Alon Levy

Based in Paris, Alon Levy has written about public transit and urbanism at Pedestrian Observations since 2011.

photo: A sign advising passengers to wear face masks is displayed on a New Jersey Transit bus in Atlantic City.

How U.S. Public Transit Can Survive Coronavirus

Subway and bus systems in the U.S. face financial peril as ridership collapses due to lockdowns. To keep transit alive, here’s a playbook for immediate and long-term fixes.

A man charges an electric bus in Santiago, Chile.

The Verdict's Still Out on Battery-Electric Buses

As cities experiment with battery-powered electric buses, some are finding they struggle in inclement weather or on hills, or that they don’t have enough range.

A map of a proposed redesign of the Brooklyn bus network.

A Fantasy Map for Brooklyn’s Buses That’s Grounded in Reality

We redesigned Brooklyn’s struggling bus network based on evidence from other cities about how to boost ridership.

To Build a Better Bus System, Ask a Driver

The people who know buses best have ideas about how to reform the system, according to a survey of 373 Brooklyn bus operators.

The Gateway Project Doesn't Need Trump's Approval

The $30 billion rail tunnel project may be a victim of President Trump’s feud with Democrats. But New York and New Jersey could still save it.

A construction worker inside the 86th Street cavern of the Second Avenue Subway tunnel in 2014

Why It's So Expensive to Build Urban Rail in the U.S.

It’s not just the Second Avenue Subway: Nearly all urban rail projects in the U.S. cost much more than their European counterparts.

A rendering of Moynihan Station at New York's Penn Station

Why a New Train Hall Won't Fix Penn Station

The $1.6-billion Moynihan Station will be a bright, spacious improvement on Penn Station’s depressing environs—but it will leave many problems unsolved.