Alastair Boone

Alastair Boone

Alastair Boone is an editorial fellow at CityLab.

The Geography of Mass Shootings

Since 1982, mass shootings have spared few regions of America.

Motel 6 Is Probably Not the Only Company Tipping Off Immigration Agents

“It calls into question how far ICE can go, or how far private entities can go with ICE.”

Amazon's Seattle headquarters is pictured.

The Ultimate List of Top Contenders for Amazon's HQ2

We sorted through the longshots and likely contenders so you don’t have to.

The Problem With a Florida Sheriff's Calls for People to Turn Themselves in Before Irma

One Florida county is using the impending storm warnings to enforce outstanding warrants.

The Overlooked Cities of the Rust Belt

The smaller cities in America’s industrial heartland have a unique set of challenges, according to a new study—but they also have advantages.

As Trump Comes to Town, Phoenix Mayor Amplifies His Unusual Plea to Postpone

Greg Stanton says his police are prepared to work overtime. But that is not without a cost to the city.

Why Are Teen Pregnancy Programs Getting Cut?

An Obama-era program to lower the teen birthrate, widely considered a success, is losing its funding, and public health officials demand to know why.

The Sounds of Protest Are Getting Louder

Why an artist from the U.K. is mapping the din of dissent.

Protestors outside of Governor Andrew Cuomo's office in New York.

There's New Research Behind the Contention that Airbnb Raises Rents

A preliminary analysis of 100 U.S. metro areas suggests Airbnb bears at least some responsibility for soaring housing costs.

The Power of American Mayors to Resist Trump's Transgender Military Ban

A Trump administration official dared local electeds to stand up against the ban. They did.