Benjamin Schneider

Benjamin Schneider

Benjamin Schneider is an editorial fellow at CityLab.

Alphabet Announces Plan to Turn Toronto Neighborhood into Living Laboratory

The development is the company's first foray into what it has described as "rebuilding cities from the Internet up.”

In 'The Mayor,' Populism Goes to City Hall

The new ABC comedy about a rapper turned mayor flips the mirror back on coastal America in the Trump era.

In 'Neo Yokio,' Dystopia Looks All Too Real

The new Netflix show depicts New York City's problems in their most extreme, playfully modeling how the city shouldn’t be.

The Commuter Parking Benefit Is Seriously Hurting Cities

The federal government spends $7.6 billion a year paying people to drive to work, and it’s making traffic and pollution worse. Here’s how some cities are fighting back.

How Park(ing) Day Went Global

One tiny DIY parklet became a model for reclaiming streets around the world.

Amazon's Seattle headquarters is pictured.

The Ultimate List of Top Contenders for Amazon's HQ2

We sorted through the longshots and likely contenders so you don’t have to.

Cars slowed to a standstill on an elevated highway above trees and water with power lines running parallel

Mapping the Mass Exodus From Florida by Land, Sea, and Sky

Here’s how residents of Miami-Dade County are fleeing the path of Hurricane Irma.

Amazon boxes are pictured.

Lab Report: How Seattle Reacted to Amazon's 'HQ2'

A morning roundup of the day’s news.

Mapping the Ebb and Flow of Transit Around the World

Who knew transit timetables could be so zen?

A Small Town's Adventures in Tactical Urbanism

A weekend-long experiment in Barberton, Ohio, showed residents how they can benefit from human-centered urban design.

A residential area in San Jose, California, is pictured.

What Will It Take to Fix San Jose's Housing Crisis?

The city has an ambitious plan to build more homes, but it’s not set up for success just yet.

Visualize the Path of the Eclipse With Live Traffic Data

On Google Maps, a mass migration in progress.

Snap Map is pictured on a phone.

Snapchat's Foray Into the Future of Maps

The app’s newest feature combines two major trends in modern cartography: mapping life in real time, and mapping subjective, emotional information.

A Glorious Infographic of North America's Transit Fleets

Check out these meticulously detailed infographics of every public transportation mode in 24 major cities.

Air Conditioning Is Menacing the Soul of the Pacific Northwest

In a region known for its kindly climate, residents are being forced to adapt to unfamiliar extremes

Do Driverless Cars Need Their Own Roads Around Manhattan?

A concept for AV expressways promises to reduce travel times, but falls into an old trap of car-centric planning.

What Keeps Bike Share White

It’s not a lack of interest, but a lack of information.