Andrew Zaleski

Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

San Francisco to Delivery Robots: Get Off the Damn Sidewalk

A city lawmaker has proposed legislation banning autonomous delivery-bots. But the battle over who gets to use the sidewalk may just be getting started.

Mark Lennihan/AP

Cities Seek Deliverance From the E-Commerce Boom

It’s the flip-side to the “retail apocalypse:” A siege of delivery trucks is threatening to choke cities with traffic. But not everyone agrees on what to do about it.

Heino Kalis/Reuters

The Urban Drone Invasion is Nigh

Will unmanned aerial vehicles make city life easier, safer, or just weirder?

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Smith Island Is Sinking Into the Chesapeake Bay

Climate change threatens to drown the Maryland island.


How Keeping Track of Slumlords Became One Baltimore Woman's Full-Time Job

Carol Ott spends her days publicly shaming bad property owners, despite hate mail and death threats.


Is Broadband for All Even Possible?

The District of Columbia is trying to bring high-speed internet to more of its residents. But it's much more complicated than anyone imagined.


The Awesome Power of ToolBanks

A simple idea has exponential benefits for cities and communities.


Do Passing Distance Laws Really Protect Cyclists?

Three and four-foot rules are springing up across the country, but their benefits are debatable.