationship Between Data and Cities

Checking in on the latest advancements, and the challenges that remain.


Scottish Seas Will Host the World's Largest Floating Wind Farm

Energy company Statoil plans to get things running by the end of 2017.

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A Brainstorming Session to Save the World

With the goals finally agreed on, this year’s COP22 climate conference will turn to finding solutions.

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The United Arab Emirates Needs More Rain, So It's Building a Mountain

With just a few inches of rainfall a year, the country is taking matters into its own hands.

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The Controversy Baked In to 'Nextdoor'

The social-networking site is helping Seattle’s cops dive deeper into the communities they serve—but the platform can stoke neighborhood paranoia and social stigma.

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European Cities Plan to Sue the E.U. Over New Emissions Rules

Twenty cities claim the diesel regulations are so lax that they’ll prevent other efforts to reduce pollution.

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Look at This Beautiful Nightmare of an Early 2000s Local Access Show

The ‘Let’s Go Buffalo Show’ is an endearing time capsule from a forgettable period in the city’s history.

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Are 'Innovation Districts' Right for Every City?

“Labeling something innovative does not make it so.”


China Debuts a Riot-Quelling 'Security Robot'

The robot performs automatic patrols and can shock people with an electric prod.