Andrew Small

Andrew Small

Andrew Small is a freelance writer in Washington, D.C., and author of the CityLab Daily newsletter (subscribe here). He was previously an editorial fellow at CityLab.

Scooter Riders Hate Wearing Helmets. Maybe This Will Help.

As the debate over electric scooters and safety continues, Bird is trying to tap the power of the selfie to encourage riders to don protective headgear.  

CityLab Daily: Housing Makes the Debate Stage

Also: The future of the street light might be in the past, and a London funeral home gives death a style makeover.

CityLab Daily: When Residents Support Solar—Just ‘Not in My Backyard’

Also: Ride-hailing cars are turning into high-tech billboards, and Berlin wants to freeze rents for 5 years.

CityLab Daily: Why Public Transit Is an Equity Battleground

Also: My fight with a sidewalk robot, and the three personalities of America, mapped.

CityLab Daily: How Go-Go Became Gentrification's Kryptonite

Also: Holland aims to bring back its starry nights, and why is California approving so many new oil wells?

CityLab Daily: Inside the Green New Deal for Public Housing

Also: How the disappearing towns of Japan struggle to survive, and what’s behind the wave of urban protests?

CityLab Daily: The HQ2 Competition, One Year Later

Also: How advertising conquered urban space, and AOC and Bernie Sanders have a plan to decarbonize U.S. public housing.

photo: Interstate 70 near Odessa, Mo.

A Transportation Grant Program's Trump-Era Rebrand

Under Trump, an Obama-era transportation grant program designed to fund innovative multi-modal projects became a rural highway-building machine.

CityLab Daily: What Happens When Venice Floods

Also: The Paris Metro is full, and how Ronald Reagan halted the early anti-gentrification movement.

CityLab Daily: The True Price of Transportation Anarchy

Also: How cities and states can stop the incentives madness, and reviving the utopian dreams of Tony Garnier.

photo: Bike and pedestrian advocates participate in a "die-in" for better traffic safety in Washington, D.C.

Are D.C.’s Streets Finally Getting Safer?

As the District lagged on its Vision Zero goals, bike and pedestrian advocates in Washington turned traffic fatalities into a rallying cry, and got results.  

CityLab Daily: Another Mayor for President?

Also: How Seattle’s city council race became the Amazon election, and how communities can build psychological resilience to disaster.

CityLab Daily: The Empty Promise of a Clear Backpack

Also: The changing demographics of America’s suburbs, and the slave revolt reenactment taking over New Orleans.

CityLab Daily: Counting America’s Votes

Also: Smashing the great pumpkin-waste problem, and California’s wildfires are not a morality tale.

CityLab Daily: Election Watch

Also: The sum of all 2020 Census fears, and how airline deregulation contributed to America’s regional inequality.

CityLab Daily: Pete Buttigieg’s Climate Vision

Also: How “Blade Runner” and sci-fi made everything dystopian, and Donald Trump was never a real New Yorker.

CityLab Daily: Who Wore It Best

Also: The particular creativity of dense urban neighborhoods, and how Helsinki built “book heaven.”

CityLab Daily: Why the ‘Trick-or-Treat Test’ Still Matters

Also: It’s getting riskier to bike and walk after dark, and America has a Halloween costume equity gap.

CityLab Daily: Dave Grohl Has a Pro-Rock Urban Policy Agenda

Also: Uber’s beef with Los Angeles is bigger than data, and urban and suburban lifestyles are more similar than you think.

photo: Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl speaking at CityLab DC.

Dave Grohl Has a Pro-Rock Urban Policy Agenda

At CityLab DC, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl described how playing in bands changed his life—and what cities can do to cultivate their scenes.