Alastair Boone

Alastair Boone

Alastair Boone is an editorial fellow at CityLab.

Boulders block a road after a mudslide in Montecito, California.

With the Highway Blocked, California Commuters Take to the Sea

Mudslides have closed US 101 above Los Angeles, so tourist boats are offering an ad-hoc ferry service between Ventura and Santa Barbara.

How Baltimore's Water Cleanup Infrastructure Became a Public Sensation

Baltimore addressed its trash problem in its Inner Harbor with a floating water wheel. But it got public buy-in by giving it a personality.

The Urban Fitness Revolution

Fitness has become far more than just a New Year’s resolution in many American cities. Once rife with grit and nightlife, many urban neighborhoods now embrace fitness as a lifestyle.

In 2017, LGBTQ Progress Was Built on Local Elections

It was the “year of the trans candidate” in the U.S., and generally a victorious year for LGBTQ politicians in city and state elections. But we are a long way away from proportional representation.

Stories from the Rust Belt, for the Rust Belt

“I think it’s important for these writers to say, ‘Look, your creativity, your writing, your research, your journalism, matters just as much in Pittsburgh as it does in New York and D.C.”

The Incendiary States of America

A detailed map of U.S. wildfires since 1980 reveals the growing role of human causes.

Homelessness in High-Cost U.S. Cities Is Driving a Nationwide Increase

Many Obama-era policies are keeping numbers low in smaller cities. But the new data comes in the wake of a GOP budget that does little to bolster affordable housing.

What the Republican Tax Bill Means for Commuters, Renters, and Retirees

The most serious effects of the House and Senate proposals would unfold over years for urban citizens.

A Solemn Memorial Sparks a Feud Between Sister Cities

San Francisco's new monument to "comfort women" has Osaka, Japan, threatening to end a decades-long relationship.

People arrive at Hoboken Terminal to commute to New York City.

Why Are Millennials Leaving New Jersey?

Jersey’s supply of compact, mixed-use neighborhoods is limited, and Millennials are noticing.

On the Trail of the Turducken

In Maurice, Louisiana, it’s time to make turkey-stuffed-with-duck-stuffed-with-chicken.

In City Hall, Women Make History

More women are on track to be elected mayor in the top 100 cities than ever before—in some major cities, for the first time. But not before overcoming some major hurdles.

The City Policy Initiatives on the Ballot Tuesday

Voters in U.S. cities will weigh in on drugs, partying, renting, and rooftop gardening. Their decisions could have national implications.

Here Are the Cities Standing Up for Women's Health

Urban areas are battling state and federal authorities over reproductive rights, and some are doing better than others.  

The Geography of Mass Shootings

Since 1982, mass shootings have spared few regions of America.

Motel 6 Is Probably Not the Only Company Tipping Off Immigration Agents

“It calls into question how far ICE can go, or how far private entities can go with ICE.”

Amazon's Seattle headquarters is pictured.

The Ultimate List of Top Contenders for Amazon's HQ2

We sorted through the longshots and likely contenders so you don’t have to.

The Problem With a Florida Sheriff's Calls for People to Turn Themselves in Before Irma

One Florida county is using the impending storm warnings to enforce outstanding warrants.

The Overlooked Cities of the Rust Belt

The smaller cities in America’s industrial heartland have a unique set of challenges, according to a new study—but they also have advantages.

As Trump Comes to Town, Phoenix Mayor Amplifies His Unusual Plea to Postpone

Greg Stanton says his police are prepared to work overtime. But that is not without a cost to the city.