M.B. Tekman et al

Humanity's Garbage Keeps Piling Up in the Arctic Ocean

Less ice and more shipping traffic has left the seafloor looking like the side of a New Jersey highway.


When Lager Reigned

1880s Manhattan was a beery paradise, according to a teetotaling cartographer.

Ricardo Perez-Solero Llosa

Phnom Penh's Canal of Unpleasant Fragrances

As the Cambodian capital’s least-majestic waterway, the infamous “Shit Canal” is descended from greater architectural marvels intended to re-engineer the landscape.

Flickr/Marcin Wichary

Louisville's Faith-Based Plan to Fight Urban Heat

In the country’s fastest-warming urban heat island, places of worship are banding together to cool down.

Environment and Behavior

To Cut Car Pollution, Ask Drivers to 'Think of Yourself'

Researchers tested different road signs to prevent drivers from idling their engines. “Big Brother” eyes helped, but a simple appeal to the “private self” did even more.

NASA/Joshua Stevens

How Industry Can Create Snow

Credit the “Wegener-Bergeron process” for making this rare blotch of human-induced snow.

Don Ryan/AP

Portland's Wintry Salt Dilemma

An unusually severe winter is forcing the city to reconsider its decades-long policy of shunning salt on icy roads.

Mike Blake/Reuters

Will Jobs in Solar Energy Keep Growing?

The solar workforce has been expanding fast, and a shift in federal policy probably won’t change that.


Remembering San Francisco's Ornate 'Funeral Streetcars'

When the city banned burials, it turned to the “Cemeteries line” to ferry the dead out to the ‘burbs.

Kieran Doherty/Reuters

London's Dangerous Non-Response to Extreme Pollution

As residents breathe in the worst air in decades, the city is taking almost no meaningful action. To clear things up, officials should follow the examples of Paris, Madrid, and other European cities.

Coast Guard/USDA

The Huge Costs of Weather Damage in 2016

Climate change, population growth, and infrastructure are all contributing to the rise in billion-dollar disasters in the U.S., according to NOAA.


The Link Between Road Pollution and Dementia Just Got Stronger

A new study finds elevated risks for people who live near busy streets and highways.

Valentyn Ogirenko/Reuters

This Month in Urbanism

A sampling of city-focused events around the world. This month: housing policy, innovations in design and technology, urban watersheds, and more.


The U.S. Mapped in Shadows of the Setting Sun

See how hills and mountains would cast shadows across the land on the Summer Solstice.

Iain Williams/Reuters

The Town Where People Clash With Polar Bears

Arctic warming means more conflict between humans and the giant predators in Churchill, Manitoba.

Cameron Bloch/AP

Where Does Bad Weather Close Schools?

The forecast has to be more frightful to cancel classes in some states than in others.


A Flexible Bridge Bends the Rules of Earthquake Engineering

A new design in Seattle promises to stand strong after being rattled in a violent shakeup.

Jacky Naegelen/Reuters

3 Questions for Cities One Year After the Paris Agreement

Uncertainty prevails for the global climate accord after a year of progress and setbacks.

John Sonntag/NASA

The Antarctic Is Shedding an Iceberg the Size of Delaware

The loss could spell trouble for future sea-level rise.