David Dudley

David Dudley

David Dudley is the executive editor of CityLab. He is the former editor in chief of Urbanite magazine and a former features editor for AARP: The Magazine.

A Bug’s Death

RIP Volkswagen Beetle, the car that conquered the city.

Shut Up and Drive

Would ride-hailing be better if the driver couldn’t talk?

‘They’re Not Left or Right. They’re Us.’

Remembering Rob Hiaasen, and the work of community journalism in a polarized time.

How To Survive a Bomb Cyclone

Don’t get frozen in action when the cold snap hits, East Coast.

'New Maine News' Is the Future of Media

We appear to be entering a golden age of local news satire.

CityLab on the Road

We’re hopping on the historic Lincoln Highway, America’s first coast-to-coast thoroughfare.

The free Village Voice newspaper announced on Tuesday it would cease publishing in print.

What Cities Lose When an Alt-Weekly Dies

As the Village Voice stops its print edition, the alternative-weekly era officially ends.

How Baltimore Removed Its Confederate Monuments Overnight

For a city dogged by violence and unrest, this was a big deal.

Killing Machine

There’s an awful logic to the American muscle car that served as a weapon of hate in Charlottesville.

When City Life Is Wild

This week, we’re fishing up stories about urban animals of all species.

It's Time to Meet the Neighbors

CityLab is spending a week talking about the folks next door.

What CityLab Looks Like Now

Bigger images, fewer ads—and a recommitment to telling a very important story.

Today: Homeless in America

Why we’re sharing stories about homelessness today.

When Will Bikes Rule the City?

CityLab explores the ever-changing role of the bicycle, the machine that makes cities better.  

A commuter listens to music on headphones on New York City's MTA.

CityLab's Essential Transit Tunes

We’re looking for the best songs about subways, buses, streetcars, and trains.

Shadow of bicyclist against a wall

Hiding in Plain Sight

This week: Stories about the sort-of-secrets of the city.  

Snowstorm Mayors: Don't Blow This

As history shows, failing to deal with post-storm clean-up can doom city leaders.

The Problem With 'Kong'

The latest big gorilla romp is full of spectacle and explosions, but it’s missing something very important.

To Live and Die in Margaritaville

Behold the first dad-rock-branded retirement city.

Ride Angry

The best thing about bicycle commuting is the rage.