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Tourism Troubles in Brussels

Terror attacks have led to a drop-off in the Belgian capital’s visitor numbers. But that isn’t the only issue.

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The Geography of the World's Billionaires

New York, San Francisco, Moscow, Hong Kong, and London top the list, but some smaller cities have more billionaires than their size might suggest.

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Holding Down the Hot Dog Cart Amid New York's Street Food Wars

Faced with the threat of tickets and confiscated goods, vendors struggle to find legitimacy and make ends meet.


The Pokepocalypse Is Coming for New York

We aren’t catching them. They are catching us.

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How Much Are America's National Parks Worth?

Researchers have assessed the value of places like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon, and while their answer isn’t “priceless,” it’s pretty close.

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Bulgaria's Latest Tourist Attraction: Vampires

The government wants to lure visitors to “the world’s largest vampire burial.”

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On the Texas Border, It Pays to Earn Dollars and Spend Pesos

Given the exchange rate, more people are choosing to live in Ciudad Juarez and work in El Paso.

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How a Lack of Jobs May Be Changing Family Structures

Low employment opportunities seem to be discouraging some young adults from marrying before having kids.

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What's Keeping Tourists Away From Paris?

Visitors are down 11 percent, and now an emergency committee is asking why.

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Segregation Holds On in the Twin Cities

Once known for their inclusiveness, Minneapolis and St. Paul have become more divided in recent decades.

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Caracas Nightlife, Silenced by Venezuela's Crisis

Security concerns, a high cost of living and electricity shortages have changed nocturnal habits in Venezuela’s capital.

Pelli Clarke Pelli/Mark Byrnes for CityLab

A Modest Proposal: Name San Antonio's New Skyscraper After Tim Duncan

San Antonio’s first skyscraper in nearly 30 years should honor the Spurs power forward, who ruled the court for nearly 20.

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How Expensive Cities Hurt Workers

For working class and service employees, wages matter less than what they can afford to buy.

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The Near Impossibility of Moving Up After Welfare

In the wake of welfare reform, unemployed people are pushed to quickly find work, any work. But too often those jobs lead nowhere.

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Which European Cities Will Grab London's Post-Brexit Business?

There are many contenders, but no clear winner.

David Hill

Why Bartenders and Firefighters Are Practicing Yoga at Work

A handful of programs aim to bring mind-body awareness to grueling urban jobs.


The Uncertain Future of Nuclear Power in the U.S.

More and more plants are being scheduled to shutdown. What happens next?

AP/Janie Har

How Oakland Defeated Coal

The improbable coming together of environmental activists, labor unions, and social justice groups made it happen.

SkyRise Miami

Miami Is Building a Vertical Amusement Park

“SkyRise Miami is more than a viewing deck. It has content.” Such as bungee-jumping and a flight simulator.