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Mike Ford

The Future of 'Hip-Hop Architecture'

Michael Ford explains how he’s building a movement to reclaim urban design from the failures of the 1970s.

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How to Keep Closing Prisons in a Trump Era

Despite the rhetoric from the president and the Justice Department, the movement to resist mass incarceration has a way forward.  

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At the EPA, It's the End of an Era

Until he resigned, Mustafa Ali was the EPA’s most senior official on environmental and climate justice.

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How New York City Killed Kalief Browder

A talk with Nicole and Deion Browder, siblings of Kalief Browder, whose suicide in 2015 came after a morbid ordeal with New York City’s criminal justice system.

Time: The Kalief Browder Story (Facebook)

What Jeff Sessions Could Learn From Kalief Browder

Arrested at 16 and unjustly jailed for three years, Browder took his life in 2015. A new six-part documentary series, executive produced by Jay Z, exposes the many ways the criminal justice system failed him.  

"Get Out"

The Horror of 'Get Out' Is Everywhere

You can take the horror film out of the city and out of the suburbs, and racism for black people will still be scary.

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What Police and Poor Communities Really Think of Each Other

People in high-crime neighborhoods are willing to partner with law enforcement, new research shows—but they’re wary of how they’ll be treated.

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Louisville Confronts Its Redlining Past and Present

A new online mapping project is aimed at dismantling the Kentucky city’s grim legacy of racial segregation.

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The Meaning of Blight

A word that was originally about plant diseases became “infused with racial and ethnic prejudice” when it moved to the city.

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Understanding a St. Louis Mayoral Candidate's Viral Takedown of a Local Newspaper

Just in case you have any questions about Tishaura Jones’s letter slamming the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s editorial board, CityLab has you covered.

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Ex-Police Chiefs To Trump: Listen to Us

Former New Orleans Police Chief Ron Serpas talks about how law enforcement can get the new administration’s attention on the best ways to fight crime.

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Is 'Reverse Racism' Among Police Real?

Several recent studies claim that police officers are more likely to shoot white civilians than black civilians; one new one claims the opposite. Who’s right?

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Where Is the Real 'Homegrown Terrorism' Coming From?

A New Jersey domestic terrorism threat level assessment now places black separatists in the same category as ISIS.

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Pittsburgh Mayor: 'We Follow the Constitution, Not Executive Orders'

Bill Peduto talks about why he joined airport protests, his take on the Uber backlash, and the perils of a being a sanctuary city in the Rust Belt.

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The Mayor Who Broke Harrisburg

Six-term mayor Stephen Reed’s wild corruption scandal brought the Pennsylvania capital to the brink of bankruptcy. But the city’s residents will end up paying for his crimes.

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Where Voter Fraud Still Exists

If Donald Trump is looking for voter fraud, he need only look at the many attested cases of “voter dilution” that rob minorities of their political power.


Design as Protest During the Trump Era

Urban planners and designers were also involved in political resistance actions over inauguration weekend.

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Chicago Cops, Unaccountable by Design

The U.S. Justice Department’s recently released findings of its investigation into the Chicago Police Department shows how one city obstructed its own paths to law enforcement accountability.