Stalled Development Created an Accidental Lake in Nashville

It’s really just a very, very deep puddle.


Why Worms Matter

A new study shows that the slimy creatures battle climate change. Here’s how to help.


A Ruptured Pipeline Dumped 21,000 Gallons of Oil on the California Coastline

The oil spill stretches for about four miles, according to Coast Guard officials.

A New Species of Ocean Pillbug Was Discovered in Los Angeles

The critter was found kickin’ it on a “dirty, little, rocky beach” near the city’s port.

The World Is About to Lose a 10,000-Year-Old Ice Shelf

That could accelerate the rise of sea levels, says NASA.

Contaminated and Unregulated: A Worrying New 'Water Atlas' of L.A. County

75 percent of the county’s 228 water systems are vulnerable in some way.

Here's How Much Water It Takes to Make California's Craft Beer

The most water-intensive part of the beer making process is in the agriculture.

The Problem With California's Water-Bottling Plants Isn't the Water

It’s the lack of transparency about the process.

Mass Flooding Exposes Nairobi's Outdated Drainage Infrastructure

A recent downpour exposes how inadequate the burgeoning city’s drain network actually is.

Nepal Is Shaken Up, Again

“The ground below felt like it was melting, or rippling like a swimming pool,” an eyewitness told BBC News.

How Slightly Better Concrete Could Save the Planet

The world’s most common building material produces 5 percent of global CO2 emissions. But what if we needed less of it?

Arizona, Not California, Will Feel the Worst of the West's Megadrought

As Lake Mead hits record lows and water shortages loom, Arizona prepares for the worst.

New York Is the World's Most Wasteful Megacity, in 3 Charts

The city consumes more water and energy, and generates more waste, than any other huge metro.

The World's Carbon Dioxide Levels Just Hit a Staggering New Milestone

Crossing this threshold is equal parts disheartening and alarming.

If Nepal Says It Has Too Many Health Workers, the World Should Listen

It's time for the international aid community to take stock of what the country really needs.

Who Can Drink the Great Lakes' Water?

A Wisconsin city's request could redefine who has access to the fresh water supply.


Breathtaking Views of Restored Monuments Damaged By the D.C. Earthquake

Photographer Colin Winterbottom also captured the hard work of the crews responsible for building and maintaining the city's monuments.


The Nepal Earthquake Was So Powerful It Shook the U.S.

Seismic sensors picked up the massive quake from across the world.

Swipe to See the 'Before' and 'After' of the Nepal Earthquake

A satellite image-based map shows how drastically Kathmandu city changed.

A Dead Sperm Whale in the Bay Area Gets Burned and Graffitied

The world's biggest toothed predator receives an ignoble send-off.