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China Is Absolutely Destroying the U.S. on Clean Energy

Over the last year, the majority of global investment in clean energy projects was spent in developing countries.

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Why I Decided to Live on a Houseboat in London

As rents soar and technology makes life onboard easier, more Londoners like me are taking up residence on the city’s canals.

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Why Cities Are Key to Success at the Paris Climate Talks

Local transit and energy initiatives can scale up to significant carbon savings.


Why China Wants to Build Something Called 'Sponge Cities'

China’s central government has an ambitious green infrastructure plan. But will the results live up to the rhetoric?

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The Untapped Potential of America's Hydroelectric Power

In its push for more renewable energy, the U.S. can do more to capitalize on the dams it’s already built.

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How Washing Machines Could Use a Lot Less Water

Three MIT grad students have invented a washing-machine filter that cleans wastewater and reuses it over and over again.

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Climate-Change Warnings for Gas Pumps Are Coming to Canada

North America’s reportedly first-ever climate labels for gas stations will soon arrive in North Vancouver.


A Hypnotic Animation of the World's Carbon Emissions

Greenhouse gases swirl in abandon in this NASA video.

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How Chicago Turns Sewage Into Power

Chicago’s wastewater authority plans to slash its energy bill by using bacteria to convert sewage into natural gas.   

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The Year's Most Gorgeous Winter Photos Have Already Arrived

The views from high up a New Hampshire mountain include UFO-shaped clouds and spiny rime ice.

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How Friday's Attacks Raise the Stakes For the Paris Climate Talks

The link between climate change and radicalism is complex, and it has never been so important to understand.

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Witness the Rapid Demise of a Once-Majestic California Glacier

Warm, dry weather could spell the doom of this Yosemite landmark.

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Don't Mourn Miami Just Yet

Local actions to fight climate change in the Miami-Dade area set an example for the world.

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A New Law Brings Back Subsistence Fishing in Hawaii

On Kauai, the state has established a Community-Based Subsistence Fishing Area to protect a centuries-old way of life.


Oakland's Wild Turkeys Don't Know Thanksgiving Is Coming

Introduced in the 1950s, they’re now overflowing onto city streets.

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Bike-Share, Meet Canoe-Share

A pilot program in Minnesota will combine bike-share with canoes and kayaks to encourage multimodal travel around the Mississippi River.


An Artist Gives an Iceberg a Global Warming Makeover

Street artist HULA visited a disintegrating glacier to craft this haunting piece.

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Microplastics Are Discovered Lurking in Commercial Sea Salt

People could be eating about 1,000 pieces of plastic annually, say Chinese researchers.