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America's School Teachers Are Confused About Climate Change

Nearly a third offered students the flawed mixed message that modern warming is caused by both humans and natural temperature shifts.

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The Community Solar Industry Gets a Voice of Its Own

A new national organization will push to make it easier to get solar power when it can’t go on your own roof.


The Bay Area's Massive Wetlands Restoration Project Is Working

Vast stretches of industrial salt ponds are slowly creeping back to natural, wildlife-friendly state.

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An Oregon Mountain Casts an Upside-Down Shadow in the Sky

Locals describe the scene at Mount Hood as “stunning” and “Monet-like.”

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Obama’s Clean Power Plan Now Depends (Even More) On the Next President

The EPA can’t enforce the regulations until the Supreme Court weighs in, but states can still use them as guidance.

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Climate Change Might Lengthen Transatlantic Flights

A scientist says global warming could trigger delays and extend Europe-to-America journeys.


The Rainfall of 20 El Niños, in 1 Big Graphic

The seasonal drenching shows a big geographical consistency … until it doesn’t.

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How 311 Apps Make Winter a Bit More Bearable

In Philadelphia, residents can request on-demand plowing and salting after snowfalls.

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To Fight Climate Change, We Need to Go Beyond Burying Fossil Fuels

The latest environmental rallying cry—“Keep It in the Ground”—will help stop pollution. But that policy’s effect on carbon emissions isn’t as clear.


A Tsunami of Goopy Foam Washes Into a French Town

Storm Imogen’s hurricane-force winds are churning up flying, smelly suds.

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Who's to Blame for Taiwan's Toppled Highrise?

The discovery of tin cans used as “filler” raises questions about the apartment complex’s construction.

U.S. Drought Monitor

In the Western U.S., the Next Drought Is Always Around the Corner

Even if El Niño ends the region’s current dry spell.

The Atlantic

Is Miami Beach Doomed?

The city could be underwater within the century.

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Obama Wants to Tax Oil Companies to Pay for Clean Transit

The proposed $10 per barrel fee would fund a massive overhaul of the country’s transportation system.

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Idaho Is Visited by Extremely Rare Snow Doughnuts

These bizarre cylinders self-form in just the right snow and wind conditions.

Hafernik et al.

Zombie Bees Are Real, and They're Stalking North America

Not to alarm you or anything.

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Zika Isn't the Only Virus Worsened by El Niño

This year might be a glimpse into the infectious world of the future.

New Orleans Redevelopment Authority

New Orleans Is Done Fighting Water

The city is using a big federal grant to filter and retain the stormwater it once banished.

Reuters/Pilar Olivares

Is El Niño to Blame for the 'Explosive' Zika Virus Outbreak?

Scientists say a "perfect storm" of events has triggered the epidemic.