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The Lazy Voyeurism of Travel Essays

In the internet age, drop-in essays are shared far and wide—and they aren’t always well received back home.

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Can Uber Survive Without Self-Driving Cars?

After a high-speed crash in Arizona, the ride-hailing giant grounds its autonomous fleet.

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Car Wars

Inside the battle for the future of a technology that could really, truly change the world.

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As Uber Melts Down, Its CEO Says He 'Must Fundamentally Change'

The ride-sharing giant’s full-blown PR crisis is getting worse.

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The Map That Lets You Listen to the Radio Everywhere

Radio Garden is a meditation on connectedness and what broadcast technology does to local culture.

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Anybody Can Test a Self-Driving Car in Pennsylvania

As long as there’s a licensed human sitting in the driver’s seat, you don’t need a special permit for your vehicle to drive itself.

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The Quest to Save America's Dying Regional Slang

Endangered terms include bat hide, bonnyclabber, ear screw, fleech, whistle pig, and popskull.

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How Will Driverless Cars Communicate With Walkers, Joggers, and Cyclists?

For self-driving vehicles to succeed, they’ll have to earn people’s trust—and predict their behavior.

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A Future Without Street Signs

Driverless cars and augmented reality will mean city markers as we know them will cease to exist.

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The Blinking Jewel in Boston's Skyline

One of the hub’s best known pieces of technology may become an official city landmark after all.

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More Than 500 People Have Been Shot and Killed by Police in America So Far This Year

We know, because the internet is counting.

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Can Google's Driverless Car Project Survive a Fatal Crash?

To understand the future of self-driving cars, it helps to look back to the first lethal auto collisions, more than a century ago.

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Colorful Lights Are Turning Skyscrapers Into Tacky Billboards

As LEDs make it cheaper to illuminate buildings, cities are becoming experimental visual spaces—and not always for the better.

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The High-Stakes Race to Rid the World of Human Drivers

The competition is fierce, the key players are billionaires, but the path—and even the destination—remains uncertain.

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The Most Destructive Wave In Earth's (Known) History

Geologists have discovered evidence of an ancient 560-foot mega-tsunami.


Pompeii and the Ancient Origins of Blaming the Victim

People have sought moral explanations for natural disasters since antiquity.


Self-Driving Cars Could Save 300,000 Lives Per Decade in the U.S.

Automation on the roads could be the great public-health achievement of the 21st century.

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A Brief History of Levees

Manmade embankments are an ancient technology, modeled from nature.