Anthony Flint

Anthony Flint is a fellow at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, a think tank in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is the author of Modern Man: The Life of Le Corbusier, Architect of Tomorrow and Wrestling with Moses: How Jane Jacobs Took On New York's Master Builder and Transformed the American City.

photo: a mask-wearing pedestrian in NYC

The Coronavirus Pandemic Makes a Case for Megaregions

As multistate pacts emerge across the U.S., a once-obscure planning framework is being used to help coordinate reopening local economies.

photo: Masdar City in Abu Dhabi

What Abu Dhabi’s City of the Future Looks Like Now

At the UN’s World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi, attendees toured Masdar City, the master-planned eco-complex designed to show off the UAE’s commitment to sustainability.

photo: an aerial view of downtown Hartford, CT

The Downtown Highway That Could Drive Hartford’s Comeback

The Connecticut capital has been using zoning and transit reforms to stage a downtown recovery. But there’s one big thing in the way: an aging interstate.

A photo of a new apartment building under construction in Boston.

How to Block Multi-Family Housing, Boston-Style

Despite the area’s progressive politics, NIMBY-minded residents in and around Boston are skilled in keeping residential construction at bay.

The interior of Grand Central Station

The Price of Saving Grand Central Terminal

The Supreme Court ruling that rescued the icon also opened the door for other, more controversial preservation cases.

The writer Tom Wolfe in 2016.

Tom Wolfe on 5 Cities

The late journalist and novelist was an exuberant chronicler of urban settings.

Boston Wants People To Build Tiny Houses In Their Yards

The city is showing off a prototype for “pop-up” affordable housing—and easing rules on accessory dwelling units.

'Kelo' Goes to Hollywood

The new movie Little Pink House dramatizes the Supreme Court decision that changed the way Americans saw eminent domain.

A man with a small boy on his shoulders walks through Villa 31, an informal settlement in Buenos Aires.

Letting Slum Residents Control Their Own Destiny

At UN-Habitat’s World Urban Forum 9, a pressing question was how to integrate informal settlements into the formal city. Community land trusts might be the way to start.

In October, Uber drivers in Sao Paulo staged a protest over impending ride-hailing regulations.

Uber and Lyft Should Pay for the Streets

The case for levying a road user fee on ride-hailing companies.

Infrastructure's Big Moment Is Coming

With a promised $1 trillion in investments on the horizon, U.S. cities could see an historic building boom. But today’s shovel-ready project can be tomorrow’s expensive mistake.

How to Start Thinking About What a Trump Presidency Means for Cities

There are more questions than answers for now, but let’s begin here.

At Habitat III, a Rethinking of the Urban Development Paradigm

The concept of “value capture” surfaces as a possible path to more equitable growth.

And Now, Habitat III, the Olympics of Urbanization

The UN summit, coming in October, happens only every 20 years and aims to chart the path of global cities in the 21st Century.

Tim Kaine's Urbanist Bona Fides

The former governor and mayor has a decent record of fighting sprawl.

How One Colorado City Instantly Created Affordable Housing

Relaxing rules on “Accessory Dwelling Units” drastically increased affordable housing stock in the small city of Durango.

Are 'Innovation Districts' Right for Every City?

“Labeling something innovative does not make it so.”

The Land-Use Reinvention of Cape Canaveral

In its quest to remain relevant, NASA has turned to creative, adaptive reuse principles for the Kennedy Space Center.

Landmarks of Boston, in Trouble

The future of both the Citgo sign in Kenmore Square and the Old Northern Avenue Bridge are suddenly in question.

The Fight Against the Lower Manhattan Expressway

A new exhibit shows how residents' organized resistance to a major highway through SoHo influenced modern community-involved planning.

What NASA Can Teach Urban Planners

“As we go and work there, we’re going to live there.”