David Dudley

David Dudley

David Dudley is the executive editor of CityLab. He is the former editor in chief of Urbanite magazine and a former features editor for AARP: The Magazine.

Drawing the Lines

A week of stories about borders, real and imagined.

Last Exit to Pottersville

What the 1946 Christmas movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ says about small-town America in 2016.

Enlisting Bikes In the Fight Against Inequality

Liz Cornish of the bicycle advocacy group Bikemore talks about how bike infrastructure can help solve a host of woes in Baltimore.

Cincinnati Has a Streetcar Problem

After a strong start, the city’s new system is experiencing some growing pains.

The Joy and Terror of Urban Snow Driving

Most Americans don’t bother with snow tires. Here’s your annual reminder that sometimes you really need them.

Behold This Huge Interactive Map of D.C.'s Historic Buildings

It took the city’s office of historic preservation more than 15 years to make, covers 127,000 buildings, and it’s still not quite finished.

Why Don't You Need a Bicycle License?

Short answer: Because it’s pointless and expensive. But that hasn’t stopped a few intrepid cities from trying.

Why Protected Bike Lanes Save Lives

A new study shows how cities with separated cycling infrastructure saw big safety improvements and higher ridership numbers.

The Future of 311 Could Be Weird

Non-emergency city service hotlines are celebrating their 20th anniversary, and eyeing immersive new possibilities.

The Problem With Mussolini and His Trains

A closer look at the transportation achievements of an infamous authoritarian.

About Some of the Other Things America's Voters Wanted...

The results from state and local ballot initiatives paint a more complex picture of the American electorate.

The 2016 CityLab Voters Guide

What are the biggest ballot questions on transit, energy, housing, and other urban issues?

The Devil's Hair Dryer

Hell is other people, with leaf blowers.

Pretty Vacants: The Coolest Empty Buildings in America

They’re weird, amazing, and available. Behold the nation’s most impressive vacant structures.

The Gangs of L.A.: 'Assault on Precinct 13'

John Carpenter’s cult gang-siege flick made sunny Southern California scary.

Farewell, Apple Car

Why couldn’t the gadget maker build the ultimate mobile device?

Detroit Is America's Capital of Bad Credit

Two-thirds of the city’s residents are ranked as subprime, or worse.

In Baltimore, the Best Beef Is Sour

October is the time to experience the unsubtle glories of the city’s German-American heritage.

The Best Reader Comments: The Great Streetcar Showdown

Toys for tourists or valuable transit? Or both?

Self-Driving Cars Are Going to Beat Up on Trains, Too

Got a gig in the global passenger rail industry? Prepare for an “enormous shakeout.”