Amal Ahmed

Amal Ahmed

Amal Ahmed is an editorial fellow at The Atlantic.

a photo of U.S.-Mexico borderlands

Instead of a Border Wall, Why Not a ‘Clean Energy Corridor’?

Building solar panels and wind turbines along the U.S.-Mexico border, say scientists, could unite demands for a Green New Deal and stronger border security.

A neighborhood of Spanish-style houses in San Diego, several with solar panels on their roofs.

Solar-Power Benefits Aren’t Reaching Communities of Color

A new study in Nature Sustainability finds racial and ethnic disparities in rooftop solar adoption, even controlling for income and homeownership.

'The Good Place' star William Jackson Harper.

How a Dallas Parking Lot Inspired a Play by William Jackson Harper

The Good Place star wrote Travisville after learning about a civil rights battle that displaced a black community near the Texas State Fair.

‘Map Twins’ Bridge the Gap in a Segregated Chicago

Many addresses on the North Side are reflected in vastly different neighborhoods on the South Side. This project pairs residents with their counterparts across town to explore the divisions in their city.