Andrew Small

Andrew Small

Andrew Small is a freelance writer in Washington, D.C., and author of the CityLab Daily newsletter (subscribe here). He was previously an editorial fellow at CityLab.

A photo of a DART light rail train in Dallas, Texas.

What Cities Are Getting Wrong About Public Transportation

Cities could get more people walking, biking, and riding transit, according to a new report, if they just know where to look for improvement.

CityLab Daily: Why Detroiters Didn’t Trust the City’s Free Trees

Also: The ‘Childless City’ is mostly a myth, and the shutdown could delay key tax refunds.

CityLab Daily: The L.A. Teachers Strike Isn’t Just About Wages

Also: Seattle braces for traffic doom, and hard lessons from Baltimore’s bus redesign.

CityLab Daily: Why Cities, Not Individuals, Should Shovel Snowy Sidewalks

Also: Making opportunity zones work in Chicago, and the language debate inside Japan's convenience stores.

CityLab Daily: What I Learned After My Scooter Crash

Also: NYC’s “health care for all,” explained. And where low-income renters face eviction thanks to the shutdown.

CityLab Daily: ‘Each Day the Shutdown Continues, Our Residents Suffer’

Also: How landlords push Section 8 renters to poorer neighborhoods, and Kate McKinnon’s cameo in the war on cars.

CityLab Daily: NYC’s $100 Million Plan for the Uninsured

Also: The geography of fitness centers, and what it’s like to be a street food vendor in Mexico City.

CityLab Daily: Are Americans Really Ditching Their Cars?

Also: What happened to NYC’s L Train shutdown? And L.A. debuts its earthquake alert app.

CityLab Daily: Will Elizabeth Warren Bring Fair Housing to the 2020 Race?

Also: California’s post-lawn future, and how New York made large-scale affordable housing work.

CityLab Daily: Des Moines Wants to Be the Affordable City for Artists

Also today: The British towns that aren’t breaking up with Europe, and it’s time to start eating roadkill.

CityLab Daily: How to Fund NYC’s Subway Repairs

Also: Why doesn’t London protect its nightclubs? And the legacy of Quebec’s subsidized daycare.

A photo of e-scooters covered in snow in Kansas City in November.

Winter Is Coming, for Scooters

Can electric scooter services like Lime and Bird handle plunging temps and snow?  

a photo of a woman riding a Bird scooter in Paris, France.

2018 Was the Year of the Scooter

Scooters are dorky, polarizing, dangerous, fun, and maybe even useful. They could also be the kick in the butt that cities need to demand safe streets.

CityLab Daily: The Who’s Who of Urbanism

Also: The concerning rise of dollar stores, and Tokyo wants people to stand on both sides of the escalator.

CityLab Daily: Dig Your Crazy Tunnel, Elon!

Also: Where fast-growing companies want to be, and what older people can learn from parkour.

CityLab Daily: A Prayer for the Post Office

Also: France’s gas tax protests should be a warning for California, and New York takes aim at sexual harassment in nightlife.

CityLab Daily: How Cities Could Make the Uber/Lyft IPO Pay Off

Also: The city where kids are little “revolutionaries,” and why Apple bet on Austin’s suburbs.

CityLab Daily: So You Want to Be a Night Mayor

Also: Why is it legal for landlords to refuse Section 8 renters? And the case for teaching architecture in school.

CityLab Daily: Apple Gets Bigger in Texas

Also: New York City’s self-induced transportation crisis, and the “Dutch reach” comes to driver’s ed.

CityLab Daily: Why Can't Uber and Lyft Be More Wheelchair-Friendly?

Also: Fire trucks are too big, and the tree that ruined your city’s Christmas.