Year in Review
Marjolijn Pokorny

How a Bike Mayor Can Change a City

A bridge between cyclists and city hall, Amsterdam’s chief bike advocate plans to take her talents abroad in 2017.

Fred Prouser/Reuters

How to Become a Rocket Scientist

For would-be scientists and engineers underrepresented in those fields, interning at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is often a key first step.

Heino Kalis/Reuters

The Urban Drone Invasion is Nigh

Will unmanned aerial vehicles make city life easier, safer, or just weirder?

Kari Kohvakka

Stockholm's Ingenious Plan to Recycle Yard Waste

Discarded Christmas trees will be transformed into plant food, biofuel, and carbon sinks—but that’s just the beginning.

Mission EDC

If a City Learns to Code, Will Jobs Follow?

In South Texas, the Mission Economic Development Corporation is taking an unusually hands-on role to raise the STEAM skills of its current—and future—workforce.

Daderot/Wikimedia Commons

Where Forests Work Harder

A new study shows that trees in the Boston region grow faster and store more carbon as biomass the closer they are to developed areas.

Phil Noble/Reuters

The Smartest Cities Are Compassionate Cities

The case for a new core operating tenet for local governments.


A Flexible Bridge Bends the Rules of Earthquake Engineering

A new design in Seattle promises to stand strong after being rattled in a violent shakeup.


Germany's New Crowdfunded Train Sounds Almost Too Good To Be True

All aboard a low-price, eco-friendly, vintage train that promises an experience as much as a journey.

Ali Peterson/DCSD

Portland's 'Poopmaster 6000' Is the Terminator of Crappy Sidewalks

The Zamboniesque vehicle is waging war on Portland’s infestation of crows.

Jeff Chiu/AP

What If You Could Take the Safety Net With You?

A sharp critic of the gig economy says a “portable safety net” would help today’s untethered workers.


What Victorian England Tells Us About Pollution and Urban Development

Industrialization brought economic growth, but unchecked pollution had real costs that are still relevant today.

NASA/Goddard/Arizona State University

The Map That Lets You Listen to the Radio Everywhere

Radio Garden is a meditation on connectedness and what broadcast technology does to local culture.

PLP Architecture

Imagining a Traffic-Free Future By Sending Driverless Cars Underground

A radical proposal to solve congestion might be too beautiful for this world.

Jon Miller/Hedrich Blessing

Why This Teaching Hospital Only Has Fake Patients

A Chicago community college has invested in new architecture and high-tech simulations to prepare its students for jobs in health care.


Dust Settles on China's Forsaken Straddling Bus

Briefly hyped as the future of transit, it now sits indefinitely in an open shed.


Meet the High-Tech Buses of Tomorrow

They’re zero-emissions. They drive themselves. And they’re longer than a blue whale. Can the humble city bus get a modern makeover?

Berkeley Lab et al.

The Future of Wind Turbines Is Enormous

Wind experts see an era of super-sized turbines approaching, with larger blades and capacities, but lower costs.