Catharine Axley

Counting the Dead in the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

A librarian has made it her mission to correct the death toll.

Johnny Henriksen/NASA

The Northern U.S. Could See the Aurora Borealis This Weekend

The otherworldly event is forecast to arrive from a “solar sector boundary crossing.”

AP Photo/Nick Ut

In California, Urgency About the Drought Is Lessening

One homeowners’ association has even ordered residents to green up their lawns.

Larry Papke/AP

Central U.S. Could See Tornadoes, 'Giant Hail' During Severe Weather on Tuesday

The day-to-overnight period looks likely to deliver punishing storms.

Mila Zinkova

A Stunning San Francisco Sunset Looks Like a Nuclear Nightmare

The mirage, complete with a sunspot, appeared in fiery grandeur over the Pacific Ocean.


Cyclone Fantala Just Became the Indian Ocean's Most Powerful Storm on Record

The third record-breaking storm in under a year might owe its ferocity to human activity.

Amelia Bates

Turns Out, Growing Weed Is Really Bad for the Environment

The plants use up tons of water and dirty fossil fuels.

AP Photo/David J. Phillip

Amid Historic Flooding, Houston Braces for Even More Rain

The earth is so saturated from record rainfall that flooding is only expected to get worse.

Guillermo Granja / Reuters

The Rising Death Toll in Ecuador's Earthquake

Officials say at least 350 people have been killed in the country’s most powerful earthquake in decades.


A 2016 La Niña Could Spawn a High Number of Atlantic Hurricanes

NOAA has issued a “La Niña Watch” for its probable arrival in summer or early fall.

F. Altermatt/University of Zurich

Smart Moths Have Evolved to Fly Away From City Lights

The strategy supposedly prevents them from being burned to death or gobbled up.


The U.S. Hits a Never-Before-Seen Milestone for Warmth

This March saw every single climate division reporting above-average temperatures.

Mike Blake/REUTERS

The Rain Barrel Is Only the Beginning of the West's Water Wars

Colorado is about to let residents collect rainwater, but the debate is far from over.


Scientists Stumble Upon a Tremendous Army of Migrating Crabs

There aren’t enough mallets in the world to deal with this swarm.

AP Photo/David Zalubowski

The National Weather Service Will STOP SHOUTING All Its Forecasts

No longer will the government yell into your eyeballs about lightly breezy days.

AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton

Sea Level Rise Could Look Much Worse by 2100

New research doubles previous predictions if greenhouse gas emissions go unchecked.

Craig Stith

Horizontal Icicles Are Real, and They Are Fantastic

The extremely rare formations appeared recently after a Colorado blizzard.

AP Photo/Bill Haber

Why Historic Preservation Needs to Be Part of Disaster Planning

Almost two thirds of all states lack historic preservation strategies in their hazard-mitigation plans.

NASA/Joshua Stevens

The Recovery of California's Biggest Reservoir, as Seen by Satellite

NASA highlights Lake Shasta’s year-long progress from a virtual dust bowl to a healthy basin.