David Dudley

David Dudley

David Dudley is the executive editor of CityLab. He is the former editor in chief of Urbanite magazine and a former features editor for AARP: The Magazine.

photo: Wrigley Field In Chicago on Opening Day 2020.

The Empty Baseball Stadiums of Opening Day

With the Major League Baseball season on hold, the ballparks of North America hosted no crowds for Opening Day 2020. Here’s a sad photo gallery.

photo: Renny the Amazing Renaissance Center Robot

The Dream of the ’80s Is Alive in These Unhinged Chamber of Commerce Videos

How did urban boosters promote cities like Buffalo, Detroit and Kansas City during the 1980s? It took jingles, slogans, and a whole lot of montages.

photo: Helsinki's national library

How Helsinki Built ‘Book Heaven’

Finland’s most ambitious library has a lofty mission, says Helsinki’s Tommi Laitio: It’s a kind of monument to the Nordic model of civic engagement.

a street scene from Vienna, Austria

Secrets of the World’s Most Livable City

Viennese lawmaker Maria Vassilakou explains why the Austrian capital ranks so high on quality-of-life rankings, despite its rapidly growing population.

a photo of the Maryland Renaissance Festival

The Utopian Vision That Explains Renaissance Fairs

What’s behind the enduring popularity of all these medieval-themed living-history festivals?

a photo from the film "Jaws"

All I Really Needed to Know About Cities I Learned From ‘Jaws’

Want to understand how public meetings work, the power of place-based branding, and why bad mayors keep getting re-elected? Look no further than Amity Island.

a photo of a street vendor in New Orleans with a load of Lucky Dogs.

Despite Everything, America Remains a Nation of Hot Dogs

July 17 is National Hot Dog Day. Time to celebrate one thing that millions of Americans have in common.

a screenshot of a video about Baltimore's Metro

It’s Time to Celebrate Baltimore’s Much-Maligned Metro

In 1987, the Maryland Transit Administration busted out a brass band to open a subway that never had a chance.

A photo of the facade of Chicago’s Thompson Center

The 11 Most Endangered Historic Places in America (This Year)

The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s 2019 list of imperiled buildings, neighborhoods, and districts reveals the threats that older places face.

Where Will Baltimore’s Story Go Next?

Mayor Catherine Pugh, who resigned amid a corruption probe, was obsessed with the city’s image. But Baltimore’s battered brand isn’t its most urgent problem.

A Bug’s Death

RIP Volkswagen Beetle, the car that conquered the city.

Shut Up and Drive

Would ride-hailing be better if the driver couldn’t talk?

‘They’re Not Left or Right. They’re Us.’

Remembering Rob Hiaasen, and the work of community journalism in a polarized time.

How To Survive a Bomb Cyclone

Don’t get frozen in action when the cold snap hits, East Coast.

'New Maine News' Is the Future of Media

We appear to be entering a golden age of local news satire.

CityLab on the Road

We’re hopping on the historic Lincoln Highway, America’s first coast-to-coast thoroughfare.

The free Village Voice newspaper announced on Tuesday it would cease publishing in print.

What Cities Lose When an Alt-Weekly Dies

As the Village Voice stops its print edition, the alternative-weekly era officially ends.

How Baltimore Removed Its Confederate Monuments Overnight

For a city dogged by violence and unrest, this was a big deal.

Killing Machine

There’s an awful logic to the American muscle car that served as a weapon of hate in Charlottesville.

When City Life Is Wild

This week, we’re fishing up stories about urban animals of all species.

It's Time to Meet the Neighbors

CityLab is spending a week talking about the folks next door.