Bruce Katz

Bruce Katz

Bruce Katz is the director of the Nowak Metro Finance Lab at Drexel University and the co-author of The New Localism: How Cities Can Thrive in the Age of Populism.

A photo of boats along the Copenhagen waterfront in 2017.

What Can European Socialists Teach the American Left?

In the cities of Northern Europe, social democracy has a sophisticated playbook that balances public and private interests.

Cities: Don’t Just Wait for the Feds

Even after the current occupant of the White House moves on, the federal government will be severely limited in its ability to deal with the nation’s most pressing problems.

How Cities Can Fund the Future

Local governments are far from broke—if they can tap their enormous market power.

Mayoral Powers in the Age of New Localism

U.S. mayors are on the front lines of major global and societal change. It’s time for them to lead beyond the limits of their formal powers.

The Refugee Crisis Is a City Crisis

World leaders are negotiating a global compact on refugees. Urban leaders need a seat at that table.

Why the Future Looks Like Pittsburgh

The city’s rise as a global innovation city reflects decades of investment in emerging technology, a new Brookings report says.

The Untapped Wealth of American Cities

Compared to counterparts overseas, cities in the U.S. are terrible at managing their public assets, a new book argues.

Macron's 3 Metropolitan Challenges

From France, lessons in negotiating the issues facing U.S. cities, from immigration to economic anxiety.  

Onlookers survey the skyline of Seattle, Washington.

America Needs a 'Metropolitan Party'

The way back to political sanity runs though the cities—so it’s time for a national political party focused entirely on urban areas.

Red State/Blue City Isn't the Whole Story

Today’s reality begs for a more comprehensive understanding of the relations between states and localities.

The 5 Kinds of Cities We'll See in the Populist Era

Will your city go into triage mode, double down on progressive policies, or flex its financial muscle in 2017?

The Future of U.S. Redevelopment Financing: China?

China is considering investing in major projects in San Francisco. Could this be the way forward for cash-strapped cities?

What the Federal Government Can Learn From Metros

The innovative solutions we've showcased this week should inspire Washington

Empowering Regions to Reinvent Themselves

In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave ten regions the opportunity to propose their own economic fixes

Bringing Ohio's Rust Belt Industries Into the 21st Century

A regional organization helps old commodities industries find new niches for their products

Bridges and Roads to a Better Michigan

Michigan's governor believes better infrastructure will make the state a bigger global economic hub

Targeting an Achievement Gap in One of the Country's Most Educated Metros

King County, Wash., takes aim at cultivating local talent for its growing economy

North Carolina Seeks Its Next Generation of Workers

SuccessNC looks to improve the state's community college system and in turn, its students

Los Angeles Doubles Down on Exports

A newly formed council hopes to make L.A.'s access to other markets more profitable for local companies

San Diego Pushes Hard on Electric Vehicles

A public/private partnership that will help better understand EV consumer behavior