The Largest Salaries in Sports Are Paid in These 3 Cities


Who Gets Permanent Work Visas in America?

When it comes to getting a visa approved, it helps if you work in the finance sector.

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Explaining Baltimore's Complicated Relationship With Its Sister Cities

Does that urban sibling connection mean anything at all?

How Salt Lake City Could Become an International Export Powerhouse

Salt Lake businesses are booming as they find international markets for their goods.


Is Tourism Ruining Barcelona?

A new film makes the case that the city's at risk of losing the very urban vitality that attracts visitors there in the first place. 


Mapping More Than a Century of Major Earthquakes

A comprehensive look at which parts of the world have suffered historically large quakes.


11 Reasons the UN Should Make Cities the Focus of Its Forthcoming Sustainable Development Goals

Cities stand at the very center of each and every one of the biggest challenges the world now faces. 

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Portland to Flush Reservoir After Teen Uses It as a Toilet

"Our customers don't anticipate drinking water that's been contaminated by some yahoo who decided to pee into a reservoir."

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The U.S. Could Get More and More Super-Freezing Winters

The eastern part, anyway; in the West it will be hotter and drier, predict scientists.


The Polar Vortex Is to Blame for This Year's Brutal Allergy Season

Those cold snaps helped spawn an intense outbreak of pollen.

Lakshmanan Selvaprakash

How Bangalore's New Recycling Plan Helps Its Poorest Residents

The Indian city is finding a path out of an urban trash crisis by bringing dignity to workers who once were ostracized.


The Sad, Slow Death of America's Retail Workforce

There's never been a better time to be a consumer. But it's not such a happy story for the people behind the counters.


While You Were Watching 'Game of Thrones,' Neil deGrasse Tyson Shared His Solution to Global Warming

This week's Cosmos explained how plants produce clean energy, and how our inferior energy technologies produce climate change.

How the Modern Office Shapes American Life

How did we come to work in spaces that make us so miserable?


How Small Plates Conquered America's Menus

The format is good for restaurants' bottom lines. And it's the way most chefs prefer to eat.

American Teens Don't Hang Out at Malls Anymore

They eat at restaurants.

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Sriracha Hot Sauce Officially Declared a Public Nuisance in California

But there's no "srirachapocalypse" just yet.

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How to Get Disadvantaged Teenagers on a Career Track

Boston's summer-jobs program puts thousands of teens in professional environments, giving them mentors and experience.