Amanda Abrams

Amanda Abrams

Amanda Abrams is a freelance writer in North Carolina. Her work has appeared in the Washington Post, the Daily Beast, and the Christian Science Monitor.

Cohousing's Diversity Problem

Despite its potential, 95 percent of U.S. cohousers are white, 82 percent identify as Democrats, and 66 percent hold a graduate degree, according to one study.

Using Preservation to Stop Gentrification Before It Starts

In Durham, North Carolina, residents in the city’s last mill village are hoping a local historic designation will protect them from nearby real estate shifts.

Can Old Churches Attract New Gentrifiers?

As Washington, D.C., fills up with a new professional class that’s affluent and mostly white, historically African-American congregations are struggling to stay relevant.

What I Learned From Talking With My Neighbors About Gentrification

How conversation helped me connect with longtime residents in my rapidly changing neighborhood.