Andrew Small

Andrew Small

Andrew Small is a freelance writer in Washington, D.C. and a former editorial fellow at CityLab.

A LimeBike is pictured next to a Capital Bikeshare dock.

Bike Share, Unplanned

Three private bike-share companies are determined to shake up the streets of D.C. But what, exactly, are they trying to disrupt?

A Troubled Bike Share Takes a Time-Out

After thefts and vandalism, Baltimore’s new bike share system has suspended operations for a month.  

The One Weird Trick Behind Ford's 'Ghost Driver' Test

To find out how self-driving vehicles communicate with pedestrians and other drivers, a team of experimenters resorted to some fakery.

The Difference a DIY Cultural Revival Can Make

The small city of York, Pennsylvania, bet big on artists to boost economic development. It’s starting to pay off.

Bill de Blasio is pictured.

Lab Report: Bill de Blasio Says Congestion Pricing Isn't 'Fair'

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

Lab Report: America's Great Road Trip to the Eclipse

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

A statue of General J.E.B. Stuart in Richmond, Virginia.

Which Ones Will Fall Next?

The national movement to remove Confederate monuments may only be starting.

Here's the Real Science Behind That Fake Driverless Car

It’s called a Ghost Driver experiment, and it’s not a gag.

When a Neighborhood Says No to Bike Share

A corporate sponsorship from Ford is giving the Bay Area’s bike share program a big boost. But not every community wants in.

Where Edmonton Goes Next

The city that hosted this year’s Habitat for Humanity build also wants to create a downtown that attracts people to stay around after the Alberta oil boom has faded.

New York's Citi Bike Had Its First Fatal Crash

A man was killed Monday morning riding on a Citi Bike in Chelsea.

The Pittsburgh Area Really Did Vote for Trump

Hillary Clinton may have won within city limits, but the metro area was one of the largest to back the president.

People gather in the street near an open gallery in Philadelphia's Old City neighborhood for a "First Friday" event.

Indie Art Has a Walkability Problem

The clustering of artists at First Friday events highlights how affordability usually constrains small-scale art to less-prominent spaces.

The Hottest Bike Takes From CityLab Readers

Here’s a roundup of your cheerful, snarky, delighted, contrarian, inventive, and trolly comments during Bike Week.

We Rode the Copenhagen Wheel

The smart electric conversion is a lot of fun, but is it really the best e-bike for the city?

An illustration of cars and bicycles on a street grid

The Definitive Rules of the Road for Urban Cyclists

We spoke with a riding instructor for advice on how to navigate the city streets with confidence.

For Urban Preservationists, Six Big Saves

The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s new list of the most endangered places in the U.S. looks back at 30 years of going to bat for buildings in need.

Why Do Autocracies Build Taller Skyscrapers?

Short answer: Because they can!

Visualizing Entrepreneurial Networks Via Twitter

To identify business connections across cities, researchers gathered tweets and retweets using the hashtags #smallbiz and #entrepreneur.

Mapping the Modern Transformation of New York City

The New York City Comptroller’s office has a trove of data comparing neighborhood change from 2000 to 2015. We mapped it.