DHL Global Connectedness Index

Tracking the Rise of Globalization Through International Phone Calls

In this "index of global connectedness," 7 of the 10 largest international call routes initiate from the U.S.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The FBI Wants to Ramp Up Access to Your iPhone

The agency argues that encryption is making it difficult for police to catch dangerous criminals.

Somebody App

Even Miranda July's Weird Stranger-Interaction App Can't Connect Us

The artist's Somebody app aims to bring people who are geographically close together socially. It hasn't worked.


A New Approach to Traffic Control: Ears on the Ground

Santander, Spain, tested a network of acoustic sensors capable of managing traffic congestion. But will it stand up to the future of cars?

Stefan Wermuth/Reuters

Shopping for Secondhand Graves on Craigslist

The price per square foot in New York cemeteries is nearly double that of buildable land in Brooklyn, leading some to unload unneeded resting places for a profit.

"London: The Information Capital"

Visualizing the New London Through Beautiful Data-Powered Graphics

The new book London: The Information Capital, brings data on the city's economics, housing, and tourism to life through stunning graphic visualizations.


One Mapping Service to Rule Them All

MapStory can give users the tools to map the growth of every municipality in the world.


Why Is 'Ping' a Thing?

Does the word come from sonar? Is it a "backronym"? Internet jargon? Yes, yes, and yes.


App Your Way to the Best Halloween Candy in Your City

The "Treat Map" can be used as a high-tech tool for treat hoarding.

Here's What the Antares Rocket Explosion Looked Like From a Plane

A pilot in a small aircraft captured this unreal footage of last night's "catastrophic anomaly."


Who Needs a Boring Closet When You Have a Grappling Hook?

Stop tossing your entire wardrobe over a chair and get organized with the "Grapple Clothing Hook."

Reuters/Bobby Yip

Hong Kong’s Occupy Central Now Has its Own Video Game

A Hong Kong developer wants to offer the world a "firsthand" experience of the protests.

Flickr/Derek Bridges

Hand Sanitizer: Kills Germs and Funnels BPA Into Your Skin

All kinds of receipts and tickets contain the potentially toxic compound, which sanitizer helps our bodies to absorb.


This Bicycle Gadget Makes Red Lights Turn Green

The "Veloloop" emits a low-frequency signal to alert traffic sensors to a cyclist's presence.


Here's One Way Earthquake-Prone Cities Are Thinking Ahead

"Rival" ports across Puget Sound are using game-like simulations to plan their responses—before a big one hits.


Quantifying the Livable City

NYU's Constantine Kontokosta sees Big Data as a tool not just for saving energy—but for making cities healthier, more resilient, and more equitable.


When and Where Does the Internet Sleep?

A peek at the global rhythm of Internet usage.


Mapping the Age of Every Building in Manhattan

A new tool called Urban Layers tracks Manhattan's rise, block by block, since 1765.