The Confederate Flag Has Cost South Carolina Millions in Tourism

The NAACP’s longtime boycott of the state over its contentious Confederate flag has cost cities like Columbia and Charleston at least $10 million.

How Millennials Are Reviving Cleveland

The downtown population is at an all-time high, and young workers are leading the way.

How Can We Understand the Charleston Shootings? With This Syllabus

A group of professors have created the #Charlestonsyllabus to illustrate the histories of faith, race, and violence that collided in a mass murder.

America's Fantasy of a Four-Day Workweek

Will Americans ever let out a deep breath, crack open a beer, and say, “Thank God it’s Thursday”?

America's Most Promising Pro-Jobs Policy

More than 100 U.S. cities and counties have now adopted some type of “ban the box” law, which prohibits employers from asking job candidates about criminal convictions before the first interview.

Mapping the Spread of U.S. Baby Names Over the Past 100 Years

There was a clear north-south divide up through the 1970s, when this adorable geography began to scatter.

Stockholm Will Open Sweden's First Discount Supermarket for the Needy

Rising income inequality is a problem in Scandinavian countries, too.  

An Audacious Plan for Baltimore's Vacant Industrial Spaces

New “makers spaces” in a struggling neighborhood could bolster the local economy with small-scale manufacturing opportunities.


A Case Study in Bike-Friendly Suburban Planning

It’s not just possible, it’s happening in Houten.

The Case for Caution on the $15 Minimum Wage

And what cities can do instead.

Dear President Obama: Please Ban Plastic Bags

The administration has moved to ban trans fats. Single-use bags should be next.

The Paranoia of Police Unions

With departments facing scrutiny across the nation, police unions are lashing out at the cities they serve.


Mapping Where America Is Failing Its Youth

A new report finds that more than one in eight of the nation’s young people are neither employed nor in school.

Where Should We Build Jurassic Park?

Only a few U.S. cities can sustain tragic-yet-frequent dinosaur outbreaks.

Your Lost Airline Luggage Probably Ended Up at This Store

The Unclaimed Baggage Store in Alabama stocks around 6,000 items daily.

Healing Trinidad and Tobago's Capital With Steelpan Music

The government is upping its support for music programs in an effort to fight Port of Spain’s drug problem.

America's Egg Shortage Threatens Austin's Breakfast Taco Supply

Bird flu is hitting U.S. industrial egg production hard, driving up costs for businesses and consumers.  

The Problem of Urbanization Without Economic Growth

Throughout history, the two have not always gone hand-in-hand. And they may not in the future.