Bill Kubota

Bill Kubota is the Senior Producer for Detroit Public Television’s One Detroit initiative, which provides programing and online content for PBS stations and the Detroit Journalism Cooperative.

A church in Detroit just before its demolition in the early 1980s

A Documentary Looks Back at GM’s History in Detroit’s Poletown

“These people responsible for this are worse than the communists in Poland,” one local said when General Motors razed the neighborhood in the early 1980s.

Former Michigan State Representative Rashida Tlaib had samples of petcoke dust tested for toxicity.

How Detroit Beat 'Fugitive Dust'

Over industry objections, the city passed a new set of environmental regulations when residents complained about clouds of black petroleum-byproduct dust.

Fighting Gun Violence By Treating It Like a Disease

As murder rates rise in Detroit, doctors at a local hospital are working to keep shooting victims from ending up back in the ER.