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When the Midwest Runs Dry: Best #Cityreads of the Week

A roundup of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the past seven days.

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The Earth Has Endured 14 Straight Months of Record-Breaking Heat

Such an extreme warming spell has never occurred in nearly 140 years of observations.


A Punishing 'Heat Dome' Is Building in the U.S.

Heat-index values are likely to top 110 degrees this week in parts of the country.


The Middle East's Biggest Lake Turns Blood Red

Iran’s Lake Urmia has undergone an unpleasant shift in color.

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Texas Weather Forecast: Scalding, With a Chance of Desert Dust From Africa

Grime wafting across the ocean from the Sahara is predicted to reach Houston today.

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Kayakers Spot Humpback Whales Hunting Off Alcatraz Island

The unusual frenzy of whales bursting from the waves lasted at least 45 minutes.


A U.S. Satellite Captures a Spectacular 'Lunar Photobomb'

The view from 1 million miles away from Earth can be fairly nice.

Gary Stokes/Sea Shepherd

The Seas Around Hong Kong Are Teeming With Nasty 'Trash Flows'

Currents of garbage, probably from the Chinese mainland, are befouling beaches and clogging propellers.

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The Worldwide Effort to Shape Sustainable Urban Development

How mayors and local leaders plan to implement change and meet global goals at the city level.

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The World Just Sweated Through Another Record-Hot June

Every state in the U.S. has endured above-average heat this year.


A Dazzling, Animated Map of the World's Winds, Rain, and Heat

Never have deadly storms and scorching temperatures looked so lovely.

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What California Can Learn From How the South Manages Wildfires

As deadly wildfires blaze, experts are calling on the state to emulate the South’s long tradition of prescribed burning.


An 'Unprecedented' Number of Whales Pop Up Near San Francisco

Their fecundity might be due to a developing La Niña.


Where America Sees Rain on the Fourth of July

Crunching the historic numbers shows Florida and New England like it moist.

Vic Duran

Well-Lit Urban Centers Are Driving Up the Arrival of Spring

Light pollution makes trees bud at least a week before normal, say researchers.

Havana Police Department

A Giant Horde of Flies Snarls an Illinois Bridge, Causes Collisions

The bugs were so voluminous they formed a carpet 6 inches deep.

Asian Development Bank and ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation

Cleaning Up Manila's Pasig River, One Tributary at a Time

A crew of “River Warriors” patrol the waterway, pulling out trash and working with residents to dispose of waste properly.

NASA/Mike Gartley, RIT

A Rare View of the Space Station From Above

A satellite 200 miles above the ISS spied it flying over India.

Lund University / P. Salmón

The Urban Environment Is Stressing Some Birds to Death

Simply growing up in cities can have a detrimental effect, say researchers.