Amir Khafagy

Amir Khafagy is a New York City-based journalist. He has contributed to such publications as Shelterforce, Curbed, City Limits, and In These Times.

An abandoned Chinese restaurant with signs advertising an African performer.

What the Gentrification of Baltimore's Chinatown Means

As developers turn to Baltimore’s historical Chinatown, Ethiopian residents worry about displacement while others worry about cultural commodification.

A screen with details about public charge rule is watched by onlookers.

Trump’s ‘Public Charge’ Rule Change Is Facing Legal Challenges

Immigrants hope legal challenges will prevail but continue to prepare for October 15, when the Trump administration’s “public charge” rule changes take effect.

Fishing boats, with high rises on the banks and a mosque in the distance.

Will Sea-Level Rise Claim Egypt’s Second-Largest City?

Al-Max village in Alexandria was ruined by floods in 2015. Yet, despite climate change’s growing threat to the city, critics say it has scarcely been addressed.

Why I Found My Community in a Starbucks

I was reluctant to support a corporate chain. But in my neighborhood, it’s one of the only places I could have formed a relationship with someone like Sammy.

People with megaphones and signs.

Sex Work Is a Hot and Messy 2020 Political Issue

This week, New York legislators introduced bills to effectively decriminalize sex work. The topic has become a campaign issue in the 2020 presidential election.

Men leading dogs to race at Palm Beach Kennel Club.

At Palm Beach Kennel Club, a Vilified Sport and a Way of Life End

Florida was home to most of the remaining greyhound tracks left in the U.S. But Amendment 13, banning dog racing, passed last year and the tracks are closing.

A "People's Court" takes place just beyond a Queens Neighborhoods United sign

The Battle for Queens, New York, Is Not Just About Amazon

Queens Neighborhoods United says a plan to build a Target in Jackson Heights violates zoning restrictions and will strain infrastructure.