Alexandra Marvar

Alexandra Marvar is a writer and photographer based in Savannah, Georgia.

Visitors explore "America's Playground," an interactive installation by Derrick Adams, in Miami Beach in December 2018.

Artist Derrick Adams Shows I-95’s Impact on Black Miami

With “America’s Playground,” artist Derrick Adams evokes the damage caused by Interstate 95 as planners routed it through Miami’s Overtown neighborhood.

Mary Margaret Pettway with a replica of one of her mother's best-known quilts in Boykin, formerly Gee's Bend, Alabama.

Could Incorporating as a Town Save Gee’s Bend, Alabama?

Despite the global fame of its quilts, the rural hamlet of Gee’s Bend (now Boykin) is deeply impoverished. Boosters say making it an official town could change that.