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How to Make Urban Highways Vanish

Thanks to this free open-source mapping tool, you can digitally demolish your city’s loathed urban expressways and reveal what lies beneath.

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We Rode an Ikea Bike

There’s some assembly required for the Swedish company’s new commuter bicycle, Sladda. Can it handle the rigors of the American city?

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Do Cities Need a Political Movement?

Richard Schragger argues that urban areas will need to work together to flex their might in national politics.

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When Cities Went Electric

You might know about Tesla vs. Edison. In cities, it was Edison vs. Westinghouse.

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Austin (Briefly) Gets a No-Frills Private Bike Share

A San Francisco startup, Spin, debuted a station-free bike share in Austin. Is it the next big thing or are they just spinning their wheels?

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Can D.C's Homeless Live in Discarded Subway Cars?

Visionary architect Arthur Cotton Moore’s latest idea: an affordable housing project built out of old Metro cars.

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What Cities Looked Like Before the EPA

Whatever happens to the Environmental Protection Agency, it has a clear legacy in cities.

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Wastelands Reborn

Turning around abandoned urban spaces sometimes just takes a little imagination.

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Bicycle People: Speak Your Mind

A new survey wants city dwellers on two wheels to add their two cents about cycling infrastructure and culture.

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Is America Breaking Up With Cars?

America hit peak car ownership in 2006. The numbers have been declining since—until recently.

Wisconsin Historical Society/Courtesy of Yale University Press

The Wastelands of Urban Renewal

Through large-scale demolition and clearance, American urban renewal waged a war on perceived waste—and created a new tide of it.

Joseph Pisenti/Real Life Lore

Could the Human Race Fit in a Single City?

How about a single building?

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Are Cities Too Small or Too Big?

To get the most collective benefits out of urban life, we might need more people to live in fewer (but bigger) cities.

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What If Bike Paths Looked Like Subway Maps?

Think maps of bicycle lanes are too complicated? This guy’s fixed it.

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The Four Horsemen of the Bike Share Apocalypse

What kept Seattle’s Pronto! bike share program from thriving? Turns out it was several things.

Joshua Roberts/Reuters

Can Your Budget and Job Survive the Washington Metro?

WAMU, the D.C. area’s public radio station, has launched an interactive online game asking transit riders to commute in someone else’s shoes.

John Gress/Reuters

Donald Trump's Bulldozer Budget

Trump staffers are reportedly building a budget proposal with major cuts to federal agencies and programs. These are the ones that could hit cities the hardest.


The Complete Guide to 'Border Vacuums'

As Jane Jacobs preached, large-scale highways, parks, and big buildings can all divide communities, discouraging street life and sucking the life out of cities. Here’s how to spot (and fix) them.