Ashish Malhotra

Ashish Malhotra

Ashish Malhotra is a freelance journalist based in New Delhi. In addition to writing for CityLab, he works as a correspondent for Deutsche Welle and The Times of London. He has previously held positions at Al Jazeera English and The Hindustan Times.

A man works on his laptop as he waits for a train at a metro station in Delhi in 2014.

Can the Affluent Be Convinced to Ride Transit in Delhi?

Despite severe air pollution, higher-income residents of Delhi prefer to drive or hail cars rather than ride the metro. What will change their minds?

A man running in a gas mask, surrounding by other racers

The Runners Racing Through Delhi's Smog

The city’s air-quality crisis coincided with the half-marathon. Some runners weren’t deterred.

An abandoned sign on the site of the now demolished Hall of Nations in New Delhi.

What's Next For New Delhi's Pragati Maidan?

With the dust barely settled from a controversial demolition, the Indian government has its sights on what might be the most ambitious plans in the history of independent India.

The Pragati Maidan building in India

New Delhi's Modernist Icons Are Under Threat

“We are being ruled by people who are, let’s say, architecturally illiterate.”