Andrew Small

Andrew Small

Andrew Small is a freelance writer in Washington, D.C., and author of the CityLab Daily newsletter (subscribe here). He was previously an editorial fellow at CityLab.

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Also today: Hyperlooping to Cleveland, and an urbanist syllabus for Black Panther.

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Also today: The attainable wonders of Wakandan transit, and the geography of the U.S. Olympic team.

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Also today: A portrait of Parkland, Florida, and Seattle is winning the war on the car commute.

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Also today: ‘Queering the map,’ and Cape Town adjusts to a water diet.

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Also today: Preemption comes to dockless bikesharing, and the real cause of the opioid crisis.

CityLab Daily: Stop Calling It a Trillion-Dollar Plan

Also today: How to design "age-friendly" cities and why rural Brits outlive their American counterparts.

CityLab Daily: The Infrastructure Weeks to Come

Also today: When trains beat out planes, and “the resistance requires a coin.”

CityLab Daily: Let the Pop-Up Games Begin

Also today: New Orleans wants to keep an eye on you, and a better way to measure density.

CityLab Daily: Don't Mess With the Census

Also today: Pittsburgh’s mayor talks autonomous vehicles, and a new way to find LGBT-friendly housing.

Puerto Rico hurricane debris is pictured.

CityLab Daily: 'This Isn’t a Good Place for a House'

Also today: The mind-boggling toll of traffic, and Maryland offers Amazon a “blank check.”

CityLab Daily: Working Inside the Millennial Id

Also today: Cities can’t fix what’s wrong with American government, and how tax cuts could change the electoral map.

A derailed Amtrak is pictured.

CityLab Daily: The Problem With Just Blaming Amtrak

Also today: Philly celebrates, and Amazon gets a plea for inclusivity.

CityLab Daily: Late-Breaking Scoop

Also today: Could self-driving trucks be good for drivers?

LA Metro is pictured.

CityLab Daily: More Transit, Fewer Riders

Also today: Density’s next frontier, and why tech companies shouldn’t plan our cities.

Donald Trump is pictured.

CityLab Daily: Not Exactly Building Bridges

Also today: “Things are not OK,” San Juan’s mayor says, and a utopian town demolishes its own history.

What Millennial Mayors Are Doing for City Hall

“What happens very quickly is that your generation becomes part of the story and your face becomes part of the message.”

CityLab Daily: The Ultimate Guide to Amazon's HQ2 Hunger Games

Also today: The case for reforming rent control, and the imperfect science of mapping the flu.

CityLab Daily: How Cities Can Fund the Future

Also today: Infrastructure at the State of the Union, and mayors pressure Congress for housing funds.