Cassie Werber

Cassie Werber is a reporter for Quartz.

The Paris Attacks Will Make Things Even Harder for Europe’s Refugees

Immigration opponents are already using the violence to justify exclusionary policies.

How to Actually Help the Refugees Flooding Into Europe

They don't need more clothes. But these contributions really do make a difference.

Once Dead, London’s Thames River Is Now Teeming With Marine Mammals

There are seals, porpoises, and even a whale or two.

London's Tube Will Soon Run All Night

All-night service will begin in September 2015, but it will be confined to the weekends and selected routes.

Copenhagen's Pioneering Bike Share Program Is Days Away From Being Scrapped

The Danish capital is embroiled in a battle with the company responsible for providing fancy new bikes for the program.

Londoners Will Share Their Newest Swimming Pool With Plants And Animals

The pool is part of the redevelopment of Kings Cross Station and the area around it.

Finland Is Building a Huge Solar Farm in a City With 3.5 Hours of Winter Daylight

This is a particularly extreme example of the big problem renewable energy sources like wind and solar face—namely that the sun isn't always out and the wind isn't always blowing.

Builders in Europe's Crowded, Ancient Cities Are Constantly Digging Up Dead People

Excavations of mass graves have delayed a new train ticket hall in London and a supermarket development in Paris.

A Run-Down Welsh City Plans to Power Its Homes by Harnessing the Tides

A plan is underway in Swansea to construct the first power station in the world based on a man-made tidal lagoon.

Watch the Rising Sun Meet the Northern Lights in This NASA Video

This clip is only 15 seconds long, but it is incredible.