How Hamilton, Ohio, Produced 'Slim Jesus'

The rising teenage “drill rap” star comes from a tiny, economically depressed, mostly white city with lots of guns and one high school.

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Where Syrian Refugees Are Likely to Settle in the U.S.

And why they’re likely to be a boon rather than a burden to these cities.

What I Learned Trawling for Trash in the Chesapeake Bay

No one knows how much garbage is lurking beneath the bay’s waters. So I went on an expedition with plastic hunters to find out.

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Mapping the Difference Between Minimum Wage and Cost of Living

There’s no county in America where a minimum wage earner can support a family.

Edward Burtynsky

The Disturbing Wonder of Humanity's Impact on Earth

Edward Burtynsky pulls beauty from polluted mining pools, drought-ravaged landscapes, and bloated suburbs.

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120 Years of American Life, in Interactive Stars and Stripes

A new data viz turns the U.S. flag into an infographic of socioeconomic data.

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We're Still Dehumanizing Others

New research finds that seeing certain racial groups as less human isn’t a thing of the past.

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How Should We Prepare for a Rapidly Aging Global Population?

By 2100, the number of people aged 60 and over will reach 3.2 billion.

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Are Half of America's Immigrants Really on Welfare?

A new report says yes. Here's why it's wrong.

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The Subtle Shifts in Retirement Community Designs

Del Webb, the country’s biggest builder of “active adult” housing, is changing its formula to appeal to Baby Boomers.

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Nikki Haley's Vision for Racial Equality vs. Reality

The South Carolina Governor’s speech on equality is at odds with real life in a state facing some of the deepest racial divides.

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A Colorful Dot Map of America's Immigrants

How international is your city?

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Another Argument for a Minimum Wage Hike: It Could Reduce Smoking

A 10 percent pay bump leads to a 5 percent drop in smoking rates among men, a new study finds.

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We Are Living in the Era of Job Gentrification

Employers increasingly want Ivy League grads for minor-league jobs.


Australia's Renegade Puffball Sheep Is Rescued and Sheared

Its humongous fleece has reportedly set a world record for weight.

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The Business Case for Legalizing Weed in Rhode Island

There are many reasons the tiny state should rush to be the first on the East Coast to make the sale of recreational pot legal.

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The Immigrant Kids Are Not All Right

A new report by the Migration Policy Center reviews the lasting scars of growing up in an anti-immigrant environment.


Introducing City Makers: Global Shifts

Our newest series on the key forces transforming urban life in the 21st century.