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Can a Bike Bridge Make Miami Safer for Cyclists?

Advocates hope this long elevated pathway is just the first step toward changing the city’s bike culture.

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Hey Transit Fans: Worry About Congress, Not Trump

L.A.’s newly reelected mayor Eric Garcetti may butt heads with the president over immigration. But congressional cuts to transit funding are more likely to derail his city’s transportation ambitions.

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Car Wars

Inside the battle for the future of a technology that could really, truly change the world.

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Here’s the Crosswalk Voice Remix Track You’ve Been Craving

“Wait” is possibly the catchiest song ever performed by a talking pedestrian traffic signal.

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Can D.C's Homeless Live in Discarded Subway Cars?

Visionary architect Arthur Cotton Moore’s latest idea: an affordable housing project built out of old Metro cars.

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Is Uber Over?

Amid PR scandals and shaky financials, some wonder if Uber’s last days are imminent. That may be wishful thinking—but cities can expect to benefit from competition moving in.

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An Artist Swapped 'If You See Something, Say Something' Subway Posters With Pleas for Civic Engagement

“It’s a call to be vigilant everywhere.”


To Entice Riders, Singapore Buses Get a 'Signature Scent'

Will more people ride public transit if it smells nice?

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Barcelona Says Goodbye to Older Cars

Get ready for Europe’s biggest car ban yet.

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Meet the Chileans Obsessed With Their Struggling Transit System

Following a disastrous launch, Santiago’s ambitious Transantiago network became widely hated across Chile's capital city. But a determined group of transit fans is trying to rescue it.

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Berlin Plans a New Network of Bike Superhighways

Can Germany’s capital become the next great bike-friendly city?


Sweden and Denmark Launch an International Bike Ferry

From Copenhagen to Malmö on two wheels.

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The Other Side of Roundabouts: More Crashes

Traffic circles are great at preventing fatal wrecks. But what can be done about the crashes they do provoke?

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What If Transit Announcements Appealed to Your Emotions?

If there’s a more effective way to say “stand clear of the closing doors,” this start-up wants to help transit agencies find it.

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Bay Area BART Traffic Gets an Arty Vizualization

Enjoy the soothing shapes and colors of a ridership simulation that’s “better than any snake game ever.”

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As Uber Melts Down, Its CEO Says He 'Must Fundamentally Change'

The ride-sharing giant’s full-blown PR crisis is getting worse.

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This Month in Urbanism: March 2017

A sampling of city-focused events around the world. This month: bikes, land, water and mayors.

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Singapore May Have Designed the World's Best Bus Stop

An architecture firm and the government collaborated on a bus stop with books, a rooftop garden, and a swing.