Pokémon Go

Don't Even Think About Playing 'Pokémon Go' in Saudi Arabia

It’s allegedly pro-evolution, promotes gambling, and contains symbols of “devious religions and organizations.”

AP Photo/Koji Sasahara

Japan's Safety Guide for Distracted, Wandering Pokemon Go Players

Now that the game has finally launched in Pokemon’s birth country, the Japanese government is prepared for the worst.

Courtesy Ralf Roletschek

Why Abu Dhabi Doubled Down on CCTV Surveillance

The Persian Gulf emirate has launched a system that links thousands of cameras across the capital.


Driver Crashes Into a Baltimore Police Car While Allegedly Playing Pokémon Go

“That’s what I get for playing this dumbass game.”

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Visit Faroe Islands

Explore the Faroe Islands From a Sheep's Perspective With 'Sheepview360'

With no Google Street View team mapping her hometown, one woman is strapping 360-degree cameras onto the islands’ woolly flocks.

AP Photo/Nati Harnik

How an Uber Copycat Can Fill the Transit Gap in Rural Nebraska

Rural towns aren’t attractive to popular ride-hailing services, so a local company is launching its own in the western panhandle of Nebraska.

Reuters/Sam Mircovich

A Gen-X User Guide to Pokémon Go

Gotta catch ‘em all, but how? Where? Why? What’s a Squirtle?

Adrees Latif / Reuters

More Than 500 People Have Been Shot and Killed by Police in America So Far This Year

We know, because the internet is counting.


The Tech Race to Produce an Instant Electric Bicycle

Converting a bike into an e-bike can be as easy as swapping out a wheel—but the costs are still a burden.

Reuters/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

The Extraordinary Privilege of the Wealthy Suburbs in Egypt

A Cairo group finds a massive geographic disparity in infrastructure spending between so-called “new cities” and existing ones.


How Libraries Can Help Map the History of Rural America

With a grant from the Knight Foundation’s News Challenge, Historypin will help libraries weave together the history of rural American communities.

Flickr/Sam Howzit

No, Alphabet Isn't Conspiring to Take Over Public Transit in Columbus

Contrary to a recent article, “smart” transportation technologies like those from Sidewalk Labs aren’t really a big secret. Plus, cities want them.

Jason DaSilva

How Apps Can Help People With Disabilities Navigate Cities

Broken sidewalks and inaccessible buildings can make for daunting trips, but a slew of mobile applications could change that.

Reuters/Clarissa Cavalheiro

What 'Space Archaeology' Can Teach Us About Megacities, Past and Present

Satellite imagery and lasers are generating stunning new finds at sites like Angkor and Petra.


The British Equivalent of Threatening to Move to Canada?

Post-Brexit, it looks like it might be threatening to move to Scotland.

Logoboom /

Waze Puts Safety Over Speed by Minimizing Left Turns

The navigation app will help drivers in Los Angeles avoid dangerous left turns at busy intersections.

Eric Risberg/AP

Who Benefits in a Tech Hub?

Exploring the connection between technology, wages, and poverty.

kropic1 /

America's Leading Startup Neighborhoods

More than 50 percent are urban, and two in downtown San Francisco attract more than a billion dollars each in venture capital.

Reuters/Steve Nesius

Amid Orlando Attack, Facebook Turns On 'Safety Check' for the First Time in the U.S.

Activation of the tool has evoked a mix of gratitude and disheartenment.