The Geography of Pop Music Superstars

Three cities have dominated over time: New York, London, and L.A.


How Tech Helps Guide the Blind

New developments in accessible technology have made it easier than ever for the visually-impaired to connect.

What Does That Air Pollution Reading Actually Mean?

Share My Air converts air quality data into more relatable terms, like the equivalent number of cigarettes smoked.


Go Solar Without Panels

SunPort lets you buy solar credits just by plugging into a socket.


Finally, An App That Keeps Track of the Parking Meter for You

A $9 device can save you from a $50 parking ticket.

The Future of Hobby Drone Regulation Is Up in the Air

They're endangering aircraft and firefighters, but the FAA isn't stepping up. Who does that leave?

New Orleans, the Reluctant 'City Laboratory'

Ten years after Katrina, a complicated culture of “experiments” continues to shape the city.

Google Wants to Help You Install Solar Rooftop Panels

The tech giant’s new tool, Project Sunroof, tells you how much sun you get and how much money you could save.

MIT Puts Pedestrians at the Center of Urban Design

MIT Media Lab’s “Placelet” project will measure the quality of a space by tracking how people move through it.

Fortify Your Phone With a Pope Francis App

Pilgrims will be able to follow the papal leader’s upcoming visit to Philadelphia (and plan their own) using an app developed by IBM.

How to See Invisible Infrastructure

I spent a weekend at the International Utility Locate Rodeo, where people compete to find hidden cables, water mains, and gas lines.

The U.K. Is Testing Roads That Recharge Your Electric Car As You Drive

The high-tech highways just might change the game for EV road trips.

The Geography of America's Beer Preferences, According to Twitter

A new interactive map charts how beer choice varies by where we live.


L.A. Covers Its Reservoirs With Millions of 'Shade Balls'

It’s part of a $34.5 million project to protect the city’s water supply from the sun.

This 1940s House-Building Machine Was the Original 3-D Printer

It supposedly could crank out a two-bedroom home in 24 hours.

Hahahaha, No One Uses LOL Anymore

Research by Facebook suggests “hehe,” “haha,” and emoji have killed the once popular shorthand.

How Can Cities Get Renters to Use Less Water?

California's drought demands an answer, but as homeownership rates drop, the question has implications for the whole country.

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A roundup of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the last seven days.


Coming Soon to America: One Fare Card for All Transit

It’s working in other parts of the world, so what’s the holdup in the U.S.?