Aviva Shen

Aviva Shen is a journalist in New Orleans. She was previously a senior editor at Think Progress, and has written for The Guardian, Smithsonian, and other outlets.

New Orleans Eyes Bars and Restaurants as New Focus of Surveillance

The city is considering an unprecedented real-time monitoring proposal, in what could be the latest escalation of surveillance trends.

What Happens When a School Stops Arresting Kids for Throwing Skittles

School officials in Jefferson Parish have embraced a much softer approach to discipline than just a few years ago. And suspensions are down dramatically.

New Orleans' Great Bail Reform Experiment

The most incarcerated city in the most incarcerated state is experimenting with programs to reduce its jail population. And so far, they seem to be working.

A resident pushes wheelbarrow across a flooded street in the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav in New Orleans.

The Case for the Flood-Proof Lawn

New Orleans’ water infrastructure needs a lot of work. In the meantime, some residents are taking a new street-level approach to dealing with a deluge.