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Hiroshima's Quest to Symbolize Peace, Not Destruction

Tourists flock there to see “the most destructive force ever created by humankind.” But the Japanese city wants people to look beyond the bomb.


DIY Your Own City Symphony With This Database of Urban Noise

The London artist Stanza has been crowdsourcing sounds from various cities since the ‘90s and wants people to use them for personal projects.

New World Symphony

Turning Street Noise Into a City Symphony

An MIT composer is collecting snippets of sound to turn Miami and Philadelphia into audio masterpieces.

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When the Machines Take Our Jobs, Will We Be Freed?

MIT’s Erik Brynjolfsson on the automated future of work.

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How to Teach a Car a Traffic Sign

Before self-driving vehicles can truly operate autonomously, they’ll need to master Street Sign 101. They might be almost there.

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Attention, State Government Watchdogs: You Might Need This

A new search engine called Digital Democracy can comb through videos, transcripts, and records of what goes on in America’s statehouses.

Sebastian Meier

A Data Visualizer Created a Mossy Map of Berlin's Green Spaces

Sebastian Meier used vegetation and a laser cutter to show the city’s parks and ponds.

Kfir Bolotin/City of Tel Aviv

The City Obsessed With Dogs Made an App Just for Them

It was only a matter of time before a canine-friendly app sprung up Tel Aviv.

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Could Immigration Policy Turn Vancouver Into Silicon Valley?

The Canadian city already hosts a range of companies, from Amazon to Hootsuite. After President Trump’s executive order, it could really capitalize on a tech sector built by foreign workers.

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Pittsburgh Mayor: 'We Follow the Constitution, Not Executive Orders'

Bill Peduto talks about why he joined airport protests, his take on the Uber backlash, and the perils of a being a sanctuary city in the Rust Belt.

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Oslo Offers Citizens $1,200 to Buy an E-Bike

The goal is to help residents—rich and poor alike—find a new reason to leave the car at home.


An Elegant Monochrome Map of the World's Settlements

German scientists made this excruciatingly detailed simulacrum of the “global urban footprint.”

Eric Risberg/CityLab

Self-Driving Cars Should Be Regulated Like Drugs

That’s what two AI professors in Pittsburgh suggest. Can a “clinical trial” approach to autonomous vehicle safety work?

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Will Your Next Job Be Piloting Drones?

With commercial use expected to surge, would-be operators have more options for training.

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A Portland Start-Up Is Smashing Barriers to Affordable Housing

Tyrone Poole, the founder of, was homeless once. Now he’s demystifying the rental search, one application at a time.

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Mapping the World’s Knowledge Hubs

Which cities have the highest concentration of top-ranked universities?

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Portland's Wintry Salt Dilemma

An unusually severe winter is forcing the city to reconsider its decades-long policy of shunning salt on icy roads.

Bekka Palmer/BigApps

New York's Pursuit of a More Useful App Contest

After drawing criticism from the tech community, the city redefines how government app competitions can work efficiently.

Mark Lennihan/AP

In the Trump Era, All Climate Progress Will Be Local

If the federal government stops funding scientific research, cities might have to pick up the slack.