Brian Feldman

Brian Feldman writes for The Atlantic Wire.

The Washington Monument Is Finally Reopening

Three years and $15 million later, the restored monument will be ready for visitors again this afternoon.

Rob Ford Caught Allegedly Smoking Crack on Video Again, 'Taking a Break'

In a statement, the mayor said he'll be taking a "leave" from his campaign and official duties, but has no plans to step down.

Driver Beaten Up By Crowd After Striking 10-Year-Old

When pickup driver Steve Utash stepped out of his car to check on the victim, he was attacked by a group of onlookers.

Crimea Is Causing a Minor Crisis for Cartographers

How should maps refer to disputed territories?

Los Angeles City Council Approves E-Cig Ban

In public, at least.

Atlanta Claims That It's Ready for Snow This Time

We'll see how it goes.

There Are No Gay People in Sochi, Says the Mayor of Sochi

"I am not sure, but I don't bloody know them."

Chicago's Gun Control Law Is Ruled Unconstitutional

A federal judge ruled it illegal to have a blanket prohibition on gun stores operating in the city.

Who Profits During a Government Shutdown?

Bars, Alexandria, and private museums.

13 People, Including a 3-Year-Old, Shot in a Chicago Park

All are expected to survive; police say the attack was gang-related.

Starbucks Asks Gun Owners to Keep Weapons Out of Their Stores

It's a request, not an outright ban, because who wants to confront a customer with a weapon?

At Least 3 Dead in Colorado Flooding

Thousands are relocating to higher ground.