Alec Appelbaum

Alec Appelbaum

Alec Appelbaum is a writer based in New York.

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Kindling Curiosity on a Low-Tech Urban Scavenger Hunt

By winding through the city on a mission, our kids learned to look closely—and to trust themselves and others.

Where Dealing With Trauma Is Part of Job Training

An unusual nonprofit for disadvantaged youth combines real-world work experience with counseling to overcome past pain.  

Choosing the Unwalkable Suburbs, or Settling for Them?

Suburban governments across the U.S. may be making it difficult for young families who want something different to find it.

Can a Game Help Build Affordable Housing?

To break through gridlock on fair housing, officials in wealthy Westchester County, New York, try a new tactic.

New York's Big Climate Plan Really Does Include Oysters

Tottenville, on Staten Island, will get oyster-friendly breakwaters and a dune system as part of post-Sandy rebuilding efforts.