Ben Adler

Ben Adler is a journalist in New York City. He has been a reporter for Newsweek, Politico, and The Nation and has written for The American Prospect, New York, and City Limits, among other publications.

In the Trump Era, All Climate Progress Will Be Local

If the federal government stops funding scientific research, cities might have to pick up the slack.

Care About Global Climate Change? Then Fight Local Air Pollution

The dirty fuels that cause particulate pollution are the same dirty fuels that cause global warming.

Even if Private Schools Didn't Exist, There Would Still Be Rich Suburbs

Families with options find all sorts of ways to avoid under-performing schools.

What the Latest Report on Racial Inequality Doesn't Tell Us

New numbers from the Urban Institute require some context.

Bloomberg's Long War Against Protests

The New York City mayor's decision to clear out Occupy Wall Street is just the latest example of his autocratic leanings