Daniel Denvir

Daniel Denvir

Daniel Denvir is a Rhode Island-based contributing writer to CityLab and a former staff reporter at Philadelphia City Paper.

Curbing the Unchecked Power of the U.S. Border Patrol

Though it is a domestic law enforcement agency, its actions are shrouded in a veil of secrecy similar to that of military and intelligence operations.

Can Los Angeles Beat the Olympics' Cost Curse?

The city already has existing infrastructure for the games. But increasingly, no cities want to take on the cost overruns of hosting the Olympics.

The Alt-Weekly Death Spiral Strikes Philadelphia

Philadelphia City Paper, remembered.

Violent Crime Rates: Still Declining

Nationwide, there were no signs of a violent crime wave in 2014. Quite the opposite.

One Thing HUD Can Do To Save Trailer Parks

If the agency required localities to provide data on mobile home parks and their closing, scholars could begin to understand “the social and spacial pressures that under-gird them."

In L.A., Homeless Advocates Are Unimpressed With Their City's 'State of Emergency'

"Right now we have a Hollywood moment.”

What Pope Francis Should Know About the Philly Jail He's Visiting

I started covering guard abuse at Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility last fall. Here’s what I would tell Francis.

The Other Affordable Housing Crisis

Mobile home park residents typically own their homes but not the ground beneath them. When land values rise, that’s a problem.

The Long, Ugly History of 'Law and Order' Candidates

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign rhetoric carries with it a deeply unsubtle context.

How to Stop Misreading Homicide Statistics

Yes, some U.S. cities have experienced an uptick in murders this summer. Here’s what that doesn’t mean.

The Business Case for Legalizing Weed in Rhode Island

There are many reasons the tiny state should rush to be the first on the East Coast to make the sale of recreational pot legal.

A Summer of Anti-Homeless Rhetoric

In the midst of a heated presidential campaign, society’s most vulnerable people have become the latest punching bag.

The Coming Storm Over 'Stingray' Surveillance by Police

The technology is being deployed in secret by departments across the country, according to a recent investigative report.

The Key Ingredient in Stop-and-Frisk Reform: Open Data

You can't fix what you don't understand.

The Danger in Recording a Cop

Not all U.S. federal courts have fully backed the right to record police activity. And that matters when it comes to the potential for retaliation.

The Murder Case That's Shaping the GOP Race

Since the July 1 killing of Kathryn Steinle, anti-immigrant sentiment has defined the Republican primary.

Do Outdoor Smoking Bans Mostly Punish the Homeless?

Providence, Rhode Island, is considering banning smoking throughout its downtown business district. But critics worry it’s a pretext to force homeless people out of public parks and plazas.

Why Baltimore Leaders Are Fighting Over a Milwaukee-Inspired Homicide Commission

A similar program has been credited with reducing gun violence in Wisconsin, but Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby has been accused of effectively killing it.

Everyone Has the Right to Mouth Off to Cops

U.S. courts have made this clear again and again and again.

Peeing Is Not a Crime

Don't waste money policing public urinators—invest in public restrooms instead.

Now More Than Ever, It Sucks to Be Homeless in L.A.

Tough new ordinances seek to seize the property of homeless people across the city. And there's likely more to come.