Coming This Memorial Day: A Tropical Storm?

The Mid-Atlantic and Southeast U.S. could be in for a rainy holiday.


The U.S. Looks Due for a Scorching Summer

Forecasts show above-average chances for high heat on both coasts and in Alaska.

AP Photo/Chris Carlson

Will California's Rich Opt Out of Conserving Water?

The state’s decision to let water districts self-regulate their usage has some people worried.

Justin Renteria

The Energy Interstate

A national system of electricity transmission could cut power-plant emissions by 80 percent.

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When a Town Runs Dry

In California’s Central Valley, the drought spells fewer jobs for farmers.

Mass Poetry

Boston's Secret Sidewalk Poems Add Some Cheer to Rainy Days

It’s the latest city to make something pretty out of dreary weather.

Mount Washington Observatory

A Pitiful Mortal Battles Ungodly Winds on New Hampshire's Mount Washington

Gusts of 109 mph nearly tore this dude apart.

@calacademy/Robin Agarwal

Invasive Asian Sea Slugs Are Discovered in San Francisco for the First Time

Dendronotus orientalis nudibranchs likely hitched a ride to California in ballast water.


Watch a House Get Blown Apart by Increasingly Powerful Hurricanes

Celebrate the start of the Pacific hurricane season by learning about what a Category 5 could do to your home.


A Bloomin' Good Map of U.S. State Flowers

Take a moment to lavish in the beauty of America’s chosen petals, and laugh at Maine for choosing “pine cone.”


Scottish Seas Will Host the World's Largest Floating Wind Farm

Energy company Statoil plans to get things running by the end of 2017.

REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

The Department of Energy Just Launched a Surprisingly Great Podcast

Direct Current has all the quirks of public radio, and a lot of useful information about clean energy policies.

Ed Hawkins

Thinking About Global Climate Change as a Heat 'Spiral'

A clever animation brings to life just how much warmer the planet has become over the past 16 decades.

Todd Lindley/NWS Norman

The Picture That Proves Why You Always Shelter During a Tornado

A twister ripped apart every piece of this house, except the tiny room this kid was standing in.


Seattle Bus Stops Now Feature Rain-Activated Sea Creatures

The ephemeral artworks celebrate the city’s newly extended “C Line.”


Mercury's Rare Journey Between Earth and the Sun, as Seen by NASA

The planet’s transit was recorded in wonderful detail.

Reuters/Mohammed Salem/Files

The United Arab Emirates Needs More Rain, So It's Building a Mountain

With just a few inches of rainfall a year, the country is taking matters into its own hands.

Catharine Axley

Counting the Dead in the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

A librarian has made it her mission to correct the death toll.

Johnny Henriksen/NASA

The Northern U.S. Could See the Aurora Borealis This Weekend

The otherworldly event is forecast to arrive from a “solar sector boundary crossing.”