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In the Trump Era, All Climate Progress Will Be Local

If the federal government stops funding scientific research, cities might have to pick up the slack.


New York's New Weapon in the Battle Against Subway Trash

The city hopes to declutter its 662 miles of track to prevent train-delaying debris fires.

Knight Foundation

The Knight Cities Challenge Draws Plans to Embrace Diversity

This year’s list of 144 finalists includes a bike-powered hot tub, a drive-in theater for African history, and a marketplace for immigrant cuisine.

Tags and the City

The New York Subway System, According to Instagram

What if the city’s transit stops were renamed according to their most popular hashtags? Next stop: #cronut.

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The Wearable Tech That Could Save Babies' Lives in India

A startup debuted a bracelet to protect newborns from hypothermia.

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X-Ray Your City's Street Network, With a Bit of Code

A new open-source tool lets users compare the structure of cities around the world.

Apotek Hjärtat

A Billboard That Hacks and Coughs at Smokers

The advertisement uses smoke detectors to push a range of tobacco-cessation aids.

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The High-Tech Features That Make Passports Secure

The flimsy pages and patriotic designs betray just how many security measures are hidden inside.

Delfino Sisto Legnani/Italian Limes

When Borders Melt

An Italian project maps how climate change is now shifting the nation’s boundaries.

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The Fading Dream of a Borderless Europe

Six states in Europe’s normally passport-free Schengen Area have brought back passport controls. So what’s coming next?

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Giving Cities Room to Experiment and Innovate

The latest round of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Innovation Teams program encourages cities to find solutions based on data analysis and a human-centered approach.

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The 5 Kinds of Cities We'll See in the Populist Era

Will your city go into triage mode, double down on progressive policies, or flex its financial muscle in 2017?


Finally, Uber Releases Data to Help Cities With Transit Planning

But it’s not the highly coveted numbers cities need. How helpful is the company’s new data tool?

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Britain Makes Great Strides Toward the End of Coal

U.K. coal use fell off a cliff in 2016. What comes next is complex, but promising.

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The Future of Autonomous Vehicles Is Shared

A dispatch from the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, where robo-cars were on full display—and predictions about how we’ll use them were flying.

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Mark Zuckerberg Is Touring America. He Should Start With San Francisco

The Facebook founder wants to get out and see more of America in 2017. He should think more carefully about his own back yard.

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Why Virtual Reality May Become Part of Your Job

From mock customer-service scenarios to simulations of technical procedures, VR is branching out in the workplace.  

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This Month in Urbanism

A sampling of city-focused events around the world. This month: housing policy, innovations in design and technology, urban watersheds, and more.