Claire Tran

Claire Tran

Claire Tran is an editorial fellow at CityLab.

A close-up of a sink

Where Americans Lack Running Water, Mapped

“Plumbing poverty”—a lack of access to running water, a flush toilet, and an indoor bath or shower—is skewed across racial and socioeconomic lines.

A row of shikumen lanehouses in front of glass skyscrapers in Shanghai

The Last of Shanghai's Historic Shikumen Houses, in Photos

Built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, shikumen houses are barely holding on in the modern megacity.  

Rendering of the Fusion Arena in Philadelphia, designed by Populous.

How to Design an Esports Arena

An architect working on Philadelphia’s future esports arena explains the basics of designing for video-game competitions.

A rendering of Oakland, California, that replaces Interstate 980 with a surface boulevard

Here Are the Urban Highways That Deserve to Die

The Congress for New Urbanism once again ranks the most-loathed urban freeways in North America—and makes the case for tearing them down.

A bronze pin of Boston City Hall

For Boston City Hall’s 50th Birthday, a Commemorative Pin

The city’s most polarizing building is now officially middle-aged and a couple of fans have reproduced a pin that was given out during its opening week celebrations in 1969.

White tulips and signs for accessible transit lay outside the 7th Avenue subway station

Accessibility Advocates Rally Over Mother’s Death on Subway Stairs

A young mother carrying a baby and stroller died after falling down NYC’s subway stairs. Accessibility advocates took to the streets to say MTA needs more elevators.

A Chinese takeout box and a Christmas tree

The Data Doesn’t Lie: Chinese Food Really Is a Christmas Tradition

We used Yelp and Google Trends data to see if people really swap the eggnog for chow fun.

A gradient blue map of hospital travel times by Pew Research Center

For Rural Americans, Healthcare and Hospitals Can Be Far Away

A new Pew Research Center study finds rural Americans face longer travel times to hospitals and feel they have lower quality healthcare than urban residents.

A photo of the LOOP card game

Experience the Joy and Pain of Chicago Transit, in a Card Game

LOOP is both a card game and a tribute to the city’s famous L trains.

A blue and orange map of U.S.-born children with at least one undocumented parent

How a Trump Birthright Citizenship Order Would Affect Millions of Children

If the prevailing application of the 14th Amendment no longer holds, new data documents where the children who would be affected by an executive order live.

A photo of three phones with Uber app open, proclaiming It's Election Day!

Free Rides and Office Holidays: The Companies Making It Easier to Vote

Instead of voter suppression, these companies and transit agencies are engaged in voter support. They want to make access to the polls easier on Election Day.

Kids eating pizza in costume on Halloween.

The Towns Where Trick-or-Treaters May Run Afoul of the Law

From California to Maryland, local ordinances penalize trick-or-treating by teens, after 8 p.m., or even while wearing a mask.  

A pink-shaded map of Los Angeles showing student debt burden

The Neighborhoods Buried In Student Debt

How much of your paycheck goes towards student loans?

After the Storm, a Flood of Data

As Hurricane Florence battered the Carolinas, navigation apps and mapping companies tracked road closures and evacuations.

A person walks down a New York subway station

The Economic Toll of New York's Inaccessible Subway

If you can’t do stairs, half the city’s neighborhoods are transit deserts, according to a new report.

Jonathan Van Ness and Mayor Ted Terry in a salon

What Happens When a Georgia Mayor Gets a Queer Eye Makeover

Hint: The Millennial mayor grew back his “resistance beard.”

A rendering of a double-decker bus

Electric Double-Decker Buses Are Coming to L.A.

They’re not just for sightseeing anymore.