Brian Alexander

Brian Alexander is a contributing writer for The Atlantic. He is the author of Glass House: The 1% Economy and the Shattering of the All-American Town.

An overhead shot of the buildings and roads of a small town in Connecticut.

What America Is Losing as Its Small Towns Struggle

To erode small-town culture is to erode the culture of the nation.

A group of people stand on a hill overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge

Privatization Is Changing America's Relationship With Its Physical Stuff

Turning more and more infrastructure projects over to outside companies makes citizens more like customers.

Moving trailers sit in a parking lot in Biloxi, Mississippi

If Declining Towns 'Deserve to Die,' Where Should Their Residents Go?

Some economists and pundits claim Americans aren’t moving enough, but how people should respond to that is unclear.

The Ghost Bosses

Private-equity firms have been rapidly buying and selling off companies for decades, and workers in Lancaster, Ohio, are living with the consequences.