How Bangalore's New Recycling Plan Helps Its Poorest Residents

The Indian city is finding a path out of an urban trash crisis by bringing dignity to workers who once were ostracized.

The Sad, Slow Death of America's Retail Workforce

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While You Were Watching 'Game of Thrones,' Neil deGrasse Tyson Shared His Solution to Global Warming

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They eat at restaurants.

Sriracha Hot Sauce Officially Declared a Public Nuisance in California

But there's no "srirachapocalypse" just yet.

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How to Get Disadvantaged Teenagers on a Career Track

Boston's summer-jobs program puts thousands of teens in professional environments, giving them mentors and experience.

Americans Are Having Dogs Instead of Babies

The population of little canines has more than doubled since 1999.

America's Most Sprawling Cities Are Also the Most Republican

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Yes, American Teachers Are Underpaid

At least among wealthy countries.

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A Fascinating Visualization of World Migration

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How the Rich and Poor Spend Money

Since 1984, education spending has nearly doubled as a share of a richer family's budget. And rent has nearly doubled as a share of a poorer family's spending.

The Greek Economic Crisis Could Turn Athens Into a Major Beach Destination

Desperate for cash and jobs, the city just sold off a chunk of waterfront land bigger than Central Park.

London to Remain Enveloped in Smog Cloud Until Friday

A mix of Sahara desert dust and industrial emissions from Europe has blanketed the city.

40 Years of Chicago's Rising Inequality, in One GIF

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Outsourcing Is Reshaping the Philippines' Cities

The ability to outsource all kinds of business processes is creating massive, vertical company towns in the suburbs.