Alexander Yuan/AP

China's Notorious Smog Gets a Weird Musical Tribute

Three years of air-quality readings in Beijing are mixed into this unsettling track.

Dan Corson

This Oakland Sculpture Changes Color to Suit the Weather

Its chameleon surface is reportedly similar to currency's anticounterfeiting paint.

AP Photo/California High Speed Rail Authority

Another Reason to Love California High-Speed Rail: It's Drought-Friendly

Despite what critics say, the project will encourage higher-density growth—and save precious water over the long term.

Jordan Rousseau

Visualizing More Than 80 Million Lightning Strikes

This super-stormy map shows just one month of worldwide electrical violence.

REUTERS/Eric Thayer

A Hidden Consequence of California's Drought: It's Making Energy Dirtier

With little water in the state's reservoirs, hydroelectricity is losing ground to natural gas—and there's a big price to pay.


How the Warming Climate Is Transforming Your Garden

Planting zones (and pests and invasive species) are ever-more marching northward.

Brian Brettschneider

Where's the 'Dreariest' Place in America?

Gloomy cities with tons of rain and clouds include Seattle, Portland, and Buffalo.


This Illuminating Map Shows How Sunlight Bathes New Zealand's Capital

An interactive data viz tracks how many rays Wellington actually receives.

Mapbox via USGS and OpenStreetMap

Roam the World in (Almost) Real Time

It's always summer on Google Earth. But a landmark Mapbox project uses satellite imagery to show the planet as it is now.


A Satellite Captures Shimmering Auroras Over America

The northern lights look cool enough from below, but what about above?

REUTERS/Dominick Reuter

A Silver Lining to 2015's Horrible Weather: It Made Us Better Tippers

Our winter delivery tip habits revealed.

Brian Brettschneider

Seattle Is Far From America's Rainiest City

Most of the eastern U.S. is actually wetter.

Reuters/Jorge Silva

Climate Change Is Putting Your Morning Coffee At Risk

We can expect, at best, a 65 percent reduction of suitable growing locations for the popular coffee plant Arabica by 2080.

Mapping the Next Major California Earthquake

Is your city in the danger zone?

Kevin Baird/Wikimedia Commons

What Happens When an Eclipse Hits the World's Most Solar-Powered Country?

Germany is gearing up for an unusual challenge to its clean-energy revolution.

Kinslow, Keith & Todd

Please Let Tulsa Get This Tornado-Shaped Museum

The proposed structure would appear to revolve like a roaring, god's-honest twister.

REUTERS/Eric Thayer

The Dark Side of Road Salt

When cities and states apply tons of it to roads like they did this winter, drinking water supplies can be easily contaminated.

Hawaii (Yes, Hawaii) Gets Hit by a Blizzard

Palm trees, black sand, snow, ice, freezing fog—wait, what?


Witness the Behemoth Ice Chunks of Cape Cod

Credit the bone-chilling winter for creating these mini icebergs.

World Resources Institute

Calculating the Cost of River Floods in an Age of Climate Change

A new interactive tool estimates the economic, urban, and demographic risks through 2030.