Andrew Small

Andrew Small

Andrew Small is a freelance writer in Washington, D.C. and a former editorial fellow at CityLab.

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Amazon's Seattle headquarters is pictured.

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Donald Trump is pictured.

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Also today: What net neutrality means for the driverless future, and Britain’s next megaproject.

CityLab Daily: A More Diverse Bikeshare

Also today: Mayors speak up for Salvadoran immigrants, and how to create better jobs.

An NYPD officer is pictured.

CityLab Daily: What's Still Unknown About Stop-and-Frisk

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Ben Carson is pictured.

CityLab Daily: HUD Derails a Housing Desegregation Rule

Also today: East Coast cities scramble after the blizzard, and why a new train hall won’t fix Penn Station.

CityLab Daily: Snow-Shovel Ready

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How Washington, D.C., Built a Bike Boom

The city’s pioneering bike-share program and growing network of lanes was key. So is “human infrastructure.”

CityLab Daily: Waze Can't Save You From Holiday Traffic

Congestion in some cities tripled this holiday season.

The Uber app is pictured in from of a taxi sign.

CityLab Daily: More Bad News for Uber

The European Court of Justice says yes, Uber really is a taxi company.

A derailed Amtrak 501 is pictured.

CityLab Daily: A Speeding Train

The Amtrak that crashed in Washington had a “positive train control” system, but it wasn’t activated, NTSB says.

How Should Chicago Spend Its Uber Tax?

The Windy City will make ride-hailing services contribute funding for transit. Here’s how they could use the money.