Alastair Boone

Alastair Boone

Alastair Boone is the editor-in-chief of Street Spirit and a former editorial fellow at CityLab.

A photo of a homeless man on the streets of Berkeley, California

Is There a Better Way to Count the Homeless?

I hit the streets for HUD’s Point-in-Time homeless count to help get a snapshot of Oakland’s growing unsheltered homeless population. But one thing was missing.

What San Francisco's Mayoral Race Says About the City's Progressive Soul

The campaign has become as much about candidate biographies, super PAC money, and the city’s unique ranked choice voting system as it is about issues like homelessness and property crime.

The Disputed Second Life of an American Internment Camp

In Northern California, a debate is raging about a plan to build a fence around the small airport sitting on a site where people of Japanese ancestry, most of whom were American citizens, were forcibly interned.

North Carolina County Changes Immigration Policy by Voting to Oust Its Sheriff

In Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, a local law enforcement race became a referendum on immigration.

Babies rest at a hospital in Bay Minette, Alabama, as their mothers participate in a group post-pregnancy session.

The Geography of Health in America

A new county-by-county report finds that blacks and Native Americans have the most dire health statistics in the United States.

Naked cyclists ride down Lombard Street in San Francisco.

The Weirdest Ways That U.S. Cities Are Celebrating Earth Day

From group oyster-shell bagging to a naked bike ride, some Earth Day events are more colorful than the standard festivals and tree plantings.

Police chief Peter Volkmann of Chatham, New York, where a sharp rise in opioid deaths spurred a unique approach to community policing.

How One Small Town Ended Its Drug War

In tiny Chatham, New York, police chief Peter Volkmann turned the town’s cops into drug treatment counselors.

A man lights a cigarette in Old Delhi, India.

Where Smoking Kills, and Why

The Tobacco Atlas shows how even non-smokers feel the public health impacts of the industry.

Plastic waste lies among other debris washed ashore on a beach in Sri Lanka.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Is Growing

And it was already enormous.

The Fight for Nuclear Deterrence Goes Local

Some cities and states are taking their own initiative to protect the world from a U.S. trigger finger. And they’re mostly led by women.

'They Can Either Go With It, or They Can Get Out'

The high schoolers who rallied against gun violence in Washington, D.C., had a very explicit message for lawmakers.

One-way signs in the financial district in New York City

Do Two-Way Streets Help a City's Economy?

There’s more than one way for neighborhoods to respond to two-way street conversions, new research suggests.

A brownstone in Brooklyn, where Airbnb growth has been particularly strong in recent years.

What Airbnb Did to New York City

Airbnb’s effects on the city’s housing market have been dramatic, a report suggests. And other cities could soon see the same pattern.

Police show their support at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Where Do Mass Shootings Take Place?

In every kind of American community, data shows.

Map of the world, according to Queering the Map

A Crowdsourced Map of the Queer World

A design student’s interactive map documents LGBTQ people’s experiences in places around the world.

Posters show the past and future of Saguaro National Monument, Arizona

What Will America's Iconic Parks Look Like in 2050?

An artist riffs on WPA posters to imagine how the country’s defining landscapes will look once climate change has taken its toll.

What Really Ails Detroit?

The city’s former health department director is making a historic run for governor—at age 33. And he’s got ideas about why Amazon just spurned the Motor City.

An illustration of Detroit landmarks.

Travel Like You Live Here: Detroit

Native Detroiters Lauren Hood and Adriel Thornton offer an insider’s view on visiting Motor City.

What Just Happened in San Francisco?

High drama at City Hall—involving race, tech money, and politics—lays bare the city’s simmering tensions.

The 7 Stages of Amazon HQ2 Grief

For boosters and residents in the many cities left behind in the HQ2 sweepstakes, it was a day of sadness, anger, regret, and tweeting.

Immigration Raids, Coming to a Store Near You

Immigration officials said purpose of their raids on 7-Elevens was to target employers. The evidence suggests otherwise.