Anna Valmero

Anna Valmero is a freelance journalist covering environment and climate change stories in the Philippines and Asia. Her work has appeared in Climate Wire, Thomson Reuters, SciDev.Net and Yahoo! News, among others.

Cleaning Up Manila's Pasig River, One Tributary at a Time

A crew of “River Warriors” patrol the waterway, pulling out trash and working with residents to dispose of waste properly.

The Long-Term Impact of a Month Without Cars

Two years after the ‘ecomobility’ festival, cars are back—but less loved—in Suwon, South Korea.

How One Manila Company Is Helping Female Entrepreneurs Modernize a Traditional Business

Sari-sari stores are ubiquitous in Philippine cities, and nearly all of them are owned by women—who are now bringing their businesses into the future.

A Cemetery's Revival Signals 'Womb to Tomb' City Services

The coming wave of global urban growth will also produce a massive wave of urban death. This city in the Philippines has ideas for how to handle it.