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The Stadium Boondoggle Is Migrating to the Suburbs

When suburbs pay massive subsidies for professional ballparks, everyone suffers.

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Nuclear Power Fights for a Spot in Illinois' Clean Energy Future

State lawmakers are debating whether to keep ailing nuclear plants alive. The outcome will set a precedent for more states to come.

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What Should the 'Sharing Economy' Really Be Called?

Many people aren’t familiar with the term that encompasses businesses like Uber and Airbnb, while others argue that the phrase may be deceptive.

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U.K. Predicts a Population Boom in London

Over 1 million new Londoners will arrive within a decade—while some northern cities shrink.

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The Controversial Business of Hustling Recyclables in West Oakland

A documentary profiles residents who scavenge for metals and plastics.

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Researchers Find A 5,000-Year-Old Beer-Making Kit in China

The tuber-and-millet brew provides the “earliest direct evidence of in situ beer production in China.”

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4.2 Million More American Workers Are Now Guaranteed Overtime Pay

The Department of Labor just finalized a new rule extending income-based overtime protections for the first time since 2004.

REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

Celebrating the Remarkable Stories of Everyday Jobs

A new book from StoryCorps about loving work compiles interviews with referees, subway conductors, teachers, and more.

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Understanding the Rise of the Global Super-Rich

A new report documents the extent of billionaire wealth across the world.

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The Unsteady Future of the Multilingual City

Cities that mix different languages are born from the movements of people—but they’re also made, a new book finds.

Pew Research Center

Where the Middle-Class Metros Are Now

A new analysis by the Pew Research Center pinpoints the areas with the largest shares of middle-income adults in the U.S.

Citizen Bridge

Does New York Need a Floating Pedestrian Bridge?

This bridge would restore a link between Brooklyn and Governors Island.

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Why Some Restaurants Are Walking Back Their No-Tipping Policies

A major chain and a high-profile New York spot have reversed course on a dining trend that’s come to be tied to workers’ welfare.

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What It Would Take to Stop Invasive Pests From Destroying Millions of U.S. Trees

It would require changing the way we conduct global trade.

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The Racial Divide in the Creative Economy

Not only does the creative class skew white, but there are few U.S. cities where the black creative class appears to be doing as well as their white counterparts.


The Architecture of Displacement

The Museum of Modern Art will host a new show on the global refugee crisis.


Boulder Will Host the First National 'YIMBY' Conference

More local-level policy wonks are saying “yes in my back yard” to density, transit, and change.

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Help the National Park Service Study Coyote Poop in L.A.

Scientists want to know what the animals are eating while surrounded by lots of concrete, cars, and people.

Library of Congress

Whose Side in the Housing Wars Would Jane Jacobs Take Up Today?

The renowned urbanist allegedly wrote a protest song against Robert Moses with Bob Dylan. She might not sing the same tune about preservation today.