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Stat of the Day: No One Was Slashed, Stabbed or Shot in New York City Yesterday

Has this happened before? Ever?


Monday, November 26, 2012, was the first day in memory that no one in New York City was slashed, stabbed or shot.*

According to the New York Daily News, no officials at the NYPD, including the department historian Tom Reppetto -- author of American Police, 1945-2012 -- could remember the last time that had happened. But, Reppetto told the paper, the city is on track for its lowest murder total (slightly over 400) since 1960.

Sadly, the article points out, a 16-year-old did accidentally shoot himself in the leg in the Bronx yesterday, an incident classified by police as an accident, not a crime.

* Correction: An earlier version of this post listed the wrong date.

Top image: Prapann stock photo / Shutterstock.

H/T New York Daily News.


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