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'Preempting' the Rights of North Carolina Cities to Govern Themselves

The state’s legislature is considering a bill that would seize the authority of local governments on fair housing, wages, and even traffic laws.

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Your Next Uber Driver May Be a Retiree

Contrary to stereotypes, seniors are a natural fit for ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft.

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Where Can Women Entrepreneurs Find the Most Success?

Small to medium-sized cities may have fewer barriers to entry than some of the nation’s leading start-up hubs.


A Tremendous Double-Demolition of Smokestacks

The Scots have a neat way to make two chimneys suffer mutual destruction.

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London Beats New York as the World’s Leading Financial Center in the Latest Ranking

While these two jockey for position, no other cities really come close to challenging them.

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How the 1965 Immigration Act Shaped America's Population

The law triggered long-lasting demographic shifts that persist today.

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Why Universal Childcare Isn't a Perfect Solution

An experiment in universal childcare in Quebec has been mostly a disaster. Here’s what could work for U.S. kids instead.


A Joyously Dorky Guide to America's Energy Infrastructure

Explore nuclear and wind facilities, the movement of petroleum, and steamy geothermal fields in this mapping tool.

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The Study That Brought Down Volkswagen

A closer look at the West Virginia report at the center of the VW emissions scandal.

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The Senior Ballerinas of Buenos Aires

For 20 years, members of Ballet 40/90 have entertained audiences in Argentina’s capital, rediscovering a passion many assumed they had outgrown.

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Today's Immigrants, Yesterday's 'Welfare Queen'

Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric has roots in other racially loaded political campaigns.

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Venture Capital Might Be Raising Your Rent

But zoning for less density is ruining your city.


America's Digital Divide Has Decreased, but Not Nearly Enough

A new White House report outlines recommendations to further expand broadband access.


The Unbreakable U.S. High-Speed Rail System

Without federal funding, bullet train projects across the country have gotten creative.

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September Is Measurably the Best Month for New York's Farmers' Markets

Now is the time when the most fruits and vegetables are available.

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The Pope's Visit as Mega-Event

His Holiness is visiting three U.S. cities this week. How will this compare to other “mega-events”?

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The Children of Deportation

A new report details the devastating psychological and economic impacts.

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Why Nigeria’s Newest Start-Ups Are Sprouting Outside the Megacity of Lagos

A new crop of entrepreneurs have turned to smaller, less expensive markets to grow their companies.