America's Digital Divide Has Decreased, but Not Nearly Enough

A new White House report outlines recommendations to further expand broadband access.


The Unbreakable U.S. High-Speed Rail System

Without federal funding, bullet train projects across the country have gotten creative.

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September Is Measurably the Best Month for New York's Farmers' Markets

Now is the time when the most fruits and vegetables are available.

Ricardo Moraes/Reuters

The Pope's Visit as Mega-Event

His Holiness is visiting three U.S. cities this week. How will this compare to other “mega-events”?

AP Photo / Damian Dovarganes

The Children of Deportation

A new report details the devastating psychological and economic impacts.

REUTERS / Akintunde Akinleye

Why Nigeria’s Newest Start-Ups Are Sprouting Outside the Megacity of Lagos

A new crop of entrepreneurs have turned to smaller, less expensive markets to grow their companies.

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An Unusual Objection to Less Parking: It Will Make Our City Too Nice

Opposition to Champaign’s new relaxed parking requirement is actually a powerful case in its favor.

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Burgers Are For Boys and Salads Are For Girls

Your lunch is packaged with gender-based assumptions.


Comparing Bay Area Housing Prices to the World's Most Gorgeous Places

For what it costs to live in San Francisco, you might as well relocate to an unbelievably stunning Mediterranean island.

Screenshot from White House PSA

Obama's Message to Immigrants: Citizenship Leads to Better Jobs

A new White House PSA touts the benefits of becoming naturalized.

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They Finally Built George Costanza's Sleeper Desk

They say power naps are good for productivity, right?

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Portland Ranks First Among Major U.S. Cities for Biking to Work

The city’s rate of cycle commuting is the highest it’s ever been.

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Why Politicians Don't Level the Playing Field

The American elite tend to trade equality for efficiency.

U.S. Census Bureau

More Jobs Aren’t Making Americans Richer

And other key takeaways from new Census reports on the economy, poverty, and health care.

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Why More Seniors Are Forming Their Own 'Villages'

Since the founding of Beacon Hill Village in 2002, this model of aging in place has spread to 40 U.S. states.

RTI International

Where America's Obese Live

When it comes to this condition, place matters.

The Brookings Institution

The Sharp Rise of the Upper-Middle Class

Income inequality isn’t just about the 1 percent—wealth is increasing for the next 19 percent, too.

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A Case Study in Reviving a Dying Downtown

Marcus Westbury’s new book, Creating Cities, describes the small-scale fixes that helped Newcastle, Australia.