Where Coyotes Are Thriving in Los Angeles

A pilot study from the National Park Service shows that these urban animals can and do make their homes downtown.


Mapping the Hottest Subway Stations on the Hottest Day in NYC

Underground temperatures can soar as high as 106 degrees.


This Map Shows What San Francisco Will Look Like After Sea Levels Rise

The San Francisco Bay threatens to flood the city, but little is being done to prepare.

Drought's Lasting Effect on Trees Spells Danger for Carbon Levels

Shrinking tree rings point to a worrying future for forests and humans, a new study finds.


L.A.'s Bold Plan to Bring Car-Share to the Poor

A new electric vehicle pilot would provide access and savings to those who need it most.


An Eye-Opening Flight Over California's Depleted Reservoirs

It’s pretty bleak below.

BMW's Plan to Prevent Electric Cars From Overwhelming the Grid

When electricity demand is high, i3 owners can now delay a charge—for a cash rebate.

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Aging Pipes Are Poisoning America's Tap Water

In Flint, Michigan, lead, copper, and bacteria are contaminating the drinking supply and making residents ill. If other cities fail to fix their old pipes, the problem could soon become a lot more common.

Friday's 'Blue Moon' Could Actually Look Blue

Sometimes it’s not just a figure of speech.

The Uphill Battle to Get Solar Into D.C.'s Low-Income Households

Earlier this month, President Obama held up the city as model for bringing solar power to low-income families. He might have spoken a bit too soon.

Bees in Massachusetts Are Riddled With Pesticides

Their pollen and honey contain substances linked to Colony Collapse Disorder.

Don't Count on El Niño Alone to End California's Drought

Drought isn’t just about supply—it’s also about demand.

Why Atlantic City Should Trade in Its Casinos for Research Institutes

The Boardwalk Empire can save itself by betting on resilience and research in place of tourism and vice.


Dispatches From the Town That's Always on Fire

The deserted town of Centralia, Pennsylvania, has been smoldering for 53 years after a dump-burn gone wrong.


There's a Mad Rush to Buy Earthquake Survival Kits in Seattle

But to really prepare the Pacific Northwest for the Big One, much more needs to be done.


The Chesapeake Bay Is Turning Into Plastic Soup

Microplastics contaminate the water on a massive scale.

Why You Don't Really Care About the Next 'Big One'

Terrible natural disasters will come someday, but most people have a hard time worrying about stuff that isn’t imminent.

The Environmentalist Case Against 100% Renewable Energy Plans

It might be technically feasible, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best plan to pursue.

John Boehner Says California's Drought Is Obama's Fault. He's Almost Right

We should be pointing fingers at California lawmakers—not the president.


The Lovely Sand on Your Favorite Beach Is Also Flecked With Feces

Beachgoers who play in the sand are at risk for gastrointestinal distress.