William Crochot/Dartmouth

Climate Change Is Likely to Cause Allergy Misery for Millions

The number of Europeans suffering from ragweed allergies could double by 2050.


A New Moon Rises Over Europe

A massive, floating installation brings our lunar satellite down to earth.

Gary Hershorn/Reuters

To Storm-Proof Hoboken, a Microgrid

After devastating flooding in 2012, the New Jersey city is racing to develop its own backup power supply.

Motions of Migration

How Climate Change Will Affect Animal Migration, in One Map

Global warming over the next century means that species will move to cooler climates, but manmade barriers often stand in the way.

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California's Light Pollution Fades Away in This Star-Dazzled Film

Lost in Light gradually transports you from light-blighted cities to sanctuaries for star-gazing.


The Explosive Growth of the World's Largest Coal Mine

Wyoming’s Powder River Basin has seen tremendous development in the last few decades.

ILC Dover

Can New York City Waterproof Its Subway?

Thanks to a $4 billion federal fix, MTA is testing out space-age flood barriers and “tunnel plugs.”

Diana Haecker/AP

A Native Alaskan Community Votes on an Uncertain Future

Threatened by climate change, the Inupiat Eskimo village has voted to leave their island for the mainland. But can they afford it?

National Geodetic Survey

Before-and-After Images of Louisiana's Flooded Communities

These dismal scenes were recorded by a NOAA aircraft doing disaster surveys.

Max Becherer/AP Photo

What We Can—and Can't—Learn From the Floods in Baton Rouge

Better planning, stricter construction standards, and expanded insurance can help cities prepare for the next “1,000-year rain.” But they won’t be enough.

Stoyan Nenov / Reuters

The Saddest Olympic Celebration

What do you do when you’re competing for a country that might disappear? You dance.


July 2016 Was the Hottest Month in Recorded History

Here’s more evidence that this year will be the warmest yet.


A Space-Station View of 2016's Perseid Meteor Shower

Not many people get to watch shooting stars from above.


Florida Idiots Can't Stop Painting Wild Animals

It does not help the health of birds to paint them orange.

Ben Curtis/AP

When Will It Get Too Hot to Hold the Summer Olympics?

By 2085, rising temperatures will mean that just 33 cities can safely host the games.

Brett Lewis/QUT

Watch How Global Warming Stresses Corals Out

They expel greenish clouds of beneficial algae, leaving them depleted and vulnerable to death.

Russell Cheyne/Reuters

Why Scotland's Wind Power Achievement Matters

The shape of things to come.

Jeff Vinnick/Reuters

A Major Earthquake in the Pacific Northwest Just Got More Likely

There is a 17 to 20 percent chance that northern Oregon will be hit by a magnitude-8 quake in the next 50 years.


Tonight's Perseid Meteor Shower Is Primed to Be Spectacular

Twice as many meteors than normal are expected during the nocturnal barrage.