Aarian Marshall

Aarian Marshall

Aarian Marshall is a transportation reporter at WIRED and former CityLab contributor. She lives in San Francisco.

How Michigan Is Using Math to Fight Potholes

A new statistical model might make the annual spring road repair cheaper for the Mitten State—and for the trucking industry.

The New, Very Visible Way Vermont Is Fighting Road Deaths

It’s not entirely clear if highway fatality signs work. They might be worth it anyway.

This Bay Area Trail Is Enforcing the Speed Limit—for Bikes

Tough luck for mountain bikers caught going over 15 mph.

The Anatomy of a Disastrous State Branding Campaign

After Rhode Island’s epic screw-up, a five-step guide to doing better.

Why Bike-Share Is Really Very Safe

Safer than personal bikes, even, according to new research.

The Complicated Problem of Urban Obesity

New numbers from the World Health Organization show obesity steadily rising in cities around the world.

The 314 Birds Flocking to Harlem

The Audubon Mural Project pairs environmentalists with street artists, creating colorful tributes to birds threatened by climate change.

Debt Collectors Are Going After San Jose Families With Overdue Library Books

But good news: punishing the poorest kids for overdue books has fallen out of favor.

Tracing Drug Use Patterns Through Nightclub Toilets

Scientists are using, well, pee and poop to get a more accurate picture of drug use in your city.

The Government Is Changing Tower Lights to Save the Birds

In the battle of pilot warning lights and birds, the Federal Aviation Administration just handed one to our feathered friends.

Campus Shuttles Want to Speed Ahead in the Autonomous Vehicle Race

A suddenly crowded field promises self-driving vehicles by 2017.

A Coloring Book for All Who Love Architecture

Customize the Eiffel Tower, St. Basil's Cathedral, a Romanian castle, and much more.  

Chicago vs. This Very Large Hole

What happens to a magisterial tower project deferred?

Mapping Where the Kids Are Drinking on Social Media

University of Rochester researchers want to use tweets to answer important public health questions about alcohol.

#MapMonsterMonday Celebrates the Cartographic Beasties of Yore

A glorious weekly social media celebration for the Internet’s history and map nerds.

Is It Bad to Feed the Ducks?

Is tossing some bread to the cute little ducks really mucking stuff up?

Why Boston's Late-Night Service Cuts Could Be a Civil Rights Violation

The complicated transit controversy asks whether changes disproportionately affect poor and minority riders.

The Higher-Tech Future of School Bus Stop Signs

Researchers are trying to figure out how to make drivers take those alerts more seriously.

Hamburg Says 'Nein' to Coffee Pods

The German city is believed to be the first in the world to ban the pods on environmental grounds.

The Death and Life of Your City: The Video Game

“Block’hood” invites players to build a complex urban ecosystem, where dystopia sometimes rules.

Finally: Neopolitan Pizza Could Become a UNESCO-Recognized Treasure

It would join the Mediterranean diet, falconry, and a Moroccan cherry festival on the list of cultural gems.