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The Nation's Best Family Leave Plan Could Be Coming to D.C.

The proposed 16 weeks of paid leave could make a big difference for many caring for a new baby or sick parent.

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New Orleans Has a New Jobs Program. But Can It Stop Bullets?

The city council has granted the mayor’s wish requiring local hiring for city-contracted projects. Will more jobs really mean less violence?


A Growing Problem for 9-1-1 Dispatchers: Butt-Dials

Getting rid of accidental emergency calls could save San Francisco more than $2 million yearly, says an official.


We're So Close to Alleviating Global Poverty, and Yet So Far

The world’s extremely poor population will drop below 10 percent this year, but some areas are still struggling.

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Why Can't American Stadiums Be Beautiful?

Americans should build fewer ballparks and arenas. But if we’re going to keep building no matter what, we should put some effort into them.

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Explaining Chinese Restaurants, Korean Dry Cleaning, and Indian Motels

A combination of social networks, skills, and circumstance can lead to ethnic groups clustering around a single industry.


The Nursing Home That's Also a Dorm

More retirement and nursing homes are asking college students to move in, an arrangement that benefits everyone.


Law Enforcement Really Doesn't Like Civilian Oversight

In New Orleans and Chicago, police officials continue to butt heads with independent monitors while the NYPD takes some steps toward accountability.

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The Alt-Weekly Death Spiral Strikes Philadelphia

Philadelphia City Paper, remembered.

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A State-by-State Map of Where Immigrants Came From

The new Pew interactive covers 1850 to 2013.

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For Immigrants, the 'Melting Pot' Is a Mixed Bag

An extensive new report looks at the positive and negative outcomes of assimilation.

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In Morocco, Reviving the Storyteller

The number of master storytellers in the country has dwindled, but one man is instructing a new generation in the ancient tradition.

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A Texas County Just Sued VW for $100 Million Over Its Emissions Scandal

The “first” local government action against the carmaker surely won’t be the last.

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Breakfast of Gentrifiers

How a London café that specializes in cereal became the latest flashpoint in the city’s ongoing gentrification debate.

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'Preempting' the Rights of North Carolina Cities to Govern Themselves

The state’s legislature is considering a bill that would seize the authority of local governments on fair housing, wages, and even traffic laws.

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Your Next Uber Driver May Be a Retiree

Contrary to stereotypes, seniors are a natural fit for ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft.

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Where Can Women Entrepreneurs Find the Most Success?

Small to medium-sized cities may have fewer barriers to entry than some of the nation’s leading start-up hubs.


A Tremendous Double-Demolition of Smokestacks

The Scots have a neat way to make two chimneys suffer mutual destruction.

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London Beats New York as the World’s Leading Financial Center in the Latest Ranking

While these two jockey for position, no other cities really come close to challenging them.