Aarian Marshall

Aarian Marshall

Aarian Marshall is a transportation reporter at WIRED and former CityLab contributor. She lives in San Francisco.

New York Is Getting Fancy New Buses, Because Millennials

But the city’s bid for new, young riders might miss the mark.

U.S. Drivers Are Distracted More Than Half the Time They're Behind the Wheel

A large and incredibly precise study finds that drivers are texting, talking, and crying on the road. That isn’t good.

What's the Best Place for a Bus Stop?

A recent study suggests there’s a best—and cheapest!—corner for passenger pickups.

Wear a Fancy Piece of This Iconic Hotel

Jewelry made from chandeliers lets you get your hands on a sparkly piece of the Plaza Hotel’s history.

The Robot Garbage Collectors Are Coming

Researchers working with Volvo show off a prototype, and civilization shakes in its boots.

How High-Tech Maps Could Help Urban Slums Plan Better Streets

Open Reblock can help improve access to much-needed public services, like clean water and medical care.

Super-Accurate GPS Just Got a Lot Cheaper and Faster

And it might be coming to an autonomous vehicle near you.

Beirut's Toxic Torrent of Trash

The city’s months-long garbage crisis hits a new, horrible low.

The (Still) Mysterious Physics of Riding a Bike

A new study comes closer to cracking the code.

Should Kids Learn to Clean in School? Singapore Thinks So

The Ministry of Education is taking tidying up a lot more seriously than your roommates are.

Mapping the Real Cost of Public Housing—Transportation Included

A new paper finds much of “affordable” housing isn’t so affordable.

The Olympics of Weed Are Coming to a City Near You

Because stoners like to jog, too.

Why the Megabus Fire Shouldn't Scare You Away From Intercity Buses

Despite some high-profile incidents, highway-bound buses are still pretty safe to ride.

A New York Politician Is Using Spiteful Street Names to Get Revenge on Developers

You wanna build on top of an old Jesuit retreat? You gotta live with streets named after greed.

American Airlines Might Ply Passengers With Snacks During Delays

Because angry is better than hangry.

This Old-Timey Mad Libs Game Is All About Moving to the Big City

What’s more disorienting than moving to New York City and having to pick a verb?

Kansas City Is Embarking on a Great Microtransit Experiment

The city’s partnership with Bridj will show the world what happens when ride-hailing really meets public transit.

Berlin's Public Refrigerators Were Just Declared a Health Hazard

They’re part of a larger German movement to reduce food waste, but inspectors recently found “unhygienic conditions.”

One Slovenian Town's Big New Tourist Attraction: A Beer Fountain

Zalec is well-known for its hops. Now it wants to be known for dispensing them like water.

The Case Against Drive-Throughs

Minneapolis is thinking about nixing these consumer-friendly byways. More cities should follow suit.