Andrew Small

Andrew Small

Andrew Small is a freelance writer in Washington, D.C., and author of the CityLab Daily newsletter (subscribe here). He was previously an editorial fellow at CityLab.

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Can Minnesota Get Dockless Bikesharing to Play Nice?

The Twin Cities’ docked system has a proposal to go dockless—without the chaos and sidewalk clutter.

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Also: The cities where you get the most bang for your buck, and what’s the deal with giant games in parks and plazas?

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Ghost Bikes, Infrastructure of Grief

Part memorial, part protest symbol, these all-white bicycles mark the places where cyclists have been killed by cars.

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Also: More cities want “democracy vouchers,” and why this housing spike is different.

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Ofo Beats a Retreat From the Dockless Bikesharing Battle

Blaming regulations, the China-based company pulls back from the U.S. market.

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Also today: It’s electric moped time, and the economic toll of New York’s inaccessible subway.

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Also: When paying high rent is “saving” for the future, and the case for renaming Austin.