Adam Sneed

Adam Sneed

Adam Sneed is a senior associate editor at CityLab, focusing on city life and culture. He was previously a technology reporter at Politico and a researcher at Future Tense, a project of Slate, New America, and Arizona State University.

What Cities Can Learn From Atlanta’s Cyberattack

Atlanta’s chief information officer explains why it’s better to spend millions recovering city computer systems from a cyberattack than to pay ransom.

CityLab Daily: Will People Buy Electric Cars When the Incentives Stop?

Also: Inside the strongest clean energy requirement in the U.S., and a historical trove of “persuasive maps.”

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is pictured.

What Can Cities and States Do About Net Neutrality?

The plans so far are to be defiant and take the FCC to court. Beyond that, there’s a limited slate of options.

Two NYPD officers behind police tape.

Lab Report: A New Approach to Policing the Opioid Crisis

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

A man cycling past chat boxes, wi-fi symbols, and email envelopes

The Case for the Disconnected Commute

The best thing about biking to work has nothing to do with exercise, the environment, or saving money. It’s all about the chance to unplug.

Home construction in Phoenix

Lab Report: When Growth Goes Wrong

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

Life on the Forgotten Farms of Guangzhou

A new short film captures the striking scenes of skyscrapers encroaching on farmers amid China's rapid urbanization.

The New York City skyline

Leave the Liberal City Alone

America’s biggest, wealthiest cities aren’t succeeding at the expense of others, and breaking them up just doesn’t make sense.

Turning a Dull Park Into a Place People Actually Enjoy

By adding some color and nature to a concrete plaza, designers in Australia transformed an intimidating place into a welcoming one.

Uber's Latest Offer: Free Flu Shots

In 15 U.S. cities, users can get vaccines (and a subtle lobbying effort) delivered on demand.

The Trouble With 'Single-Family Homes': Best #Cityreads of the Week

A roundup of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the past seven days.

The Immigration Raid That Shocked Durham: Best #Cityreads of the Week

A roundup of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the past seven days.

A Farewell to Malms

Ikea is issuing a massive recall on this modern, unstable staple of apartments everywhere.

Escape Your Coworkers With This Giant Felt Helmet

In a world of open-office distractions, Tomoko aims to provide a weirdly oversized refuge.

Marco Rubio Joins a Long Tradition of Seeing Vancouver as a U.S. City

His “Morning Again” ad shows the error of using a generic skyline shot, but this kind of thing happens all the time.

Ford Wants to Turn Car Tires Into Motorized Unicycles

It’s not exactly the Batmobile, but it could be a fun new tool in the commuter’s utility belt.

What One Artist Learned by Drawing Every Transit Station in Boston

Two years, 121 stations, and countless connections throughout the city.

Ben Carson's U.S. Map Gets New England Geography All Wrong

In opposing Syrian refugees, the Republican presidential hopeful reimagines the Northeast.