Andrew Small

Andrew Small

Andrew Small is a freelance writer in Washington, D.C., and author of the CityLab Daily newsletter (subscribe here). He was previously an editorial fellow at CityLab.

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Also: New York City’s self-induced transportation crisis, and the “Dutch reach” comes to driver’s ed.

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Also: Fire trucks are too big, and the tree that ruined your city’s Christmas.

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Also today: How corporate tax incentives rob school budgets, and how cities design themselves.

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Also today: Why Minneapolis just made zoning history, and a debate over Oahu’s ‘monster’ homes.

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Also: Amazon HQ2 and the “gentrification of jobs,” and Philadelphia could be next to provide lawyers for low-income tenants.

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Also: Just how much of the world is urban? And what New Yorkers really think of HQ2.

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Also: ‘Big Fun Art’ spreads to Phoenix, and fighting for water and life in Mexico City.

CityLab Daily: When Self-Driving Cars Meet Florida Drivers

Also: France pumps the brakes on a gas tax increase, and how Obamacare kept people from losing their homes.

A photo of a self-driving Ford Fusion on the streets of Miami.

When Self-Driving Cars Meet Florida Drivers

Ford’s Argo team brought a fleet of autonomous vehicles to the famously congested streets of Miami, in order to test AVs in some real-world situations.

CityLab Daily: The Rise and Fall of the Women’s Restroom Lounge

Also: San Jose wants to be the ultimate foil of Amazon’s HQ2 search, and what’s really happening to retail.

CityLab Daily: Confessions of a Rookie Bus Driver

Also: How to create safer public housing projects, and when Soviet industrial designers imagined a better world.

CityLab Daily: What Border Violence and Urban Policing Have in Common

Also: Amazon’s HQ2 search was about specialized talent, and New York’s small businesses hope for a lifeline.

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Also: A brutally honest appraisal of U.S. transit, and the Red Tide left a mess for Florida’s counties.

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Also: What density means for the last Senate race of 2018, and what Black Friday says about parking in America.

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Also: José Andrés talks about the role of food in disaster recovery, and Dutch cities try out temporary tiny homes.

CityLab Daily: Home for the Holiday

Also: Can Amazon really rename a neighborhood? And why Denver voted to fund mental-health treatment.

CityLab Daily: Is Everyone Driving This Week?

Also: HQ2 was always about transit, and the skyscraper dividing Quebec City.

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Also: Give pay toilets another chance, and Texas cities block out Section 8 renters.

CityLab Daily: To Prevent Wildfires, Fight Sprawl

Also: The geography of corporate headquarters, and Tulsa’s offer to remote workers.

A photo of attendees at the Philadelphia On the Table event.

Philadelphia's Secret Ingredient for More Civic Engagement: a Lot of Food

The Knight Foundation’s “On the Table” series mixes eating and grantmaking with community discussion. Come hungry: It lasts all day.

CityLab Daily: The Movement to Derail Amazon HQ2 Incentives

Also: Millennials are more likely to buy their first homes in cities, and communities of color are more vulnerable to wildfire.